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  1. I ran Twin Shadows at Gen Con last year. I did a lot of prep work up front as far as pre-sorting tiles for the possible maps and bringing only what I needed. I shared with the hero players that our goal was to be finish by a target time, so they could be mindful of that. I also had everything set up for the first mission at the beginning. We managed to get the entire Twin Shadows mini-campaign done in five hours.
  2. Here is the deck I used: Units Rat Swarm x6 Clan Moulder Elite x 3 Clan Rats x3 Clanrat Clawleader x3 Giant Rats x3 Night Runner x3 Swarm of Bats x2 Greyseer Thanqual x2 Deathmaster Sniktch x2 Support Warpstone Excavation x3 Skyre District x3 Screaming Bell x3 Paranoia x3 Tactics Chittering Horde x3 Death in the shadows x2 Warpstone Experiments x3 Quests We Hates them All x3 The goal of the deck is to go fast. My goal was to create a deck that would very reliably burn a zone on turn two. The deck has multiple ways to do this. The deck can be seen here One of the strengths to this deck is that the skaven draw 2 cards by default but only have two starting resources. My hope was to always start with Warpstone Excavation (to overcome my resource deficiency) or Chittering Horde (giving me up to five extra cards on turn 1). If i did not get one of those two cards in my starting hand, I would usually mulligan. I had decent luck this day. I ended up going second quite a bit and on several occasions I started with one of those two cards and then drew the other on my starting two card draw. My favorite combo which I think I pulled off twice was attacking with Clanrat Claw Leader. This card allows another Skaven to be put into play for free (as long as it has cost 2 or less), but that card goes away at the end of the turn. I used that card to bring the Night Runner into play, and then I would play one or (ideally) two Warpstone experiments on the Nightrunner. This allowed me to attack for a good deal of damage. Then after damage was assigned but before it was applied, I would use the nightrunner action and corrupt to deal indirect damage.
  3. I have a question about how a couple of the pyramids work. The Ziggurat of Quetli says "Order only.Lizardmen units in a zone with at least 1 Pyramid card gain Savage 1." If my opponent has that card in play and I am also playing with lizardmen, does that mean that my lizardmen in one of my zones with a pyramid will also gain savage 1?
  4. I think I have moved through the five stage of grief about the canceling of the game and I have reached acceptance. I am actually excited about moving forward with this game in different ways. Up to this point all of my energy has been involved in making the best tournament style decks possible. I was constantly refining and testing new ideas to come up with the best deck possible. However, that is no longer an issue. Also, since I have all of the cards that means this is a "complete game" for me. Moving forward I am going to be looking to do two things with Warhammer: Invasion. First, I am going to make all new decks. However, instead of trying to make the best tournament deck, I am going to try to make decks that are balanced against each other. Especially with Cataclysm, if I could make four decks that balanced well so that any of the decks could beat any of the other decks, I will have a ready to go package to play at game nights (or even teach new players with!) Second, I am excited about revisiting the draft format. The core set is essentially a pre-built cube. Using the card make up of the core set of a template and the full card pool, I can make new cubes to draft from. With my wife and other experienced players this might be the most fun way to play the game now. While my focus of how I engage the game will need to change, I am still looking forward to a lot more Warhammer: Invasion!
  5. It is worth mentioning that at Gen Con I did beat this deck with a Chaos end times deck. I was able to use summons of Chaos to bring in a Chaos Dragon. This meant before End Times went off, I had already hurt one of his zones. The first game he triggered End Times, but I got the much better draw of units. He burned one of my zones, I burnt one of his. However, I had better defenders available in my other zones and held off the attack. Because he already had a zone hurt he was not able to do that. In the second game I did something similar only this time I brought out End Times, burned a zone and then at the beginning of my next turn used Canacophnic scream to finish off the injured zone. The advantage to a deck that has a bit more theme/structure than just playing End times is that it is more consistent. It does trade a little bit of speed for that consistency though.
  6. I did not get a chance to see all of the decks being played. I think there might have only been one High Elf deck, but I might be wrong there might have been zero. Chaos and Empire had the most decks present. There were a few dwarves and Dark Elves. As well as a handful of Orcs. I did hear someone say that there were seven decks running Call of the Breyherd. One of those decks also had End Times in it. There was a lot of concern among people of the dominance of Breyherd, and I did hear several people sound very happy that none of those decks made the top four. Two of them did make the top 8 (the one with End times, and another one that actually had Dark Elves and Orcs in it as well).
  7. Here is the deck I played with, and finished in second with. Capitol board is chaos, and there are 50 total cards. Units 3 Pink Horrors 3 Blue Horrors 2 Daemon Prince 3 Keeper of Secrets 3 Warhounds 3 Great Unclean One 1 Khorvak Grimbreath 2 Fledgling Chaos Spawn 3 Lord of Change 3 Servants of Khorne 3 Swarm of Bats 3 Chaos Dragon Support 3 Northern Waste Tactics 3 End Times (Restricted Card) 3 Summons of Chaos 2 Cacophonic scream 2 Necrodomo's prophecy 3 Seduced by Darkness
  8. At Gen Con free copies of Game Trade Magazine were given out, and it listed September as the release date
  9. I will be there and I have a friend who will be using my cards as well though he will be one of the ones entering with generics.
  10. The new FAQ errated Snotling Invasion to make it unique. Am I the only one who thinks that doing so is a bit much? Getting more than one out a turn is a big deal for the orcs, but it is not game breaking. For the card to burn a zone was a slow burn of 4 turns anyway without any development sacrificing. I can understand some viewing having multiple snotling invasion happening on a turn as unfair, and for that reason I can see making it limited. However, making it unique really kills the potency of the card. If one is out the opponent who has it can basically ignore the card. With a couple of sacrificing of developments the zone can be kept alive for a good while and once it is burning the Snotling Invasion is dead, and the orc player has no way to clear it out of the zone.
  11. I failed to qualify for the top 8, but I thought I would share my experience and deck as well. Based off of this tournament, the game seems extremely healthy right now. There were more Chaos and Orc decks than anything else, but every faction was represented. I think only two decks (odd orc decks) had the same theme, everything else was different. I still think that my deck was better than it performed. I ended up with a tough schedule out of my four matcheups two of them were against the two who played in the final game. I still really like this deck, but I may end up looking to play with something different come Gen Con. UNITS Elven Scout x3 Shadowlands Hunter x3 White Tower Aspirant x2 Lothern Sea Master x2 Mage of Loec x3 Lilea x3 Ellyrian Patron x2 LEGEND Eltharion the Grim x 3 TACTICS Convocation of Eagles x2 Purged by Flame x3 Shield of Saphery x 3 HIgh Elf's Disdain x2 QUEST Through all of Time x3 SUPPORT Ilthimar Arrows x3 Judgement of Loec x3 Outlying Tower x3 Citadel of Dusk x3 Outpost of Tiranoc x3 Tor Elyr x3
  12. In general, there tend to be two types of deck archetypes that do really well. The first is the "rush". A rush deck is one that seeks to get as many cards out and attacking as quickly as possible. The orcs are very well suited to rushing as they have multiple small units that are cheap to play, and the Waaagh! tactic from the base set is a fairly inexpensive way to make these small units pack a real punch. The Empire and Chaos factions can also put together fairly decent rush decks. The second general archetype is a control deck. A control deck is on that seeks to control some aspect of what the other player can do. These kind of decks use card abilities to really restrict another player. The Empire can do this through the manipulation of opponent card placement and development. Chaos can do this by corrupting units or by killing them off easily. The Dark Elves can gain control by killing units through negative hit points or by causing the opponent to constantly discard their hand. While these are two major deck archetypes, they are by no means the only kind of decks that can be built. In the "meta" (the group think about what decks are good), some decks have fallen out of favor, but a while ago a Dwarf deck built around a card called Reclaim the Fallen was a big deal. This was not quite a control or rush deck, as it seeks to make a massive attack from the discard pile. In the same way, a high elf indirect damage deck or a dark elf mill deck also does not fit in one of these two archetypes.
  13. Dark Elves is one of the main factions I play, and Pleasure Cults is the best way for the faction to handle the rush. From my plays the most troublesome rush decks for Dark Elves are Empire rush and brayherd decks. The empire is problematic, because a first turn church of Sigmar makes it hard to knock out the small units with negative hit points. The brayherd is tough because of so many units entering at once. However, causing the units to enter corrupted slows that down dramatically. Now that a zone can not be burned the same turn the units are played, gives Dark Elves a lot more options. Since only one unit can be uncorrupted a turn, there are plenty of ways to destroy the just uncorrupted unit. This is also true for the unit that is questing on Pleasure Cults. As long as that unit gets killed before the second resource counter is put on the rush is not quite as scary.
  14. For what it is worth, here is the deck I played at the Gen Con tournament: Units Swarm of Bats x3 Crypt Ghouls x3 Wight Lord x3 Shades x3 Countess Iseara x2 Hag Queen x3 Vile Sorceress x3 Blood Dragon Knight x2 Walking Sacrifice x3 Seasoned Corsair x2 Mannfred Von Carstein x3 Support Har Ganeth x2 Sorceress Convent x3 Slave Pen x3 Warpstone Excavation x3 Tactics Danse Macabre x3 Sacrifice to Khaine x3 Blade wind x3 Gaze of Nagash x3 Quest Offering to Hekarti x3 I made it to the final four with this deck. but did not make it further. Both times I lost to Steve's Empire deck, and both time the matches were extremely close.
  15. Portent of Doom is available at Gen Con, so I thought others might be interested in what it has in it: 81: Eye of Sheerian Neutral Support 4 Aretefact. Portent. Unique. Destruction only. Attach to a target Hero or legend you control. This card cannot be targeted by card effects. Action: Corrupt this card to look at the top 5 cards of target player’s deck. Discard up to 2 of those cards and return the rest to the top of the deck in any order. 82: Skarbrand Chaos Legend 5cccc 2/2/2 5HP Forced: When a unit leaves play, each player must deal 1 damage to his capital or 1 damage to a legend he controls. 83: Spirit Slayer Dwarf Unit 2dd Slayer. Action: When this unit attacks, choose a Trait. All units with that Trait must defend this turn if able. 84: Strollaz’s Banner Dwarf Support 0dd Attachment. Rune. Attach to a target dwarf unit you control. Quest Action: When a unit enters this zone, shuffle the top unit in your discard pile into your deck and put 1 resource token on a quest you control. 85: Roving Goblins Orc Unit 1oo 0P 2 HP While this unit is questing, your units can quest with other units Quest Action: At the beginning of your turn, put 1 resource token on target quest if more than 1 unit is questing there. 86: Progress in Numbers Orc Tactic 1o Action: Put 1 resource token on target quest for each unit questing there. 87: Carroburg Cutthroats Empire Unit 4 ee 2 P 2 HP Kingdom or Quest. Action: Discard a quest from your hand to take 1 resource from target opponent. 88: The Sealed Vault Empire Tactic 0ee Action: Discard the top 3 cards of your deck. Gain 1 resource for each discarded card with a Quest ability. 89: Prince Althran High Elf Unit 3hhh 2P 3 HP Limit one Hero per zone. This unit enters play with 1 resource token on it. Action: Remove 1 resource token from a unit you control to have this unit gain 1P until the end of the turn. 90: Mage of Loec High Elf Unit 3hh 1P 2 HP Action: Cancel an action just triggered. Then this unit become a facedown development unless you discard a quest from your hand. 91: Fleeting Shade Dark Elf Unit 3dd 1P 1HP Scout. Battlefield Action: Remove 1 resource token from a Black Arc card you control to have this unit gain toughness 1 until the end of the turn. 92: Possess Mind Dark Elf Support Xdd Hex. Attach to a target unit Action: At the beginning of your turn, attached unit deals damage equal to its power to target unit controlled by attached unit’s controller. Then, any player may discard X cards from his hand to destroy this card. 93: Murderlust Dark Elf Tactic 0dd Action: Sacrifice a unit to restore up to 2 target units. 94: Sword of Chaos Chaos unit 4ccc 2P 3 HP Unique. Battlefield only. Toughness 2. This unit can attack or defend from any zone whenever a chaos legend you control attacks or defends. 95: Northern Forge Chaos Support 2cc 1P Action: Corrupt this card to put an attachment support card into play from your hand and attach it to target chaos unit you control if able. 96: Council of thirteen Neutral support 2 1P Destruction only. Forced: At the beginning of your turn, discard the top card of your deck. Choose a target unit that has the same printed cost as the discarded unit, if able. Until the end of the turn, if that unit is destroyed, draw 4 cards or gain 4 resources. 97: Ghostly Apparition Neutral tactic 1 Destruction only. Action: Target undead unit cannot be targeted by opponent’s card effects until the end of the turn. If it is participating in combat, cancel all damage assigned to it. 98: Shield of the Gods Neutral tactic 2 Order only. Action: Until the end of the turn, Lizardmen units you control can defend any of your zones and deal +X damage in combat while defending. X is equal to the amount of savage they have. 99: Unstable flux Chaos Quest 1c Quest forced: When a spell card is played, put 1 resource token on this card if a unit is questing here. Quest Action: Remove 2 resource tokens from this card to discard the top card of each player’s deck. Each player must deal X uncancellable damage to 1 section of his capital where X is the printed cost of his discarded card. 100: Border Patrol Neutral quest 1 Order only. Quest: Action when one of your zones is attacked, if a Wood Elf unit is questing here, sacrifice this quest to turn target development in the attacked zone faceup. If it is a wood Elf unit, leave it in play and that unit must defend this turn, if able. Otherwise, sacrifice it immediately.
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