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  1. crowdedmind

    Engaged with two or more enemies

    Whilst it rhymes, this is not logically sound, and it is important to crush all joy beneath the weight of reason. Your rhyme suggests that anything that is not [Fight, evade, parley, resign] will provoke an attack of opportunity: this could lead someone who wants to read your response literally but doesn't want to read the rulebook to conclude that reaction and free triggers provoke attacks of opportunity.
  2. I wouldn't describe a survivor theme as 'winning by losing', but rather that many cards provide compensation if you fail a test, hopefully increasing your efficiency average over the course of a game.
  3. crowdedmind

    Drawn to the Flame... with new audio!

    I've not picked an ideal 5th card, but my Jim deck is running 2x Lucky and 2x Peter Syvestre: the former further boosts your test consistency, and the latter provides some horror soak (especially as mystics are running Forbidden Knowledge and Ward of Protection) plus an extra boost for some evasion tests (there's an argument for Stray Cat instead). The mystics can run hot or cold depending upon whether they see the correct spell, so work out what you need to focus on in the adventure (investigating or damage) and hard mulligan for the appropriate spell. Flashlights and Machetes can act as back-up assets to help with consistency here, and if you're desperate you can use Scrying on your own deck. I find that this dependency on certain spells for super-efficient plays is highlighted in solo games, whereas in larger teams other investigators can help cover your slower start. I suppose that this is to balance out the efficient actions on the spells and your ability to focus on one stat (willpower) to improve as you can make sure that all your action tests use it. Whilst the deck does want a lot of XP, starting with the core campaign you can collect quite a lot quite quickly - always aim for 8XP from the first adventure, for example EDIT I forgot to add, you can run Leo in a solo deck as the extra actions are more valuable, but you have to be very clever with your economy as you will be running a lot of more pricey cards.
  4. crowdedmind

    Drawn to the Flame... with new audio!

    Yes. She has the same fight, a better willpower (protects against encounters that might strip assets), and has access to better combat cards (seeker has essentially 0, so the 5 out-of-class cards Zoey can only provide more combat punch). Whether this advantage is so great as to counter Roland's clue gaining effects depends on the number of players. In a 1-investigator team I'd say no, in 2 maybe, and in 3-4 I would say yes.
  5. crowdedmind

    Drawn to the Flame... with new audio!

    Jim's core skill centres on probability manipulation. If you combine this with his build rules he can run Hard Knocks, Arcane Studies, Scavenging, and Grotesque Statue for a deck that cannot fail skill tests (and literally cannot resolve the auto-fail unless you want to). Agnes has a similar option, but Jim does it better. The fact that mystics have been given spells that lets you collect multiple clues/deal multiple damage per action means that any test-passing combo is even better with them.
  6. Miskatonic gives Zoey more than one deck: she now has a tank build as well as the fighter build. Brother Xavier is clearly great for the tank deck, but he has a place in other Zoey decks as well. The Willpower not only makes passing tests from encounter cards easier, but as Zoey can play Rite of Seeking it gives her a very efficient option for investigating (even in a combat build 1-2 slots for Rite of Seeking can give her options when the board isn't flooded with enemies). With Charisma being released next month you are not constrained to one ally either.
  7. crowdedmind

    Miskatonic Museum

    Both of the neutral healing cards are, by themselves, mediocre, as they transfer damage between types rather than removing it (mostly good for investigators with unbalanced health stats). What makes them good is a repeatable way to deal with the transferred damage, so Peter Sylvestre, Leather Coat etc and Savenging etc. What is interesting about these cards is that they lay the groundwork for more complex deckbuilding options in the future
  8. Before looking at XP cards, Roland has two advantages over Skids when it comes to murdering things: +1 Fight and his signature gun. Skids has far more advantages, however: 1) A more combat-relevant ability. An extra action to either fight or move to an area to fight is more relevant than gaining a clue. 2) Access to more combat-relevant cards. Both can play the Guardian weapons, Guardian allies, and Viscous Blow, but Skids can also play the Rogue weapons, Backstab, and Sneak Attack. 3) Better economy. Skids has better access to efficient resource generation, which makes playing the more expensive combat/damage assets (guns, Dynamite) far easier. When you look at the current XP cards, Roland does get the Shotgun as another weapon, but Skids gets access to cards that make succeeding in a combat more likely (Sure Bet) or more effective. This is not to say that Roland is a bad investigator, just that he is more rounded: his two classes let him fight and investigate. With the current cards Skids is far more focussed on killing things*, but that does mean that he is less able to investigate. This makes Roland a better solo investigator, but if you want to add combat punch to your team, Skids is a better first pick. It doesn't mean that Roland cannot fight, but from what we've seen of the deluxe box, Skids is (and will be for a while) the best combat/damage investigator. *As an aside, I find it odd that people like evading so much with Skids. He has a good agility, and can play Pickpocket, but I don't think that it makes the most of his cardpool. Wendy's mix of Rogue and Survivor cards make her much better at using evade as an offensive tool.
  9. Skids is currently the best combat investigator in the game, so it would be a bit boring if he was also good an investigating.
  10. crowdedmind

    Rex Murphy, the ultimate scavenger.

    While Rex, on the other hand... I was replying to the post directly above mine that referred to Daisy's 5 intellect. And I was referring to the post saying that Daisy struggles to beat an investigation check by two or more.
  11. crowdedmind

    Rex Murphy, the ultimate scavenger.

    Daisy's intellect is 5, and with +1 from a Magnifying Glass and +1 with Dr Milan Christopher, you should be beating most investigation tests by 2 or more unless you're playing on hard or greater.
  12. The Manchester Orc deck is the Orc deck that was linked to (and has since had Thanquol added). The Bolt Thrower deck we have is here: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp The onus is always on the HE player to have an answer. Orcs can explode very easily and once one zone is burnt the HE player has to stop every single attack (and there aren't enough fogs for that level of consistency). Flames doesn't stall the Orcs as they can replay 8+ power in their own turn from four resources in so many ways that a zone will still burn in the next attack. Rock Lobba is worth playing. It lets you sneak in damage in response to a fog and again in the HE player's phase zero, which has burnt a zone (and won the game) more than once. I'm surprised that you've put DE/Skaven in as tier two. They're tier one as far as I'm concerned.
  13. crowdedmind

    Order Thrower

    Clamatius said: Mining Tunnels is certainly 3x before you run any Keystone Forge. I'd be tempted to try switching to a Dwarf board and running both - the effect of KF is fairly useful, especially against opponents that can't immediately field a whole bunch of power after Flames. The danger of switching to the Dwarf board is that you miss out on the HE loyalty icon and thrower decks don't have a lot of them to begin with. We were going to try something similar but the cost of the HE tactics became difficult too frequently.
  14. Dywnarc said: I copied a few of the unitless decks posted here, and made a few adjustments I thought might be improvements Why? If someone's posted a deck and you want to try it, do so before you start changing it. How do you know whether or not you've swapped out a key piece of the deck for garbage?
  15. crowdedmind

    It's Our Game!!!

    If FFG are like most other gaming companies this thread will be a great way to ensure that ideas for cards will never see print.