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  1. I really dislike the disassociated nature of the mechanic for tinkerer. Isn't there a way to put a limit on its use that isn't so arbitrary?
  2. I got my non-gamer wife to play Drakon this weekend. She loved it - and kicked my butt! The next day we even got my youngest daughter and her friend to play! BTW, my copy stinks too...
  3. Adam France said: Honestly, I have to disagree with the statement that the FFG staffers are much of a presence here in the forums... Be that as it may, the topic of my blog post was about how FFG is promoting and supporting their RPGs with the new media and not about how often they are posting on their forums. I realize that a forum presence is part of that but that was not the primary focus of the post.
  4. I just put a new post up on my blog about how FFG is handling the promotion and release of Deathwatch. You can read it HERE. Comments and feedback are appreciated!
  5. I hope this is ok to discuss here... Would anyone be interested in trading me their Descent core boxed set for my mint copy of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3E boxed set? Let me know!
  6. I had a question about the skill check boxes on the character sheet. What is the point of the basic check box? The rules state that all skills are considered basic and that the first time that a character takes a skill it counts as trained. If that's correct, why would a skill ever just have the basic box checked?
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