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  1. I bought the monster but they should email me my code. That’s a lot of money to have to wait.
  2. I love TI3 and I love star wars. Using the likeness of stars wars to make a ti3 style game just makes sense to me. Fantasy Flight owns the rights of both so I believe they should make it happen. Anyone else with me?
  3. How much is the fee? i see prices for everything else just not the membership
  4. If your unit has routed there is a good chance he will be out of command. Can you rally him if out of command? I know it sounds odd but just wondering.
  5. Thanks I will look into that.
  6. I played the game last night and can see a lot of good from the game. However this has nothing to do with how the game is played, but how in the world are you suppose to put the artillery together? Those tiny cannon balls and what about the crew? Looks sloppy on the battlefield. Any thought?
  7. If there isn't start here. I can not afford all the expansions, but would like to get the most for my money today? I will pick up the rest when more disposable money is available. Looking for best all around, but would like the large expansions to be seperate from the small ones. Thanks
  8. This week or next it will be at your local game store
  9. Davos I mean ...might have messed up lastname
  10. Sounds like the boat has come ashore. That Bywater can Nav through anything.
  11. Is it just me or has the Core set been on the boat forever suggesting that some pirates have taken over the ship and holding Thrones as hostage? If printing was cheaper in the US we wouldn't need the boats. And while we are on this topic it makes me think why I have to wait for a core set again in the first place. Owning one core set should be enough, but if you need some core cards for a tourney then now you need three core sets. Can't fantasy flight put out core boosters maybe from each house so the tourney player, which are getting large, can buy the duplicates with out buying the BIG BOX with extra things we do not need?
  12. Its not too far off....We will be playing some AH..however it's good to know that you know about it. Maybe we will see you next year... Plus there are talks of having it twice ayear at the same location... Word on the street "Guns of August" to be held 2nd weekend of august "if it happens.
  13. Since his ability is to get another plot card during the plot phase do the text of bot plot cards happen? or just the last one? Anything else special i might be missing too?
  14. Almost forgot.... I played in a huge Wings of War campaign there too. We had i believe 12 people playing on a monstrous table. On the table they got a satellite image of the terrain in europe so it looked like the planes were really flying. Lots of fun...
  15. Nghtflame7 said: SgtWaka said: Ok, boss..thanks for the welcome. I spent 5 years in the Navy, back in my youth, in Virginia, and i swore i'd never go to the east coast again. Its alot better now. Besides, Norfolk ain't Arkham. Are you in Norfolk now, or was that in the past? Looking for players in the Tidewater area. Perhps you could have Redd add you to the locator thread. Yeah where is that locator thread? I live in hampton roads and it is always good to find other gamers. Any of you going to the Williamsburg Muster this weekend? A group I'm apart of is hosting its second annual Convention. ODMS... Lots of Miniature wargaming (Flames of War, ancients, ect) but alot of board gaming too. This time last year at the muster is where i first played arkham horror and i have been hooked ever since...I can post more if any of you are interested in stopping in.
  16. I still cant find what that symbol means in the game. I have looked and just not seeing it. Thanks
  17. found my own answer.....they just get discarded....
  18. Do only chars go in the dead pile or do its attachments go with him/her?
  19. thx... that makes a big difference....
  20. Is it me or is the brothel a bit too powerful. We were playing only with core set cards and by round 4, 3 brothels were out on the board. Hopefully we are playing it wrong but every turn they just kept three of my guys tapped. The Brothel is not unique so three can be on the board. I at first thought that since the brothel was standing that it could not immediately kneel to kneel a standing char. I was told it could do that every turn and that sux.
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