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  1. You can get starship components of different quality, I believe some components list space or power requirement savings - while some properties are left undetermined - such as best quality. For example, you could potentially have best quality hangar bars that provide an extra wing of craft beyond a good or standard quality version.
  2. Cheddah said: I'd recommend picking up Black Crusade for the updated ruleset to 40k rpgs, but also for the conversion option in it that "resets" your corruption and insanity track once you pledge yourself to the dark gods. It gives you a bit more freedom to mess around with the corruption/insanity inducing stuff that you would normally play with while being the villain or the anti-hero. Are there particular rules that I should consider importing directly? Or, are you aware of a thread that highlights the best changes? I've got the books, but not the foresight to check for cleaner or more elegant solutions.
  3. ieatdeadpeople2 said: Does it bother anyone else how dumb and awkward both the aquilla and the cog look? Imagine people actually saluting an officer with either of those gestures. If you don't think it does go to a mirror right now make the aquilla and tell me you don't look dumb! (like more so than if you'd done the vulcan salute or pretended to be earth bending) And the aquilla also doubles as like a religous gesture as well, imperials do it the same way christians will draw a cross in the air to bless or protect themselves. Like why does it have to be some lame? 40k deserves better. Your post is filled with useful information, if it was about complaining and no alternatives. Gestures have the meaning that a society gives them, if this is the sign of the Aqulia - saluting your hand to your head is equally ridiculous, or bowing, shaking hands, etc. As you are so full of criticism, you have probably spent a great deal of time -developing something we all think would be cooler?
  4. As stated, a Rogue Trader beyond the Imperium who found an equivalent to our contemporary earth, could do as they pleased. Our earth is clearly post-atomic but not capable of more than elementary space travel - which to a Rogue Trader would mean, it is quite capable of ruining many profitable endeavours almost instantly but blowing itself up. The value of the world, without having detailed information, is its relatively clean environment that can sustain its large population, and its population itself - making it useful as an agricultural world and a potential source of human labour/workforce/military. The technology is effective, but primitive - but for its easy and most valuable resources it does't need to be changed. A charismatic and pragmatic Rogue Trader could focus his diplomatic efforts on empowering the United Nations. Missions for the Imperial Creed would also be sewn, but there is no real need to force compliance quickly beyond the Imperium. To turn a quick profit you could levy large numbers of volunteer "space soliders" and then bring them back to the Imperium. Likewise, you could start developing your private army of soldiers (since the vehicles aren't worth it) via your empowered UN in quick order. All in all, if you could keep its location secret it would be very valuable for foodstuffs and people. The nuclear weapons and most planetary nations could be controlled through your UN agency. Considering the amount of people here, you could export huge amounts of infantry as a tithe at almost no effort on a regular basis. On a personal, if I were the RT note: I would start work on creating an official bastion for myself, which would be the new UN headquarters and training facility for my new soldiers, and the planetary spaceport. To shift the balance of political power I would start it "in the cradle of civilization" in Africa: mostly because it's a good excuse to be some place warm, and with the least amount of hassle from other governments. Only my grand palace and select facilities would demonstrate the "true" power I have (ie. really big, spires - start of a Hive). For purposes of propaganda, and to dis-empower other nations peacefully - I would paint a perfectly accurate description of a Galaxy at War - and have a nice little zoo and museum filled with footage of horrible monsters and a zoo of scary monsters. Teach them to fear the psyker - to help empower the Creed and its eventual global dominance. I'm reasonably confident you could get the Pope on your side very quickly. I'd give you +5 Profit Factor, for the food and troops, mostly a diplomatic effort with creed.
  5. I think the few posts hit the issue directly: The horrible-wrongness of HP Lovecraft (being aware it exsists - and seeing the manifesttion, is enough to destroy your mind - how close or far, doesn't matter) or horror-movie scary (it's very scary, because of the fright and horror). I tend to agree with the former, and not the latter. In some cases, I thing the range of fear is also reasonable. Horrible wrongness, that is just so, utterly wrong it fractures your ability to understand reality: Sounds just about perfect for 40k.
  6. Aeronautical: 1) I would assume there are multiple launch and retrieve scenarios, depending on the situation. A) Orbital launch: Your vessel is close to the planet, and the fighter craft get launched by the fighter bays into a specific vector for insertion: all the maths and calculation are done by the main vessel - the crew simply sit and wait for a light to turn green: meaning they have full control of the craft. A1) The craft are launched cold, and they must determine their vector for approach (or follow a pre-determined path). B) Atmo Launch: the main vessel enters the upper atmosphere and the craft are launched hot, with full control. In any of the launch scenarios, you can add additional flavour. Retrieval: A) Rocket boosters push the craft into space for a pre-determined pick-up location, and are guided by the fighter control systems on the main vessel. B) Main vesel enters atmo and the craft are guided into the bay. C) The craft land, and must be brought-up indirectly. C1) Craft are partially disassembled and brought up in a few specific freighter-haulers. C2) Craft are re-fitted, and can launch themselves back up. C3) Craft are loaded on many craft and brought up to the main vessel.
  7. Citizen Philip


    Your character, a Rogue Trader is from a time very similar to what is known as the ancient regime, you are from a distinct and extremely privileged class. You can visit http://www.lexicanum.com/ for all kinds of background on 40k: Rogue Trader, the warp, astropaths, the imperial creed, the imperium, etc. Very well written with plenty of insight.
  8. Citizen Philip


    From your early decription, you have already lost your astropathic choir and, you mentioned specifically, your navigator: thus, you can't go into the warp. An Astropath Transendant is your galactic radio, the Navigator is your pilot. You could enter the warp safely without the former, but not without the latter. For clarity, you could enter the warp without a navigator, but it is very dangerous and would take a very long time, since you could only make very tiny jumps, and you would be doing so blindly. Your astropath has obviously fallen to some kind of foul - but not very clever warp entity. The safe path for your dyntasy is to dispatch the astropath, and take a vacation around this planet until such time, replacements can be sent to you. If the planet has its own astropath relay, this can be done quickly, relatively speaking: otherwise you'll need to wait for the arrival of another vessel with an astropath to either send a message, or buy/take theirs. Only by virture of roleplaying would a Rogue Trader be expected to be so woefully ignorant on how your ship operates - this is a key element that the GM should be aware of: anything else is bollocks. Your character, from the brief lifepath described, has not been thrust into the role of a Rogue Trader (and would never have endangered the vital operation of his vessel) - the only way this COULD have happened - is that were manipulated by a malicous psyker. Now, if the person playing the psker is roleplaying a stupid Astropath with a deathwish - they are doing a spectacular job - and should be awared some extra experience before they are killed. Again, this entire scenario has ocurred because of the spectacular lapse of judgement from your GM. A player who has agreed to take the mantle of leadership for a group should never be penalized for their personal lack of background - you should be helpfully prompted by your fellow players and GM alike - not punished. Food for thought: Exactly what would you be blackmailed for? I was tricked by a psyker into my crew being killed while visiting a city? How or why would a Psyker expet to be paid for that? Who are they going to believe? A Rogue Trader with over a century of experience - or some dirty mutant, who is already touched by the warp? A psyker who, since the ship has lost vital crew, has publically threatened to kill everyone on-board by disabling the gellar field in the warp, and dooming everyone's soul to an eternity of damnation? Tough call.
  9. Citizen Philip


    It sounds like you are playing in a silly game, in all honesty, you seem to be making the best of a bad situation: your reactions to the astropath are entirely reasonable. The game, from your very quick description is ludacris. Unless you are role-playing a Rogue Trader who is intentionally naive, your character should be equipped with the common sense that the player (you) lacks, if your GM is delighted by your ignorance (player) refuse to play the Rogue Trader if this is the way you are going to be treated. The astropath player needs a slap in the mouth for being such an idiot. After INTENTIONALLY sabotaging the ship, resulting in the death of vital and important crew, I would have killed him, flat out. After this he attempts to blackmail you?! Kill him. And then he threatens your crew, your ship and the fate of your dynasty by sabotaging the ship while in the warp?! Kill him, again. Your astropath player who claims to know much about 40k, he certainly doesn't act that way, which is why I think you are playing in a silly game (since the GM is allowing this). A psyker, any psyker, is a potential threat of daemonic incursion - he is only valuable to the Imperium for his ability to serve it, nothing more: if he was less powerful as a psyker he would be chained to a choir (weak astropaths can combine their meager strength to improve astropathic communication) - one, he willfully destroyed - or already sacrificed to maintain the Astronomicon (the big beacon that navigators use to fly by). In summary: Refuse to play the Rogue Trader, if your character is going to be treated like a punching bag by a malicious player. Your character should be aware of reasonable social norms, and as the Rogue Trader very much aware of how your ship is run; unless you are being asked to roleplay otherwise. The Astropath should be dead, he has crippled your ship already, and threatened blackmail and sabotage. The only thing he hasn't done is try to kill you directly. This behaviour is way, way out of line for any character who is suppose to be serving a Rogue Trader dynasty. Your GM is allowing all of this to happen.
  10. Rift said: Citizen Philip said: I was at a loss, I wasn't sure if it was something accidentally omitted (like photon flash) or a general rule for line of sight. The Ebon Geist (pg 378, core) for example has a 'fear-like' aura with a specific range (which coincidentally makes willpower tests to resist fear lower) - and I couldn't find a specific reference. Curious, how the fear aura applies in the dark.. since if I can't see it - because its dark - do I feel better about it? Tough call! I'd rather see it then HEAR it and not be able to see it. A 5 meter tall rotting blob monster would be very terrifying if you were very close - but how scary would it seem from 200 meters away: clearly its big and scary - but its also not going to eat you in the next 6 seconds. Would a preysight scope help you to ignore the fear aura - because its apperance is relatively obscured? Bad light? No light?
  11. Maese Mateo said: The Ebon Gheist doesn't have a "fear-like aura". All daemons have Daemonic Presence imposing -10 penalty on all Willpower Tests made near them (which is applicable not only to Fear tests, but to Psychic Powers, Pinning Tests and anything related to Willpower). The Ebon Geist, the only creature from beyond in the corebook with a fear rating and daemonic presence - and a range listing for it: for lack of any range specific details for the game mechanic of fear (and the reason for my post), I said 'fear-like aura' intentionally: since the book was unclear. The flavour text for daemonic presence is definitely fearful, particuarlly if you compare it to the favour text for fear ratings. We have established that the mechanic is not clear, but a rule of thumb is line of sight - which is perfectly acceptable.
  12. I was at a loss, I wasn't sure if it was something accidentally omitted (like photon flash) or a general rule for line of sight. The Ebon Geist (pg 378, core) for example has a 'fear-like' aura with a specific range (which coincidentally makes willpower tests to resist fear lower) - and I couldn't find a specific reference. Curious, how the fear aura applies in the dark.. since if I can't see it - because its dark - do I feel better about it? Tough call!
  13. Is there a range listed for fear? I don't see it anywhere.
  14. I haven't read every post, however I will touch on a couple of things. Both the Navigator and Astropath are going to die, badly. Their job is corruption and insanity, it will take its toll, eventually. Both have lived cloistered lives filled with training and conditioning - being in the Koronous Expanse marks them as being exceptional (like all PCs in RT). Eventually both of these classes succumb or retreat into their condition: getting out and experiencing anything, anything - before you die is high priority: you maybe corrupted tomorrow. Further, the Koronos Expanse is the bleeding cutting edge of the Imperium's hunger for more resources: the Navigator house clamour to get their castes onto the ships - discovering stable warp routes is an utmost prioirty and likewise only an Astropath can provide communication or an early warning. In both cases the Imperium is highly motivated to provide these resources to Rogue Traders at the best prices and high avaliability (since both classes are very specifically part of the heirarchy of the Imperium: by helping the RT, they help themselves). As such, the player is the best of their respective type - but certainly not alone, in fact, as Rogue Traders and explorers that travel beyond the borders of the Imperium - they are going to be much better supplied than all but the extreme examples of the Imperium's mailed fists.
  15. If I had a pet chamelon and I put him in a little tuxedo - he could not hide anymore, neither could any creature dressed in a tuxedo that chemically alters their skin to blend in. If I put my chamelon in some military fatigues designed for the environment, he would be as easy or as hard to spot as anyone else wearing the same clothes. Now, if you have an intelligent creature with a special gift for sneaking and a keen understanding of their natural abilities, I would do what was alreadys suggest be George: limited armour and custom gear. If your opponent is aware you have a Kroot stalker in your crew, flamers and blast weapons would be something appropriate to equip. Improvised weapons - designed to not damage, but reveal a hidden enemy (throwing up mud, sand, dirt, pointed lights, paint, flour, water, etc) would be employed otherwise: especially if manpower isn't an issue (some people dedicate their turn to reveal, others spot and everyone else shoots).
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