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  1. Try this: Edit --> Preferences --> Look and Feel --> under "Miscellaneous Options" uncheck "View Exported Files" 😉
  2. Well, to be honest i did a simple search and i'm just barely able to read some js and css (i'm one of those coders of ancient times, you know, assembler, cobol and the likes 😏 ), so i'm not really sure i can be of any help. As a side note, i noticed you changed the eurostile condensed (which i think was the right one for the job) with the eurostile font (a bit different, especially if you look at the bold characters). The only thing is think was wrong with the previous release is that the text for non-unique pilots' abilities should have been a little smaller. EDIT: Another little fix to apply... the X, Y coordinates for the "square" (pilots who have no Init, like the Nashtah Pup) on the markers are a little wrong, here's some examples:
  3. Here's another little fix for you: line 1575 of game.properties (size of YV-666 is large, not small ?). Keep up the good work! ?
  4. Thanks for Your excellent work! As a little additional thing to fix, the VCX-100 icon appears when i select the Scurrg (there's a "G" instead of "H" on line 573 of namedobj.js ?).
  5. The FFG employee was none other than Mr. Petersen, on this post on boardgamegeek. However the post was from 4 years ago...
  6. RPGs removed from DriveThru, every Warhammer-related POD (WFRP, Death Angel, Warhammer Quest, etc.) misteriously "out of stock", and the WFRP toolkit on the Apple Store has disappeared... even the Unending War Playmat is no more Well, now we just have to wait for the official announcement ......
  7. Following (and owning almost everything up-to-date): A Game of Thrones v1 Call of Cthulhu Warhammer: Invasion The Lord of the Rings Android: Netrunner Star Wars Warhammer 40,000: Conquest ...and, obviously, Legend of the Five Rings LCG (in a few years ) Unfortunately, my buddies don't like neither the Lovecraftian nor the Cyberpunk themes, so CoC and A:N are the only LCGs i don't play regularly
  8. Ok, here's the breakdown of the situation: the Chaos Knights attack the battlefield; since there's no defender, 3 damage are assigned to the battlefield zone. Since the Sadistic Mutation allows an additional damage only when the damage is dealt, the Forced effect cannot be activated yet. the Constant effect of Defend the Border takes effect, so 1 damage is redirected by the defender ("damage is always redirected after it is assigned and before it is applied", see the FAQs), and the damage to the battlefield zone is reduced to 2. if there are no other actions/effects played, damage is then applied, and the battlefield zone suffers only 2 damage (the other point of damage is redirected and applied accordingly to the defender). the Sadistic Mutation Forced effect can be activated, and the attacker deals 1 damage to the questing unit on Defend the Border, destroying it (and the tokens on the quest are removed). hope that helps
  9. Me too, i was thinking about some other neutral races/factions like Bretonnians For example, the special rule for the Brets capital could be "If You have at least 1 unit on a quest, all Your other quests are considered to have a unit questing on them"... this way you can continue to place resources and activate quest abilities even without a unit. However, there should be an additional drawback like "You cannot have more units on Your battlefield or Kingdom zones than in Your quest zone", so not to abuse the ability above. I don't see Bretonnians having any particular keyword/power like lizardmen and undead... even Skaven and Asrai didn't get one; perhaps some units could be immune to corruption, others to the nearly-forgotten fear keyword, and so on. Instead, i thought of two "new" (almost ) keywords for Ogre and Khemri, two races that would be considered non-aligned-neutral (at least according to the latest WHFB rulebook). For the voracious Ogres i derived the "Devour" keyword from the Skulltaker's experience ability; when an Ogre with the Devour ability survives a combat, it can attach on itself (facedown, like experience) an opponent's unit or attachment support card (well, Ogres eat anything ) that was destroyed in the same combat. Obviously, Ogres gain various abilities (more power, more hit points, toughness, etc.) by keeping or discarding the devoured cards. Khemri/Tomb Kings are similar to Undead/Vampire Counts, but i see them as more resilient and less depending on necromancy, so i decided for the "Regeneration X" keyword (i admit that Blood Bowl helped a lot ); once a Khemri unit is destroyed, it doesn't leave play but it's turned 90-degrees and face down (like insane cards in the Call of Cthulhu LCG). On the next turn's capital phase, the owner must turn the unit on a normal position and put a resource token on the unit; Khemri units lose abilities (power, hit points, actions, etc.) with tokens on them, and once the number of tokens exceeds the X indicated, the unit is finally destroyed and put in the discard pile). While the ability is quite powerful (you don't have to pay again for these units like necromancy), there are drawbacks too; units with the Regeneration ability cannot be sacrificed by any mean, copies of unique units cannot be played until the "original" regenerating unit is destroyed, and lesser regenerated units cannot do nothing more than be cannon-fodder. Now, if only i could think of something good for Chaos Dwarfs too...
  10. If that happens someway, i really hope that whoever does it is/has a good lawyer... GW has always shown zero-tolerance for those who try to use its "intellectual properties" without consent
  11. "No, once you sacrifice the unit, you cannot stop it from entering the discard pile unless a card text very specifically overrules this by referring to the term "sacrifice". (Lukas Litzsinger) The way i read the above statement, a sacrifice can't be prevented nor its destination can be changed (the discard pile)... however, since English is not my native language, i may be totally wrong EDIT: Correction - there's also the similar effect of Volkmar the Grim; in this case, as explained in the FAQ, a sacrificed or destroyed unit is placed on the bottom of its owner's deck. However, Volkmar's text is a bit different, since it says "If a unit would enter its owner’s discard pile".
  12. I agree with Virgo and Gnomeschool both The case of Unending Horde is similar to that of the Dwarf Quest "Reclaim the Hold"; as explained by Lukas in the Rules Summary (mantained at deckbox.org), there's a replacement effect marked by the word "instead", so a unit never really leaves play if it's destroyed, and Skullataker's action cannot be activated (as noticed by Gnomeschool). However, if a unit is sacrificed, the replacement effect of Undending Horde doesn't work, since the "The act of sacrificing a card cannot be cancelled or prevented by other effects. After a card is sacrificed, it is placed into its owner’s discard pile." (see the FAQs under "sacrifice"); in this case the unit leaves play and can be "captured" by the opponent's Skulltaker if he has enough resources (as Virgo said).
  13. An approximate translation should be: "Offering (?). Non-Dwarf only. Action: Sacrifice this card to ignore the loyalty cost of the next Dwarf card you play this turn"; that's why these cards have no loyalty icons. As seen in the polish spoiler, there's a card of this type for each "standard" faction (called "Embassy" for the Order races and "Sacrifices" for the Destruction races).
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