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  1. Greetings all! I attempted to search the Forums to see if these questions have previously been addressed, but when I type something into the "Search" box, then hit the magnifying glass icon next to it, nothing happens. So please forgive me if I'm treading over old ground! My first question is about Investigator Cards: silly question perhaps, but how do players acquire them through the course of the game? We initially thought that maybe you draw a card when you entered a location with a corresponding icon on it: Hibb's Roadhouse has a gun icon on it, so we thought perhaps you drew from the Common Item Investigator Deck at that location, for instance. But now, I do not think this is so. Does one then only ever draw from the Investigator decks when instructed to do so by some other card? And second, regarding the Mythos phase, part one: pg 9 of the rulebook states, "One of three things happens, depending on whether there is an open gate, an elder sign marker, or neither at that location." Am I correct in assuming that the ONLY way a location would ever have an elder sign marker on it would be from a player putting it there? So, if the location has an elder sign icon printed on the board in one of the small circles right above the location's name, this does not mean that there is an elder sign there with regard to this rule, is that correct? Thanks!
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