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  1. Wow, seriously thanks for making it open source. Does it have any dependencies? If there are specific bugs, I may be able to help out with some code. I will try to take a look at it this weekend. I need to fire up my windows VM and get some updates i am sure.
  2. My copy just started loosing the glue! I am so bummed out, it was doing good for a while. I am so bummed.
  3. The screen is gorgeous, I own all 40k FFG rpg products, and I am really impressed with the artwork on this one. The player's view REALLY sets the inquisition type mood. Well done...
  4. This sheet is killing my ink on my BW laser printer. Can you please provide a BW version with white background?
  5. Very nice write up. It was very interesting to see how you used PC's and other sources to help drive NPC motivations. Great idea. How do you think it would have turned out if you did have some PC's as CSM?
  6. Don't miss out on this one. It plays well, just needs a trial game and some re-reading. BGG has some great files that clear things up and run the game smothly. I learned to play with my 14 yr old son, we had a great time.
  7. Leeam Neeson as Horus Arnold (from the 80's) as The Emperor of Mankind
  8. Nicely done, thanks. Been reading Heresy, Thousand Sons specifically and was curious about the sisters of silence. Is anyone running a campaign in M32? It would be nice to see a line of products for the Heresy timeline.
  9. I just made a Rank 1 Cleric myself, so I am interested to hear from other players experience with this class. So far I have played 2 Imperial psykers, neither of which made it past the first session.
  10. ronaldo1

    Need to share

    I dont get it, isnt it a picture of an Inquisitor and Retinue and 1 space marine?
  11. ronaldo1

    Cheat Sheet

    Very nice indeed, thanks
  12. Morangias said: ... it shoehorns each character into one of the new Careers that were made just to correspond with TT miniatures, and stumps the inividual character growth by stuffing large, unified advancement packages down everyone's throat. What are "TT miniatures"?
  13. Excellent answer/explanation, I agree with this.
  14. Saygah said: flyboy0106 said: Our current Rogue Trader game is largely based around the very competent characters holding together the mini-empire of the incompetent Rogue Trader. The Lord Captain Solarius left it to the seneschal to explain his master-stroke with regard to the ever-dwindling treasury. The following month all pay to non-command staff was to be made in Solariuns. He had been minting the coins in secret for a while now, and had enough to pay the wage deficit. The player's faces at the table were hilarious, as were the ship-board riots that ensued. Thats just grand, would have loved to see that one play out.
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