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  1. Heya Proud owner of several products from your fine sortiment. Fav's are Star Wars (EotE, AoR and FaD) and Armada. Also enjoy your new boot on Talisman and Relic. Since you got the WItcher Boardgame, how far are we from seeing and Witcher RPG? Thanks! Mattias Davidsson
  2. MOVED - posted this wrong. Carry on - did not find a delete
  3. Others in the player group backupped with said skills Main issue is that the values does not scale properly. The carrying cap should scale way lower, like 25kg per S point. From 25 to 250kg. Jumping should not be meter/degree of success but "up to half S vertically" and up to S horixontally. I just made two fixes that fits both the rules and the realism better...
  4. The "ordinary" *2. And mainly for killing stuff
  5. This topic is about why Strenght and Toughness values/rules simply does not work. The character is a remake from original DH and is built with his original exp. It is one of my Players Character and the exp-remake is to make him as close ot the original as possible. With no unnatural traits he instead has elvated S and T. Things we think is not working properly is in red. Name: Allesaunder aka Brakeasaurus Rex Home world: Forge World Background: Imperial Guard Role: Warrior Exp: 14000 / 0 Attributes (4400 exp) Ws 45 1300 +25 70 Bs 30 St+ 45 1650 +35 80 T+ 45 1650 +35 80 Ag 45 400 +4 50 Int+ 35 Per 30 WP 40 Fel 30 Inf- 75 (Estimated value based on number of missions done (about 30)) His carrying capasity is at 500kg. Half a ton. Impressive indeed for a human. But since he is Imperial Guard he adds 2 and ends up carrying 2,000kg and can double that as limit. 4 tons as a human. Using athletics he can quadruple his lifting/pushing ending up at 8,000kg. He pillowfights with with cars? He can also jump, vertically up to 6 meters. That is from the ground and up to the roof of a two storey building and 12 meters horizontally. Essentially he is the Hulk. Faith: 4 Skills (2600 exp) Acrobatics 3 450 exp Athletics 3 300 exp Charm 0 Command 1 0 exp Commerce 0 Deceive 0 Evade 4 600 exp Investigate 1 150 exp Intimidate 1 100 exp Linguistics 0 Logic 0 Medicae 1 0 exp Navigate 1 0 exp Observe 1 200 exp Pilot 1 0 exp Psyniscience 0 Remembrance 0 Stealth 2 300 exp Subterfuge 2 300 exp Survival 1 0 exp Tech-Use 1 200 exp Skills work fine. Expose Type: Utility Action Points: 1 If the next attack the character makes this turn scores at least one successful hit, the target gains the Exposed condition. An Exposed character cannot use the Evade action against the next attack to arget him before the end of the encounter. After the target is attacked once (successfully or unsuccessfully), he loses the Exposed condition. Works fine. Talents (6400 exp) Brace for Impact (0 exp) Weapon Training (Las, Solid Projectile) (0 exp) Lethal Blows (200 exp) Duelist (200 exp) Unrelenting (400 exp) Thunder Charge (400 exp) Combat Master (200 exp) Crippling Strike (400 exp) Precise Blows (400 exp) Furious Assault (400 exp) Lightning Attack 600 exp) Whirlwind (600 exp) Evasive (200 exp) Hard Target (200 exp) Step Aside (400 exp) Nimble (600 exp) Counter Attack (400 exp) Responsive (600 exp) Quick Draw (200 exp) Signature mental trauma Obsessive Hoarding Signature Malignancy Witch Curse Background Bonus Imperial Guard characters count their Strength bonus as 2 higher for the purposes of determining how much they can carry. Starting Equipment Lasgun Combat vest Flak armour Grapnel and line 12 lho sticks Magnoculars His equipment here is just his starting equipment. In his prime he was mustering and impressive weaponry of a Storm Bolter and an Power Fist and donning an shiny Power Armor. His melee damage would be 1D10+16 with a Pen of 12. Due to his talents this damage would however pan out an avarage of 1D10+21 (Crippling Strike adds +5 if the hit results in a wound and this guy will always inflict a wound on a hit). The Storm Bolter works fine. His DV would be 16 - TB + Light Power Armor. Making him immune to all conventional weaponry unless they score a Righteous Fury. Thanks for the read - happy gaming!
  6. I just want to cast some light on that there are other races out there - some fully playable and some not so much. I just think it is sad that FFG boxed themselfs with the whole Only Humans line when there are so much roleplaying potential in several other races aswell. Main point is. Why make a second edition out of DH and simply make the rules better. Why not make a true Warhammer 40k ruleset and let the players/GM descide if they want to play acolytes, Specc Mahrines or anything in between, why limit it to the Inquisition. I just see that there is so much more in the 40K universe to be used, explored and taken advantage of and FFG is simply making a remake of an already good game. It is a tad sad actually.
  7. Having money adds to the "I need to struggle to come by" feeling Having just a resource number is more like "I only need to roll a D100 to get a brand new gun" Thats how me and my players see things and why we do not play RT or anything but DH where you actually can loot things. And no, my players do not loot things in order to sell since they well **** know noone in their right mind simply buy your stuff of the bat. They loot corpses to stay re-freshed on ammo, grenades and other nicknacks. There is nothing that says that just because you have or do not have money the players will automatically loot or not loot fallen enemies. Money is for us a means of desperation - another game-mechanic if you so want to control and better limit certain equipment then simply roll a dice and get it in the mail the following week. Aa few example/issues; The player asks the GM to get hold of a Stub revolver. The GM is rolling the dice and rolls an 95 a fail to get the gun. The player then looks up at the GM and asks: - Okay, so what the dice tells me is that the same guy I last week got my plasma pistol from cannot this week get me an Stub revolver... Perfectly valid question and points out a major flaw in the system. It is not realistic that some weapons and the chanse to get them boils down to a single dice-roll. The second issue - things are lacking in value. "Oh noes, my bolter got dented, I'll just roll the dice and get a spiffy new one, since Bolters are no less rare then what I manage to roll on my dice. And with my boosted Influense I might even wer my umbrella in the Bolter-rain." Third issue. I want to bribe the guard but seemingly I do not have any cash one. "How about an point of resource mr Guard? Say what, you cannot eat a resource point you say? Well I... DIE!!!" You'all get the point - no money makes the world just a whole lot more unbelievable.
  8. Helloes. Me and the gang really like Warhammer 40K and Fantasy, and being able to roleplay in its glorious Universe is a Emperor sent blessing... But sometimes we feel like playing humans, all the time, is just a little bit lacklustering. Especcially when we all know there are so many cool races out there in the galaxy to purge, I mean play. To cut short: Please, why not release an edition where you can actually play more then just humans. LIke this little list? Abhumans: Descendants of humans, modified in various ways by mutation and the environmental conditions on the planets on which they have evolved. Includes: Beastmen: A human subspecies characterized by bestial features, normally heads and legs. Ogryn: A human subspecies characterized by larger muscles and smaller brains. Ratling: A subspecies of human who are short and specialize in sniping. Barghesi: Aggressive race near the Grendl stars. No other data is known. Caradochian: Winged race often appearing as mercenaries. Chuffian: Use a characteristic Power Maul weapon. No other data is known. C'tan: The race that doomed the Necrontyr to live eternally as machines (Necrons). Demiurg: A race of short humanoids, allied with the Tau. May or may not be related to Squats. Deamon: Foul creatures made entirely of Warp material. The favourite servants of the Chaos Gods. Drugh: Large larval invertebrates with advanced psionic capability. Stem from the world of Pyrus I. Enslavers: Parasitical warp-based lifeforms that look for psychic hosts to transform into living Warp portals. Galg: Green, scaled, frog-like creatures rumored to be Tau-allies. Galthite: Xenos from the Oenorian Inner Systems. Hrud: A race of near-invisible scavenger aliens who infest several areas of the galaxy. Commonly considered to be little more than vermin. Jokaero: Resemble orangutans. They are famous for their instinctive technical brilliance. Kathap: A race using what appears to be organic weaponry. Khrave: Alien mind-eaters. K'Nib: Described as "festering clawed fiends", have 10 limbs. Kroot: Reptilian hunter species allied with the Tau. Lacrymole: A race of shape-shifters. Loxatl: Amphibian quadrupeds who communicate through infrasound. Grey-skinned and foul-smelling. They are known to smell like rancid milk and mint. Nicassar: A psychic race allied with the Tau. Necrontyr: The race that became the Necrons. Nekulli: Little known about the Nekulli race, apart from their Whisperlance technology. Old Ones: An ancient race who fought the C'tan. Psy-Gore: From Perseus; makers of crystalline firearms. Q'Orl: An insectoid species, whose empire is centered on the swarmworld of Loqiit. Scythian: Martial species devoted to the art of combat. Slann: An ancient reptilian species, connected to the Old Ones. Stryxis: Nomadic creatures said to resemble a humanoid canine embryo, with no young or gender differences ever reported. Voracious traders, their culture is eccentric and obscure, although they despise the Eldar. Tallerian: Reptiloid mercenary allies of the Tau. Thyrrus: A squid-like race with color-changing skin. Umbra: A species of floating spheres with a hard, black carapace. Vespid: Winged insectoids allied with the Tau. Viskeon: Huge, muscled humanoid creatures, when part of their body is cut off, a fetus forms from it, feeding off its nutrients to eventually become a fully formed Viskeon. Xenarch: An isolationist, Warp-worshiping species from the Galactic north. Yu'vath: A race of warp-worshipping sorcerer-slavers from the Koronus Expanse, apparently annihilated in the 39th millennium during the Angevin Crusade, although remnants of their empire persist. Zoat: Large, strange, centaur-like creatures that were conquered by the Tyranids. The Zoats were used as a slave race for the hive mind and its followers, and many revolts by the Zoats (brutally put down by the Tyranids) led to the near extinction of their race. Eradicated by the Imperium upon their arrival in Human space. I know it is a copy/paste from Wikipedia - but it just shines to the possibilities then just play a human. All the time.
  9. A wound system without Unnatural Toughness or heck, even counting Toughness at all would be the best. Having an natural source of damage absorbtion is just expoitable when the stat gets raised to high. Thats why I really like the new steps FFG is taking in the second edition. And in b4 the "it is like ping, ping, ping DEAD", it was and is so in DH right now with the insane amounts of TB and wounds an character can accumulate. Nothing happends for the first four or five solid hits then suddenly his wounds are depleted and it is a minus 8 on the critical hit chart and the character explodes. The less toughness lowers damage he better I say.
  10. A wound system without Unnatural Toughness or heck, even counting Toughness at all would be the best. Having an natural source of damage absorbtion is just expoitable when the stat gets raised to high. Thats why I really like the new steps FFG is taking in the second edition. And in b4 the "it is like ping, ping, ping DEAD", it was and is so in DH right now with the insane amounts of TB and wounds an character can accumulate. Nothing happends for the first four or five solid hits then suddenly his wounds are depleted and it is a minus 8 on the critical hit chart and the character explodes. The less toughness lowers damage he better I say.
  11. How about: If you use an ability with a recharge in a row (say 3) you get an extra 3 black dice to use that ability. The penalty stack for each time you use said ability. Smash Face, recharge 3, use. Smash Face, use again with 3 more black dice. Smash Face, use again with 5 more black dice (3 minus 1 for recharge time plus 3) and so on…
  12. Cabello said: As a GM I love it when a person makes a min/maxed character since that just leaves them so open to whatever they mined. Fighter with high Str/Tou and low mental? Ill destroy your mind with madness, do it the other way around? Ill still get you with fatigue and stress and bring your mind down, or maybe with disease, or corruption, or perminate wounds. Only a balanced character will really live for any great lenth of time in my games. I do not GM that way and the OP was not about how to GM, it was simply how we use the system for diversity. I do not see roleplaying as a GM versus Players game at all. I got Battlefield for that…
  13. Yes - bad typo there - the purple is supposed to be the blue ones of course We did this mainly to take focus from attributes and put it on the skills. That you can have a skilled character that will still be usefull compared to the high-end attribute character. Not everyone wants to play a beefcake just so that they can be a decent fighter. We have been using it for some time and it works really well, it added a far more relaxed view on the stats as a whole since everyone knows they can actually be good in whatever field they choose to persuit more or less regardless if their attribute is maxed out or not. The ranged guys still prioritize agility for bonus damage, but they more often settle at a top at 4. Same goes for melee, mages, priests and our ratcatcher… What we have seen so far in "inverting" the focus from attribute to skills is that the players are more in control and that changing careers is easier, more fluent and not a real hinderance. And not upgrading ones stance meter is up to each own. I see my players get more stance, and focus on either green or red and never the both to further hone their skills.
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