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  1. I'd figure the number of groups of henchmen stay the same (i.e. always 2 groups of Ungor) but the number of characters in each henchman group scales with the party size.
  2. Wouldn't that require two actions in a round? Or I guess it could be a reaction card like Parry.
  3. To reinforce what monkeylite wrote: there is one Fatigue and one Stress tracked per character.
  4. I'd agree that it isn't a maneuver. Fortune is spent as part of the test that generates a dice pool or part of the end turn phase.
  5. There's two intoxicated status cards included in the Adventurer's Toolkit.
  6. Augur said: I understand this that whenever it reads "vs. Target Defense" (be it any melee action, a spell or Sigmar know what) you should add a Purple Dice to the dice pool. Of course it's very frustrating you have always to remember this. It's amazing why this was not put on each respective card - it denies the whole logic that you need nothing but the cards to know the rules... Because a target's defense is not always the same amount of challenge and misfortune dice.
  7. Yeah the wording is pretty clear on that. It's the use of "at least" instead of "per" which gives you a maximum of one fortune die. The funny thing is, the card provides that fortune die to you and your allies, so it doesn't need to be in the party slot. Only one character in the engagement needs the talent for everyone to get the benefit.
  8. Scelous said: I thought skills didn't come into play with active defenses? It's on the Parry card... Weapon Skill trained gets you an extra misfortune die. Coordination for Dodge and Resilience for Block works the same way.
  9. Thanks. I was looking for it on the portrait tab. Cheers!
  10. Many of the "inexhaustable" talent cards have other limitiations such as once per session or only use during Intelligence checks. Putting a recharge on top of that seems a bit harsh.
  11. Excellent work Hurlanc, really top notch. I was wondering if you could have an option for the Action Cards to not have a portrait image. See Perform a Stunt for an example. Personally I don't mind not having to hunt down artwork for my cards and running into copyright issues even if the test space is not needed.
  12. Isn't the Perform a Stunt action the basic action for all skill checks? I can see that getting used a lot in social encounters.
  13. Great work. I like the formatting and including an action for each character. Did you mean for the Warpstone Charm to work once per session or every check?
  14. Mal Reynolds said: And still I am worried that we will run out the talent card "cat-like reflexes". Some talents cards in my group is like the latest fashion in Altdorf. Why not put that talent into a party slot? Sharing achieved!
  15. I like the rule as it stands. It gives players a penalty for having a "dump stat".
  16. Nice guide, lots of good stuff in there. I may be reading the WFRP book wrong, but looking at FATIGUE & STRESS starting on page 62 it makes pretty plain that any mental characteristic can be distressed and any physical characteristic can be fatigued. Toughness and Willpower are used for unconscious but you could be strained by gaining 3 stress overcoming your 2 FEL and 3 fatigue overcoming your 2 AGI.
  17. I thought the inherent difficulty of the spell is taken into account with the black and purple dice below the Action Icon on the card? I can see the GM adding a few black or white dice for situational modifiers but not for difficulty.
  18. Remember that if you are broke then you look broke. The way I'd play it is your players are squarely in the "brass tier" of the economy (WFRP p. 71) with all the social problems that will create. You're not going to get past the guards without some real skills to apply for that job from the local burgomeister.
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