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  1. Congratulations everyone. Great work!
  2. Great first session guys. Gitzman really has some great tools and programming in MapTool. You still need the game to play but we were three in the US and two in the UK and had no trouble getting through "A Day Late." Kudos to Emrikol for GMing as well. It was quite easy to get set up and the WFRP rules are conducive to the mechanics of MapTool. Sure there's the capabilities for move distance, positioning, and line of sight in MapTool but you don't have to use it and I think the house rules we did were a nice compromise of the two. If I didn't already have a local game, I would very much be getting this set up for some of my more scattered friends. Still, I'm looking forward to the next game and would be willing to participate in any pick-ups or one shots as well.
  3. I'm having trouble getting the dicebox window to show up. Any tips? Did I miss something?
  4. Cheers Gitzman. It's a great resource and I love the MapTool stuff!
  5. Great seminar, thank you for getting it up on YouTube so quickly. It answered a lot of my questions about the Guides and Vaults. Very excited to see creature cards!
  6. Instead of getting the books spiraled, I bought the pdfs and printed out the bestiary and other relevant pages to put into a three ring binder. That way I can mix and match for the evening's adventure. Spiraling the books is a good idea though to get them to lay flat for other reference.
  7. Players do not have to reference multiple rulebooks and supplements for their abilities and actions. Everything is right there on the table.
  8. You're right Khori, I meant Dodge. Pretty sure the Parry card has a requirement of a Melee weapon readied. It may be GM's fiat, but I wouldn't count Ranged weapons as Improvised Melee weapons.
  9. One thing I didn't see mentioned is you can't Parry with a ranged weapon and you can't hold a shield so you're down to only Block when your target(s) re-engage and attack.
  10. Remember that Block requires a shield so your non-melee characters really only have two active defenses.
  11. I've always linked it to initiative. If the "group" warrants its own initiative slot, then it get's its own A/C/E pool.
  12. So you played with your house rule that only Toughness counts for Fatigue and Willpower for Distressed?
  13. Yes, if the party sheet has a Focus slot free.
  14. There's also the situation that you can't use a Prepare maneuver and you can't Parry melee attacks if you've got a ranged weapon in a melee fight.
  15. Single engagement per group also means that there's less tracking. It could get pretty complex is A is engaged with B and B is engaged with C but C isn't engaged with A. If you're close enough to interact (the definition of Engaged IIRC) then you can interact with the whole group or engagement.
  16. gruntl said: I don't have access to the card right now, but are the tokens on the card recharge tokens? In that case one token gets removed at end of attackers turn as well. I thought recharge tokens are only removed at the end of your turn as an active player? (p. 50 WFRP)
  17. Yes, thanks for the additional look into dice pools. Hopefully it'll give some of the people so quick to change the rules a moment's pause.
  18. Drawing two critical wounds and choosing the lesser of the two is likely less damaging than choosing one single critical wound. In other words having the target choose the card is worse for the attacker than a normal crit. Thus the sword-wielder should choose.
  19. Even if you don't officially exit a College you'll probably get into trouble with your superiors if you ignore your duties to the organization and advancing your craft when you start playing soldier or some other career. Sure you can say that you're still committed to the college and your gift but you'll need to be careful. Wizards are a rare breed I would think the colleges would make sure those rare resources are used to their fullest potential. (At least in my version of the Old World.)
  20. UniversalHead said: Thanks for those clarifications folks. It certainly should have been clearer in the rules. Yeah, that's why they wrote the FAQ.
  21. I agree with dvang. Perform a Stunt is an excellent way to perform a maneuver as an action. Leap over the table (Athletics(Ag) check) to move from Close to Engaged. That sort of stuff. I also agree with Skywalker. Throwing a chair is a Ranged Shot with an Improvised Weapon. Pushing the skeleton is a Melee Attack. Blocking or slowing them down with debris is probably a Stunt.
  22. There's plenty of signature lines and mentions of Sunatet's excellent dice roller. But there's a similar page that calculates probability instead of dice rolls at: http://jaj22.org.uk/wfrp/diceprob.html Using this confirms gruntl's 100 dice roll math: 5 Characteristic + 2 Experience + 2 Fortune vs. 3 Challenge is a %77.3 chance of at least one success. %45 chance of two or more boons and %6 chance of two or more banes. 5 Reckless + 2 Experience + 2 Fortune vs. 1 Challenge + 3 Misfortune has a %91 chance of at least once success and a %40 chance of two boons but the reckless dice increase the two or more bane chance to %13.
  23. I think your question is buried in the thread. You probably want to start a new topic asking about recharge, fatigue, stress, and general use of actions in Story Mode.
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