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  1. For this week we have Gitzman taking a party through A Day Late, A Shilling Short on MapTool. Almost two hours of Actual Play! Links are in the OP. It's provided in the same feed. Don't forget to send in questions for Episode 3 coming next week through Twitter or email. Thanks everyone for listening and spreading the word. -Paul
  2. For the record the tabletop battles game also reset the timeline to before the Storm of Chaos with 8th edition IIRC.
  3. Well Gelt is the head wizard and Ubersreik is a free town. Those both happened in IC 2520 according to the timeline linked above. But like the maps I think there's some variability in the true timeline of the Warhammer world.
  4. I would make it very clear that Signs of Faith includes cards for Rank 3 spells for Sigmar, Morr, and Shalya and rank 1,2,3 spells for all other faiths. Same idea for Winds of Magic. Or conversely the Player's Vault only contains cards for Rank 1,2 spells for Sigmar, Morr, Shalya, etc.etc.
  5. Not to be flip, but isn't that what the Black Orc is for Gallows?
  6. Thanks LeBlanc for the feedback. To clarify the Podcast Episodes will probably be the best produced in terms of sound quality and organization. The Features (like Character Creation we posted this week) and potentially the game Sessions will be more pick up affairs with less chance to get everyone's sound quality excellent and less chance to mix the tracks. We're also not on a set schedule with those but hope to fill in the weeks between Episodes with a Feature or Session. But every two weeks we'll have a new Episode of the podcast and I promise they'll be as good as Episode 1 or better.
  7. GravitysAngel said: Thanks, Gallows, I'll make those edits! So, the Guides have the rules from SoF and WoM, but the Vaults don't have the cards? Correct. The Player's and GM's Vaults only have cards from the core set. None of the toolkits' or expansions' cards are in those vaults. Conversely none of the NPCs and creatures from the adventures and expansions are detailed in the Creature Guide, although their summaries are in the Master Creature Table and their creature cards and action cards are in the Creature Vault
  8. Thanks for the reminder about Zune. I'll see about getting a submission to them. I was still fiddling with the settings like mixes and compression for Ep0. Ep1 has much better sound quality. And thanks everyone for the positive feedback. Feel free to spread the word. We'd love to hear from everyone and will even appreciate criticism.
  9. Episode 0 is our sekrit throw-away episode where we semi-coherently yammer into microphones. Episode 1 is where the magic and some semblance of professionalism actually begins! Thanks everyone for listening. We appreciate all the feedback!
  10. I'm pleased to announce a project Gitzman and I have been working or for a while now. We've started a podcast dedicated to WFRP 3rd edition and posted our first episode last night. Please give us a listed and tell us what you think. Our first episode is a long discussion about guides and vaults but we manage to bracket that with a little news and Q&A. We'll be putting out a new episode every two weeks. The main site is recklessdice.rorschach.net and episodes are mirrored at Gitzman's Gallery. You can subscribe to us through iTunes or point your non-apple podcast manager to the RSS Feed. We appreciate all feedback and comments either on the site, or through email at recklessdice@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter @RecklessDice for near-real time news. Thanks for listening, -Gitzman and Rorschach
  11. Because you can spend up to that many advances to get that career transition or non-career advance. Correct! Your Experience Points may be different from your Advancement Points if you are saving up to say spend four to transition to a new career, or need five of them to increase a non-career stat from 3 to 4.
  12. Decks of cards that are chosen randomly (wounds, insanity, mutation, disease, careers, etc.) get bound as decks of cards (rubber bands noooo! ) and stored in a vault box Counters, stance pieces, tokens, etc. get stored in a divided plastic box (for sewing or scarpbooking or something) that fits in the Core box Action, career ability, and talent cards get stored in the Player's 3 ring binder with 3x3 CCG card insets Location, gear, condition, creature, and creature action cards get stored in the GM's 3 ring binder (Note half-size cards like conditions and and talents get stored horizontally with two cards per pocket) Soft cover books are in a cardboard comic book case (not a longbox, more vertical) or the Core box Hardback guides are carried around loosely Dice in a Crown Royal bag ('natch) Player and creature standups are categorized by group into sammich baggies and stored in a box Miscellaneous handouts and other cards are kept in the GM's vault box Character sheet pads are kept in the Player's vault box Some extra pencils are kept in the Core box It's a lot of stuff to keep track of but I love organizing the cards and reviewing them.
  13. I don't have the page number reference in front of me but the FAQ and the Player's guide explicitly state that character creation does not count as advancement. You still have ten full advancements after character creation to "finish" your first career.
  14. I'm not following why the party sheet is a hindrance to any of the things your 2e group has accomplished. There's guidelines to change your party sheet once every rank (~10 sessions of play). If you start out as "Brash Young Fools" but start moving in high society why not switch over to a "Diplomatic Entourage" or even "Righteous Paragons"? The sheet should represent what keeps your party together. It's their common thread that makes elves and dwarves work together. But it shouldn't be seen as a stifling game mechanic.
  15. I'm keeping the Core cards separate from the Player's and GM's Vault cards for the random draw decks. This includes the career cards as well as wounds, disease, miscast, and mutation. For action and talent cards it's handy to have the spares around in case my players want to double up on abilities.
  16. The action worksheet is the page right after the Lite character sheet.
  17. Although the Guides are comprehensive up to Signs of Faith the Vaults only contain core components. So you can read about the careers from the Adventurer's Toolkit in the Player's Guide the career cards are not in the Player's Vault. The only exception I know of is the disease and mutation cards in the GM's Vault.
  18. Another thing you may want to mention to your rules lawyer player is that all WFRP characters are limited by Career to two or three active Talents at a time and another two or three shared on the Party Sheet. At most if you have an advanced Career and Party Sheet you'll have six Talents active at a time. Other game systems have elaborate rules to prevent stacking from overpowering characters but that's mainly because all "Talents" (i.e. Feats) in those systems are always active.
  19. The Vaults contain all the components you're looking for. Every component that is referenced in the Guides with the "laurel" icon is included in the Player's Vault and the GM's Vault.
  20. My combat set up is pretty simple. A stand-up for each PC, NPC and group of henchmen. Terrain is represented by the cards provided in the core books, adventures and expansions. Touching stand-ups are engaged in a single group. So if stand-up A is touching B and B is touching C, they're all in one engagement. The same goes for terrain. If a stand-up is touching the card then it is in that feature. Not touching is close range. I've got some paper markers for medium, long, and extreme ranges. Range markers are used between engagements or general groups of units. That's the mechanics, conceptually I explain the ranges to my players in terms they can quickly understand: Engaged is in the same room Close is in the same house or backyard Medium is across the street Long is a block away Extreme is farther away barely within visible range.
  21. It wasn't my intention to get into specifics. We can counter with products and prices and configurations for quite a while. The point I made is WFRPv3 is comparable to other large RPGs in price. Too many people can't get past sticker shock of the $100 retail core set.
  22. Emirikol said: Any way you look at it, this game is pricey compared to other game systems. I've picked up everything to date but refuse to buy the vaults, Gm's guide or Monster guide. I'm only picking up a players guide so my players have a direction when we restart the campaign in January. jh I wouldn't say pricey compared to D&D4e. How many player's handbooks are out for that game? 3? Even with the "essentials" line you're looking at spending $100 easily for the basics.
  23. I like the idea of letting players choose the order of initiative each round. It adds some much needed variety as people can change roles and order of battle based on the situation. If players can't decide on who goes when I'd add party tension and only miss the turn if it becomes extreme.
  24. I never liked the idea of having one "class" of characters inherently more powerful than the others. As a player why would I want to play anything else? One of the things I love about Warhammer is the diversity of the careers system. The ability for a Commoner or a Ratcatcher to have an equal change of becoming a hero as a Bounty Hunter or Pit Fighter is fun. Thematically it makes some sense. A Witch Hunter as a patron for the party like Inquisitors in Dark Heresy can be an easy way to lead your party around by the nose.
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