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  1. AlephTau said:

    I've listened to all of your core podcasts so far and I'm very glad to have them. For a short while I became concerned, because the podcast seemed to turn into a platform for nerd giggles with very little content. IMO the last two shows were very strong again - actually the best you have done so far. 

    I'm happy you guys are back on track, continue the good work!

    Yeah we were pretty dry and repectable on episodes 0-6, then we went a little zany on episode 7 but I think we've struck a good balance. We're not a comedy podcast, but then again we're not reading the news.

    Thanks for listening!

  2.  I got into this a bit in Episode 5 of the Reckless Dice Podcast. The three axis of adventure are combat, social and investigation. Having a character that's only good at one axis is not going to be fun if the GM isn't focused on that axis as well. If it's a combat heavy dungeon dive, then combat it up. It's really about communication and expectation between the players and GM.

    Balance isn't just for adventures, but campaigns as well. Your Scholar may have a blast with the investigation of cult doings but then travelling to a new city and fighting bandits and beastmen on the way may suck.

    I always encourage balanced characters in my games.

    • Combat: Be danger worthy. You don't have to be a combat god but Felix knew the right end of a sword and could hold his own.
    • Social: Have a style. Gotrek wasn't as comfortable as Felix in social situations but he played up the surly dwarven stereotype that made him interesting.
    • Investigation: Be curious and ask questions. This relies more on the Player gettting active and driving the character into situations more than anything. 


  3.  I appreciate the feedback LeBlanc (and not just because of the praise for me :) ). I don't have a real issue with our style of speaking over each other. I like that we avoid dead air and smoothly (most of the time) transition from one speaker to another. It's a pet peeve of mine in podcasts when the panel is obviously fumbling for the next person to speak or a topic to discuss. But there is a balance and speaking as the producer (i.e. editor) I appreciate not having to edit out dead air.

    The System Spotlight is my baby. As the most rules-orthodox of the crew I'm okay with taking the lead on that segment, just as Jesse herds the cats to prep the Q&A. If I do get a little lecture-y thought please let me know.

    Thanks for listening!

  4. RARodger said:

    So, if you start with the Player's Guide, the Game Master's Guide and the Creature Guide, what information, and from what supplements, are you missing?


    You're missing all the adventures except An Eye for an Eye.

    You're missing the long-form write-ups of the Creatures and NPCs, which includes the write-ups of all of their actions, from Winds of Magic, Signs of Faith, and all the adventures except An Eye or an Eye. (But you have summaries of all the Creatures and NPCs in the tables of the GM's Guide.)

    You're missing everything from Witch's Song.

  5.  Yep that's correct. The main thing to worry about is if you have a character with a "dump stat" of 2, then you're looking at being distressed or fatigued very quickly. If you obtain the other (fatigue or distressed) at the same time you are strained and you're basically gaining a temp (possibly permanent) insanity for every point of fatigue or stress from there on. Misfortune dice or passing out are the least of your worries.

  6. Hey Yipe, thanks a bunch for the well measured feedback. I'm going to speak for myself here since that's what the podcast is, a set of sometimes differing opinions discussing a common topic. If Gitzman or Strolling Bones want's to weigh in they're welcome to, I'm not "speaking for RDP" here.

    I hope we develop a reputation as fans of WFRPv3 but we continue to show that we're not slavishly spouting FFG propaganda. We talked about the issues with copy editing and I explicitly said I thought the guides and vaults were rushed. Last episode I was freely discussing my issues with Witch's Song namely how it's tied to one location and difficult to include in an ongoing campaign. But at it's core in order to put in the work we do for no pay and little fame we have to be fans of the game. You'll be able to tell the day I get fed up with WFRP because that's the day I leave the podcast (that or I've run out of things to say happy.gif).

    I've read the frustration many people have expressed here on the boards and perhaps we glossed over that a bit. But for me, I was honest in my assessment:

    • The products seemed rushed.
    • For the amount of data they compiled, formatted, and printed in a short amount of time I thought they did an good job avoiding errors.
    • The errors in the products were not game breaking and most could be figured out.
    • They came out with an eratta within 8 weeks of release.

    Does FFG need to do better in the future? Sure. Hell, even WoTC has admitted to a number of errors and quality problems lately and has scaled back releases for this year. And if they get worse and not better then that should be discussed at length. But today I truly do not believe we've reached any kind of tipping point because I see the efforts FFG is doing to make things right and Witch's Song from my multiple reads seems error free.

    Thanks again for listening. I hope we can continue to meet your standards for what you're looking for out of a WFRPv3 podcast.

    -Paul "Rorschach"

  7. Giztman and I are back with guest Strolling Bones. We discuss careers in our System Spotlight. Our Main Topic continues our tour of the Ruinous Powers by exploring Father Nurgle (ew). Also we check out some news including the new Eratta/FAQ and answer your questions.

    Thanks everyone for listening and your feedback!


  8.  I'm with you willmanx. As I mentioned on the 'cast not all careers are combat oriented (but all PCs must be "danger worthy") by rolling social tests up to and including a full social encounter with FEL based initiative, you give the less combat oriented characters an ability to shine.

    One of my dissapointments is I can't recall a single instance of an adventure where they specifically say, "Here's a social encounter." Combat is easy, social is hard.

  9. We've got a full roster of four for this episode as Jeremy rejoins Jesse (Gitzman), Dan, and myself. We kick things off with a spoiler free overview/review of Witch's Song, then dig into everything your want to know about Action Cards. Our main topic is a little bit less mechanics and a little more lore with a rundown of Tzeench. We wrap it up with your questions.

    Thanks to everyone for the hundreds of downloads and we appreciate all the feedback via iTunes, email (RecklessDice@gmail.com) and Twitter (@RecklessDice).

    Site: http://recklessdice.rorschach.net

    iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=414617234

    RSS: http://recklessdice.rorschach.net/feed/podcast/

    Share and Enjoy!

  10. k7e9 said:

    Just have to ask, in the iTunes store you have this logo for the podcast, but it does not seem to follow into the iTunes library when downloading the casts. I know it's not a big deal, but it would be cool if this logo came with the casts (I like having the covers for all my cd's and stuff on my iPhone too so it just feels naked when there is no picture, especially since you gone through the trouble of creating one for the podcast gui%C3%B1o.gif).


    I'll look into it. I think it's the ID3 tags that set the album cover after download and I've only set up covers for the feed.

    Hopefully have something for you by next week.

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