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  1. Thank you for your help! The other issue that came up during our play was how 'The Watch' worked in a normal game. When a player (ie Tycho) first plays it, it goes into his Stuff Area, but once it's played, we did it like this - when you win the watch, it moves across the table into your stuff area. If you have two stuff cards already in play, you have to discard one of these to accomdate the watch. We wondered if this was right, and if there was anything else to watch for, such as being able to refuse the watch, and the fact that if Gabe discards it, it enters his pile for the rest of the game.
  2. Hi, We were wondering: If you wish to play the Fruit F... card, is it correct that it goes straight from the hand into the discard pile i.e. if you have two stuff cards on the table, you don't have to displace one to use the Fruit F...
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