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  1. Man…. And I was beating myself over for just getting 2 crops out… 2 move actions… yes, would def. made things easier… What other misconceptions are there that heroes/overlords commonly overlook? - SC
  2. I like it!! Hmm, Could be that the Warhammer 40k topic will draw more of the warhammer 40k fans to the "Talisman" theme since Talisman in its own way is more linked with warhammer fantasy. Anyway, I love the idea and will be looking forward to more news over the summer! SC
  3. Thanks Steve! As you might have figured out it's my first big box expansion. Regardless, thank you for pointing this out. It does make alot more sense now! SC
  4. Hi guys, I finally got my hands on The Frozen Wastes after sitting on the fence for some time and I was looking through the contents when I noticed the board itself seemed a bit smaller than it should be. When I fold it out on the table it is only the map showing on the board, not the spaces that indicate; Blue cards are placed here, Red cards are placed here etc. It's like they have been cut of. Even the inferior part (The Logo) of the board that says "Runebound" is gone. The edges are not cut directly or anything, but folded behind the edge as normal boards. However, it doesn't seem that any gaming spaces are missing... Have anyone else have had the same experience and is this is normal? Is it some kind of saving strategy from FantasyFlightGames during reprints or something? Thanks, SC
  5. Steve-O said: paradiddlebob said: Is this similar to reading a book version of a movie? FFG's past efforts to convert video games into board games have typically been very well done, IMHO. Doom captured the suspense of the video games quite nicely. Starcraft perfectly emulated the chaotic nature of combat in the RTS game, despite having a wildly different scope and layout, by necessity. These guys have proven themselves competent at this sort of thing, so I would be surprised if Gears failed to live up to the video games in terms of atmopshere and excitement. There are certainly sh*tty knock-off games out there based on all manner of recognized licenses (the Dexter board game strikes me as a terrible disappointment, for example), but FFG is not one of THOSE game companies. Agreed! Not to forget about World of Warcraft : The board game. The way they designed how to customize the characters was really well done! i am a bit curious how it will work out here They have done it before, and my guts say they will do it again! - SC
  6. talismanisland said: Dam said: GrandInquisitorKris said: sounds like a great game , i'm tempted . Hey dude, I think you also want to create a thread in every game's forum, that will troll you even more points ! I think he is compensating for something... hehe ^^ Another topic going off topic - SC
  7. We have had this discussion as well. We ended up with the conclusion that finding the hatch to open the hidden from the other side need you to search for it... You know the door is there, but where is that freaking hatch that opens it!!!! - SC
  8. I think the solution of the main box is fine.. it made the first several expansions fit nicely, and to be honest it's hard to make a waaaay too big box in the beginning not really knowing how the future sale of a game will be. However, with even more expansion in the future space will be a problem. So, the easiest solution would just be using the expansion boxes, highland cards and board in the highland box and so on.. It take some extra time to get all the things out, but hey, talking about 60-120 seconds extra.. SC
  9. You are not alone there, JC. A lot of playing time in our group is wasted (invested..?!?!?) when playing runebound, talisman, and others. Especially in the beginning when the rules are new and encounters unknown. We usually try to find a common logic together. If not, we usually hit the forums or the FAQ. That helps alot, but still.. Thing is.. Starting out to play a new boardgame always make me wonder how much fuzz will show up. It makes it hard time the actual duration of a game, and sadly all these discussions aren't that fun.. If there is a possibility to hire an editor for the rhetoric part of card development I'm sure it wont hurt... It can't become worse, can it SC
  10. Regarding Talisman vs. Runebound.. I gave up.. Now I own both ^^ And they rock SC
  11. burst said: So how do you explain the huge timespan where we haven't seen any sign of life concerning Talisman? They don't even answer emails about Talisman... But lets assume everything is fine... So they are just busy developing the expansion. They don't have any marketing advisor who could post some bits of informations to keep the 'fans' excited about the game. See the ‘We are hiring‘ news from march. They can‘t handle coordinating game releases which is obvious due to all releases in the last time. For me it seems there is a big problem. Cause i was excited almost the whole march. Checking News 2-3 times every day. But now I am just pissed about the situation... Could be that Goodenough is simply too occupied with other new boardgames that we havent heard about yet. In that case I would rather wait than getting a rushed developed expansion. But yes, the period in marsh checking FFG everyday was quite exhausting.. SC
  12. Dam said: I wouldn't mind seeing sort of global events, like in Talisman, which would affect all the players, so you might not even be safe when it's not your turn. Earthquake for example, forcing all characters to test X (Agility or Armor, whichever lower perhaps), taking damage for each point they fail by. Yes, that would certainly make the gameplay more exciting. I would even suggest more dramatic events as **teleport the heroes with eachother clockwise** for example. More randomness = more fun when it comes to DQ SC
  13. Ah, well. The price tag on this one is a everlasting discussion, I see.. I am wondering if FFG had to pay an additional cost or something to be able to get the producing rights on this game.. I guess we'll never know since I doubt FFG will actually comment officially on its price value.. Anyways, as mentioned earlier on the forum. It would indeed spice things up with new board tiles. Hopefully, treasure cards which actually give boosting traits. A sword which do not give, for example, +1 strength seem pointless. Alright, if it's rusty I get it, but heck, then it wont be worth much and I don't see the point dragging it out of the dungeon either New heroes would be great. Especially if they continue giving out extra character sheats for being used in ex. Descent and Runebound! SC
  14. Hellfury said: bitva said: Does this game seem to be unexpandable beyond the new expansion, or is there still room for more ideas in this game? I have to say, Tribune: Expansion is the most unimaginative title for an expansion I've heard, and seems to suggest finality. There is always room for more ideas, but I agree that the name does suggest finality. I dont think the original designer has desinged anything else that I have heard for the game. Indeed, but yes. sometimes a boardgame have reached its potential where adding further expansions only will ruin the game mechanics. A lack of future expansions isnt a bad thing either. Its nice to know a game is complete and can play it as such without the expectation that more will follow such as arkham horror. yeah, and not to mention that limitless expansions in the end adds very little to gameplay
  15. Hi, I would check out talismanisland.com. There are pics of characters from all talisman editions. Keep your eyes up for a painter Steve-Dean (I think), which Talismanisland here on the forum used to paint some of the 4th revised edition of talisman. Those minis are simply just...amazing! SC
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