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  1. If Vader and the rest of Rebels can get stats, why not a force puppy?
  2. For force powers, I can see them having Sense, the combat side if not the more sensory side. Seek may fit, and for pack leaders Battle Meditation. Wolves are pack animals and coordinate in a fight/hunt, so a more intelligent wolf with access to the force may come upon this power naturally.
  3. Well, if such a burden falls to me, it'll be my honor to take it up o7
  4. I have no FLGS so I won't have it until Miniature Market graces me with it.
  5. Ashoka I think is a poster girl for Sentinels, she was more cunning than others during the clone wars, and learned a lot in that episode where she loses her saber, uses Shien's fighting style and once you see her in Rebels, she's pretty much doing what a Sentinel is described as doing full time. I'm as excited for this book as I was for the Sentinel one, which was light on crunchy bits that mattered to me personally. Hoping one of those specs is a dual wield tree.
  6. I know it probably looks like an enlarged Hwk-290, but is there any actual art for the HWK-1000?
  7. Haven't heard of them, how do they rate vs Shapeways?
  8. Can we see it? The E-Wing varients are some of my favorites and the FFG one was a major let down. One of my favorite designs is the Fate of the Galaxy version, but I've never seen a good model of it on Shapeways. I'm looking forward to seeing yours
  9. Just a note about saber construction in game. In the Endless Vigil book, there's a construction quality you can add that combines the saber and something else. It takes a maneuver to switch modes and the enc of each adds together. My Sentinel is combing a blaster with his saber to make the saber more concealed by making it look and function as a common blaster at the same time. So using the whip-sword as an example. You could build a lightwhip and a lightsaber, combine them, and switch as needed. I would get the dual-phase modification for thematics to represent a quick momentary swap. Whatever other qualities it had, using the combined saber option can at least helps with the mechanics.
  10. This was EXACTLY what I needed, thank you for making a vid on this!
  11. If you can find them, Bandai makes little army men to scale with their Gundam models, 1/144 scale. I've never compared them to an X-Wing mini to know how good a match they would be but it might be worth a look.
  12. The Milano seems to pop up all over the place in different games as a stand in or prop. The full sized toy I've seen used in some other wargames. I may get a couple myself, are they small ship base? I like the white and red and blurple especially, nice job!
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