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  1. Guardian: Mark Harrigan. He might be the only Guardian I haven't had a poor play experience with, which I realize is just luck. He really is just a pure killer of enemies, but with the ability to soak and heal damage that Guardians have, you can really use Sophie to do more than just kill enemies. I think with his obvious focus on killing enemies, Sophie makes for real meaningful decisions, particularly in lower player counts when enemies might not be in abundance and you need to do other things to help win. Seeker: Joe Diamond. He was my first favorite investigator in the second edition board game, so this is partially a nostalgia pick, but so far through "The Circle Undone" he has been an absolute champ! I think his hunch deck not only puts on display the great design space, but is just super fun to play! I'm a fan of classic movies and old time radio shows, so thematically, Joe really is just a thematic victory for me! Rogue: I keep going back and forth between Sefina and Finn, but I think Sefina Rousseau is going to win out just because, as was mentioned by a previous poster, she is just so much fun to play. She was the first investigator design (at least that I played) that really threw out all previous vanilla design I was familiar with and challenged me to build and play in a new way, and that has become my favorite part of the game with subsequent investigators. Mystic: Agnes Baker. My first favorite investigator in this game and still my favorite investigator! Mystic is my favorite class overall and while Akachi and Diana are up there (Diana might take the top spot if she continues as she has been), Agnes' ability to do some good when bad happens to her, her fun back story, and just the ultimate example of regular folk finding themselves in extraordinary situations that represents Lovecraft's writings, it all just brings a smile to my face to see her in play! Survivor: Calvin Wright. Yes, you heard me right, I said Calvin Wright. Just a clever design that invites you to play in a very different, challenging, and fun way! I love the feeling of walking that 5 damage and 5 horror line, being able to handle any test while on the brink of absolute disaster, which makes for a tense second half of scenarios. I have never been disappointed playing Calvin! On a side note, I do have a man crush on Silas Marsh. He is my absolute favorite investigator in all of the Arkham Files. Once I get my hands on him, he will default to my favorite Survivor.
  2. I believe I have 3 playthroughs of The Night of the Zealot, 3 playthroughs of The Dunwich Legacy, currently have 2 campaigns of The Path to Carcosa completed through all released material, and 2 plays each of Cursevof the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors. Add the first two scenarios of The Dunwich Legacy played at my local Invocation event and the first 4 scenarios of The Path to Carcosa.
  3. So far the novella investigators are identical to their deluxe box releases! If this was to happen, which I did say I doubt it would, I would expect it in a later set of novellas, assuming they sell well enough for FFG to continue them. I would think that with a change of class comes a change in deck building requirements as well. It wouldn’t have to be a straight swap like your Roland example, but it could be more unique deck building requirements like the novella Norman has. Again, I doubt it would happen, but it could be pretty awesome and those who say, “I’m not buying the book just for alternate art and a couple new cards,” might change their tune if it was a new version of an investigator. Surely FFG isn’t beneath such a shameless marketing money grab?
  4. Here’s a thought I had, which I doubt would happen, but could be interesting. What if they released a novella version of an investigator that was in a completely different class than it’s normal release class? One of those investigators whose theme could be appropriate for multiple classes could have a, let’s say Guardian release in the game, but Survivor version in their novella?
  5. Hopes: Silas! Always Silas until I get that hunky piece of sea-man! Expectations: Roland, because he’s been spoiled already, so it seems likely FFG will give us him to catch up with the spoiled material, even though they gave Norman after the spoiled Roland.
  6. Cripes, I’d pay the $24.95 just for a card with that “Masked Horrors” artwork! That needs to be their next promotional print or playmat!
  7. I attended my local event already. The Ultimatums are all printed and listed on a single piece of paper. I know they had multiple copies, but I don’t know if it was just one per kit or some other number, because not everyone got a copy.
  8. I attended my “local” event last Saturday and there aren’t really details to about the event to share. It basically was just a get together to play that happened to have some cool items to pick up, it didn’t feel like an event. I don’t know if that’s an FFG thing or the store’s thing, but as this was my first time attending an “organized” event, I was somewhat underwhelmed. One group of four played “The Gathering,” another guy and I played the first two scenarios of “The Dunwich Legacy,” and a seventh guy grabbed his swag and left before we even played. Perhaps a new, unique scenario is too much to expect at this event. Having “The Labyrinths of Lunacy” out by this event doesn’t seem too much though. Even a new or updated encounter set for an event like this seems possible. The Ultimatums, while appearing fun, seem like not enough if you’re trying to establish organized events. In my mind, organized events for this game seem just like the game, amazing and limitless possibilities, that were barely explored. This seems like I’m complaining (which, technically I am), but I really did have an spectacular time. This was my first time actually playing with another person, my only playing has been true solo, and what a different, even more amazing game it is! The people that were there were awesome, and the promotional stuff was great!
  9. I recently played this scenario by my lonesome (which always goes faster) with four investigators in a blistering 2 1/2 hours!
  10. Hello! I am looking to sell my modest collection of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and am wondering if this is an appropriate place to do so, or if someone could recommend where an appropriate place to do so is. I have 1 core set that has been played a handful of times and the Heirs of Numenor deluxe expansion and the entire Against the Shadow cycle, which have been unpackaged, but never played and have just sat in the box. Really, I'd like to sell this all together, because that's easier for me, but I'm also open to breaking it up if there's a pack someone is in need of. Any direction on where to do this, or if this is an appropriate place to do this, would be appreciated!
  11. While I certainly agree, as I'm sure many do as well and even hope for, that a second core set would be best served based on the current trilogy, a core set or an altogether separate game based on the Clone Wars could be appealing. You would of course have to swap roles though. The lone player controlling the Grand Army of the Republic, the nameless, faceless rank and file of the Clone Army with some named troopers (Fives, Rex, Cody, etc.) and Jedi (young Ahsoka, Anakin, youngish Obi Wan, Mace Windu, etc.) to fulfill the "villain" packs, and then the group of other players as operatives of the Sith or Separtists seeking to topple the Republic, in which case you'd then see Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul, Savage Oppress, Asajj Ventress, Mother, Jango, etc. as the "ally" packs. Perhaps hopeful thinking for those misguided who enjoy, or at least tolerate, the prequel trilogy. Probably a waste of time and resources for those haughty original trilogy purists. But it could work.
  12. Thank you, that it what I thought, but someone was telling me otherwise.
  13. So, as I understand when an enemy is engaged with an investigator, it normally does not move, unless the investigator moves, then it moves with the investigator. But does that rule work in reverse? As in, if the Ghoul Priest (Prey - Highest Combat) is engaged with an investigator, but come the enemy phase there is an investigator with a higher combat, does the Ghoul Priest move toward the investigator with the higher combat and the engaged investigator move with it?
  14. Team Covenant asked what intellectual property people would like to see brought to the table top, and my response was The Legend of Zelda in the same vein as Imperial Assault. It's naturally a campaign style game. Plus a lot of iconic main characters and great secondary characters for ally and villain packs, and great monsters, big and small, and races for the more trooper type packs and expansions that would provide variety for skirmishes.
  15. I certainly agree on the balance aspect and feel that balance would be maintained, but at the same time, this isn't the board game with Dunwich, Kingsport, and Innsmouth side boards taking up your entire table, side table, dresser top, kitchen counter, and bathroom counter space with boards and locations. I don't want to push this game beyond what it is not intended to be, and I certainly want to create content that others may find enjoyable, and increasing locations and extending play time may cross that line. At this point I've settled on the 11 locations, but my mind frequently wanders back to the more locations. Of course, nothing but myself is limiting from creating and providing both.
  16. This is a question directed at those who are apt to play home-made custom scenarios.So, one of my absolute favorite aspects of this game is the wide open design space when it comes to locations. A house. A city. A forest. A campus. Really, the potential is limitless. Now, I've also noticed that the number of locations in each scenario is in that 9ish range, give or take. So is there such a thing as too many locations? Or as long as the Act and Agenda cards and the clue and doom token requirements take this into account, you can have bigger boards? Or is that not something people are interested in because bigger boards and more required clue tokens, doom tokens, or objectives makes for a longer scenario and we want to keep it within the time limits listed on the box? The reason I ask is because I am working on a custom scenario and I have a version that has a very large board (15 locations) and a version closer to the norm (11 locations). Any input or thoughts would be appreciated!
  17. Okay, so I think this will work. Just click the link and it should take you to a pdf you can download without joining any sites. http://docdro.id/FYASzKH
  18. Well, here's a little something I cooked up and hope you can enjoy! Honest feedback more than welcome! Happy's Funhouse: Version 1.0 - A Fan-made Print and Play Scenario for AH:TCG
  19. I am also waiting impatiently to get my hands on Dunwich Legacy, all whilst having Miskatonic Museum and Essex County Express in my possession! I check numerous websites numerous times in the day and have bothered all my local game stores and still it eludes me! I think it might have the Aloof trait on the box!
  20. For anyone who cares, Hobby Lobby currently has a 40% off coupon at their website that can be used online or in store for any one regularly priced item, making the above mentioned case $15 instead of $25. It's valid through December 17th.
  21. If it is past midnight: Each player discards 2 random cards from his or her starting hand. *shuffles cards in hand blindly and pulls two random out to discard* "Oh, Roland's .38 Special and my shotgun. Good thing I won't be needing those this scenario." A horribly macabre outcome to an otherwise spectacularly fantastic game!
  22. Platform: iOS 10.1 on iPad Mini 2 App Version: 1.2.2 (Released 26 October 2016) Scenario: Cult of Sentinel Hill Enabled Content: All expansions enabled After the forest and old oak tiles are revealed on the map, I clicked to go to the mythos phase and the app quit. Whenever I go back into the app and continue the scenario, it loads then quits. Over and over again each time when it finishes loading, it quits and doesn't let me continue the scenario.
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