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  1. i'm just a beginner and been recently using this deck. Give me some tips on how to make it better. Ask me if you want to know what other cards I have. Player Card: 1x Sora lv 3 (BoD) 1x Sora Wisdom Form Friend Cards: 1x Abu lv 1 (BoD) 1x Aladdin lv 1 (BoD) 1x Ariel lv 1 (BoD) 1x Donald Duck lv 1 (BoD) 1x Donald Duck lv 4 (BoD) 1x Elizabeth Swann lv 1 1x Goofy lv 1 (BoD) 1x Goofy lv 3 (BoD) 1x Goofy lv 4 (BoD) 2x Jack Skellington lv 1 (BoD) 1x Kairi lv 0 (L&D) 1x Kairi lv 2 (BoD) 1x Megara lv 0 (BoD) 1x Merlin lv 3 (BoD) 1x Ping lv 1 (BoD) 1x Will Turner lv 2 (BoD) Magic/Friend Cards: 1x Peter Pan lv 1 (BoD) Dark and Heartless Cards: 1x Barrel lv 1 (BoD) 2x Bouncywild lv 1 (BoD) 1x Creeper Plant lv 2 (BoD) 1x Pot Spider lv 2 (BoD) 2x Shadow lv 1 (BoD) 1x Shock lv 1 (BoD) Nobody Cards: 1x Assassin lv 2 (BoD) 1x Dragoon lv 3 (BoD) 1x Samurai lv 1 (BoD) Equipment Cards: 1x Decisive Pumpkin (BoD) 1x Kingdom Key (BoD) 2x Oathkeeper (BoD) 1x Olympia (BoD) Magic Cards: 1x Blizzard lv 2 (BoD) 1x Cure lv 1 (BoD) 1x Fire lv 2 (BoD) 1x Fira lv 3 (BoD) 1x Gravity lv 2 (BoD) 1x Stop lv 3 (BoD) Technique Cards: 1x Comet (BoD) 1x Whirli-Goof (BoD) World Cards: 3x Olympus Coliseum lv 1 (BoD) 1x Port Royal lv 2 (BoD) 3x Twilight Town lv 2 (BoD) Total Amount of Cards: 50
  2. hi everyone! i recently joined and i hope i can make some friends. lately i bought two break of dawn starter decks and got the mickey mouse and wisdom form ones and also bought lots of common cards of the break of dawn set and some player cards of the older sets on the internet. im still a noob at the game so i was hoping if someone could give me some tips for creating a deck.
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