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  1. Well, I found an FAQ for this crazy game. It seems to answer alot of my questions...I think? Someone might consider making it a sticking, so others dont keep asking the same questions.
  2. Amazing funny idea for a game. The few times my friends and I have played it, we laughed all the way to our deaths. only once, did we survive. Once, we got killed be lack of air, just moments before our sub would be crushed, nuclear melt down, hit by the missle that was suppose to kill the kraken....and said kraken. Oh, and do this while 1/2 the sub is on fire, the other half is flooded, many doors or blocked, and every gnome has an intoxication level of three or more. But we had to jury-rig the rules, as it just did not make sense. We tried the game out under different ways regarding the time rules. I still dont think we have the correct rules (or understood). Hoping one of the game designers could correct what's not understood. Version A. Player A does 5 minutes of stuff, Player B, 7 minutes of stuff, and Player C, three mintues of stuff. Since Player B is the furtherest ahead, Players A & C have to catch up to him. They take what ever actions, who's total time would equal Player B's original moves for time. Once that is done, the ghost track moves up to the row of players. During each player's turn, they flip up event cards and items as their marker passes the spot on the board. They do not get these until AFTER their action is compete, and then, in the order its received. Version B. Player A does 5 minutes of stuff, Player B, 7 minutes of stuff, and Playcer C, three minutes of stuff. Since Player B is the furthest, players A & C move their tokens to equal B, not taking any actions, like it Version A above, but collection event cards and items in order of issues. Version C. Player A does 5 minutes of stuff, Player B, 7 minutes of stuff, and Player C, three minutes of stuff. The ghost tracker stays in the position the player's marker was originally at the start of the turn, and their marker moves based on the stuff they did. The ghost marker then moves to meet the player, collecting event cards and items in the order they are past. Once done, the ghost marker then moves to the furtherest behind (the closests to 60 minutes). This process brings again. So, players 'go around the table' based on who is the newest 'last place'. So if Player C takes only one action, he then goes again. Once he equals Player 5, since he's the top marker, he goes first, then Player A. Timing Issues. If a room is flooded, on the same turn a drunk and past out gnome wakes up, does he drown? If another player is in the room, at the cost of so many minutes, drag the gnome to the next 'safe room' (one not on fire or even low water)? I have a bunch of other timing quests, but they largely depend on the rules of Versions A, B, and C, above. Game Mechanics Question 1) If I have an aqualung, and the room I'm in is high water, can I use the aqualung to 'pump water out', without drowning? The aqualung would not give me a bonus to the pumping water part. Question 2) If room A is low water flooded, and room B is on fire, could the hatch between the two be open, and put the fire out? Question 3) If my gnome is in a room that is on fire, and the room next to me is at high water, can I open that hatch? The rules state the only action I can take, while in a room on fire, is to put the fire out. It does not say I couldnt flee to another room, that just happens to be at high water level. Question 4) If the room I'm in, is at low water level, and a fire starts in that room, does the first start at all? Does the air pump level go up? Even if the fire counter could not be placed? What if it was at high water level? Question 5) Can an item be dropped in a room? Question 6) If two gnomes are on the same phase together. One goes on their normal action(s). Can gnome #2 then go through any hatchs, gnome #1 opened on their turn for free? Or do they have to pay the '1m' cost? Question 7) If there's a timed event (i.e. Mr. Kraken), does the player stop at the event, or the '1m' just before it? If they go past it, but others haven't, due to passing out from grog, does that fail everyone on board? Question 8) If a gnome passes out from grog, does the player draw event cards and items, when they count out the 10 rounds of being 'passed out'? Or are those simply ignored, since the gnome technically is incapable of doing anything? Question 9) When an event card says "the room your in has a random hatch blocked'. Do I just say, Hatch A is 1-3, Hatch B is 4-6, and Hatch C is 7-0? Likewise, if 'A Random Fire Starts', would rolling the D10 be correct to use? It sounds like a dumb question to me, but, this is Question 9, and I'm running out of questions... Question 10) My game came with everything, except a blue gnome card. How would I get a replacement? I guess after all my questions, something of an FAQ would be good. The concept is extremely funny, but the rules leave alot to be desired.
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