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  1. Ah... so a shug can cancel it... thx. Was just reading the rules, haven’t check the cards yet
  2. I won’t call this an AGOT or RS. Looks similar, yes. Compared to both, it’s a lighter version in terms of complexity and components. Not necessary a bad thing. I think TI4 is a great game, but the game is still too long and cumbersome for my liking. This and the new civ game fits well to my appetite and game time.
  3. Sinceraid resolves first, it is possible to raid an opponent’s capital if it is adjacent to your province or with shinobi and there’s nothing you could do to stop it?
  4. The art of controlling how much fate to spend and how much to save for the future is hard to grasp in this game. It’s a big departure from other mainstream ccg where having your killer combo out doesn’t neccesarily win u the game. Most who don’t get it finds it more comforting to attribute it to luck.
  5. I can only say that based on current ffg pattern, the first revised core set occurs on netrunner after 7cycles I think? And I do think the 6weeks 6 packs is a new strat they are trying just to have a larger cardpool for a new game rather than a persistent one. FFG is smart enough to figure out a different way of doing cardgame. I don’t think they will revert to ccg style of discontinuing cards every 2 years
  6. Base value is without mod, stated clearly in reference
  7. Didn’t bother reading his wall of text... just glancing through it tells me enough that he’s missing the point. You know nothing John Snow
  8. Yup... I definite do not make bad play. My wins were all skilled play, losses were all because of: -bad luck on my -opponent gets lucky draw -opponent abuses bad mechanics
  9. Too many people can’t seems to manage uncertainty/probability and yet blame it on something else
  10. If he leaves star war to focus on l5r, I would say good?
  11. How many part time hour does it take to buy a single expansion pack? If that's an issue, I think you have bigger problem to think about rather than FFG's business decision. My next point being, marketing a product to everyone seems logical. But a key aspect of making a business decision is which consumer group to focus on and which to give up. For someone in serious financial crisis or gets passed over thus, I don't think that's going to be my key customer group. I'll be more interested in keeping my key group happy. I for one am glad a larger card pool is out before Christmas to keep my interest rather than letting it decay. If all their future cycles are as such, then yes I think FFG is playing with the fire ring. If the intention is as per how I speculate, good job. For now I choose to trust them.
  12. Dueling mechanics has poker element into it. Op is claiming what's called an optimal play depending on two initial conditions, which would result in 2 expected outcome. Generally it is correct. The poker element comes in where you have to play a mind game of you know that I know that you know... to change your action to result in an unexpected outcome for your opponent. I think that's a good mechanic that mimics the dueling of the old but with more at stake. Good improvement I would say, bad for some who doesn't know how to play the player
  13. If the reanimating warrior is dealt damage and dies in HQ, where does it moves to? Last planet?
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