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  1. I live in Birmingham UK too! I'm currently running a FaD campaign set in the Old Republic era of SWTOR. Sounds like you have a cool plot there. Our group meets at the Ladywood Social Club for Birmingham Central Roleplayers. It's near the top of Broad Street. Small world.
  2. You are entitled to an opinion but you cannot pick and choose which literature about Palatine you want to keep. If a player has the comics are you going to suppress his or her opinion? My point is that the comics, SWTOR, KOTOR and the some extent the films hint that Misdirect can work as a flesh camouflage or stealth field. Since the game is about being on the run from the Empire in its default form, I wanted a way to steer my group from stealing a bunch of black ops equipment just to feel "safe". It doesn't help when Imperial Intelligence and Rebel Spies both upstage them with this equipment. Still no cases of the number of npcs pushing the limit. Maybe as your groups XP increases this will occur. I'm glad some people agree that Cunning is fairer on XP for jedi. Maybe they could choose the higher of Presence or Cunning. I still feel an all out difficulty 5 cloak or illusion for the cost of committing 2 force dice and taking strain every minute is not too much to ask as an ultimate mastery force talent. 1 Strain per minute or turn if in combat?
  3. I would have assumed one pulls an enemy into engaged and the other flings one out of engaged range. Maybe I read it thinking about the Consular in SWTOR in which the maneuver makes perfect sense.
  4. Check out whatever you want. Most people will only accept canon as anything "official". Should have been using Stealth not Misdirect. There is a part in each rule book which gives GM's the option of EU expanded universe. "Most people" (who are most people and when were you elected to speak for them?) can do what they want and accept canon or not. Does that make Star Wars Rebels canon? It won't stop both players and GMs using expanded universe. The section of the Rebellion in AoE uses Starkiller! Starkiller is from the Force Unleashed computer game, which is not technically canon. Not according to Disney. I don't see the developers copping out for writing about Starkiller. The Stealth skill does not make a PC disappear in front of a group of people who are looking at him, Misdirect *could* to a certain degree (limited by numbers, yes as a mental affect). Saying they should've used Stealth is like saying use Charm not Influence, use Medicine not Heal, Use Ranged Light not Unleash. In which case what is the point in having Force Powers in the first place? I will once again ask you to report on how your group used Misdirect and what limits or benefits you found. A specific instance would be nice. Otherwise we will be debating our opinions in circles forever more.
  5. I've already mentioned the clones. So I will not respond to comments refusing to accept the Emperor was tainted not scarred. Seriously check out the comics. NPC powers is a cheap get out clause. The point remains that Misdirect should do more. PCs in an unfriendly city. Angry mob spot the jedi. The number of witnesses were in the hundreds. They could not use Misdirect to get away due to the number limit. SWTOR is actually quite a social game with moral decisions, not just fighting. Not sure what the comment was about that. Misdirect failed in another play test when a Jedi tried to escape an Imperial prison. Too many prisoners and guards for Misdirect to keep the jedi hidden. To only other poster with actual play test experience of Misdirect. How many characters did you use it against? Did the GM doctor the numbers of witnesses to help your power out? Twice it has ended in calamity for one of my play test groups. I would like to get back to my request for real play experience of Misdirect and it's limits when hiding or disgusting yourself.
  6. It's about the number of targets. Actually the Emperor was already disfigured. Mace Windu made it worse but but there is a comic that explains how Darth Sidious could have killed Mace from the start. The dramatics were to push Anakin into "rescuing" him and falling to the Dark Side. His disfigurement was a rouse to explain the Jedi betrayal. You will note his clones also looked like him without Maces help. It is DS taint. Sidious mastered virtually every force power including the Misdirect power so the fact that he is an NPC doesn't really matter as we have the powers. Unleash works how Sidious used it, Influence works how Obi Wan used it. Misdirect does not work properly yet due to the limit on targets. I would prefer the number multiplying by Force Rating or x 10. Or a Short Range area affect of everyone. As for Sith Alchemy, as it is not in the books yet, we have to go with what we have. Yes I am aware the stealth field and the flesh kit don't affect the mind but that is immaterial. Whether you resist with your Discipline or Vigilance the mechanics still favour the tech. One which is 2500 credits. Not hard to get. So if we take KOTOR or SWTOR for a sec and consider Jedi Shadows and Imperial Agents / Scoundrels you'll note if convert them the none Force Users beat the Shadow totally at their own game. This has been proven in my game. Has anyone actually successfully has Misdirect work for infiltration? How many NPCs where there?
  7. Wookiepedia may not show it but SWTOR does. Canon example of a Force User affecting masses at once? The Emperor who hid his dark side taint. And I have seen numerous sources claiming he hid his visage which physically showed his dark side corruption. Since F&D are our main FFG rules we must assume the Emperor would use Misdirect to hide his face. I know Misdirect is mind affecting but so is Influence and that lasts for 5 minutes+. I know illusions can be cast on more than yourself but this self use is used in the EU and games more than has been admitted here. Is there anyone who feels a boosted ability at the end of the talent powers would be useful? This is a play test but all I see is people saying no and not critically evaluating each talent in the power. I will happily do that in another post of no one is brave enough to try. What would YOU change in Misdirect? How many of your jedi in your games have Misdirect? All I am saying is that my group has used it and it has failed them every single time. Not due to rolls, due to limits in the mechanics. One player now uses Influence instead. No one responded to my suggestion of Cunning rather than Presence. Now I am interested in actual game experiences with the power from games as we have had a lot of theory craft. Theory craft is nice but I know the tech out classes this ability even though it is an XP sink. This is from actual play. I would rather not have to house rule the power out of existence or replace the Mastery. I was hoping during the play test it could be enhanced and improved.
  8. In my original post I already considered the expense of the kit and stealth field. Which are not a problem. You can use Duty to purchase them. 2500 can be got out the box. I am thinking of mid game not starter game. If I sink 95 XP into Misdirect I am still not going to be able to follow the Spy (career) player (just assume for one minute that the players gave earnt/bought/stolen their gear) into the base guarded by over 50 stormtroopers since Misdirect won't work on crowds of such magnitudes whereas the field or the kit will. I have set Formidable difficulties in the past and I know the NPCs especially minions, will not see through the stealth equipment. My point still stands. The Misdirect power even maxed out (also Cunning not Presence should be used as whatever illusion you do you are in essence lying) does not emulate what a Jedi Shadow could do. I am thinking SWTOR but also Obi Wan in Episode 4 going around the Death Star corridors. Also why is it the Shadow has a talent to make everyone forget them which for 20 or 25 XP (I forget which as my books aren't here) this is more effective than Misdirect which is limited to targets. Could I not use Influence to make them believe something that is not true for 5 minutes? "I belong here" "I am an Imperial Officer". It kind of knocks the winds out of the sails of Misdirect. Yes I know Influence would require magnitudes but you could keep speaking and addressing different npcs. For those that are still nay saying Misdirect being improved, would you oppose a mastery Misdirect that allowed a similar affect to the stealth field / flesh camouflage kit if it required committed force points and cost strain each minute? If so please explain why? As it would cost a lot of XP to get to and possible 2 or more Force. I don't see such a power being problematic. In fact it fits with the EU and the universe.
  9. I love Force and Destiny but looking at the Shadow and a tooled up Rebel for AoR it is clear to see an operative with the Rebel Alliance is ALWAYS better at infiltration. Misdirect is supposed to create illusions and invisibility but it is limited to how many people are affected even at max level. If we take the Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit which costs 2500 credits or the Personal Stealth Field at 20,000 then we see that an operative with tools can out perform a Jedi Shadow any day. It is difficulty 5 to see through either the flesh camouflage kit or the stealth field. Yes I know this is expensive gear, but I GM games where PCs may be tasked and lent gear for such tasks. The flesh camouflage kit could be taken by any starter character technically and it beats even advanced Misdirect which costs lots of XP due to the limits on people affected. I would like to see a talent of Misdirect that throws an illusionary field around the Jedi. Yes I know it is a mind affect but Seek already counters it. Please don't pass beta with Misdirect being weaker than black ops equipment.
  10. I was hoping misdirect got some more love to apply to more people before the beta closed. Cunning seems a better Characteristic than Presence and hiding from a whole garrison of stormtroopers is still tricky even with all the upgrades. Yet you could create illusions of Darkness for the eyes upto your Cunning + Deception people. Which is going to be what 6 to 9? My players wanted way to disappear from everyone within a range similar to how the Shadow Talent works. Which is far better in comparison. We also wanted a Domination type talent in Influence or perhaps make the DS Battle Meditation one harder to resist for those without a Force Rating.
  11. If I install a crystal which takes up 2 hard points from my 5 on a lightsaber but I also add two of the mods say +1 damage and -1 Crit rating, have I used 2 Hard Points or 4?
  12. Staggered is helpless. immobilised is helpless.
  13. I agree, Change Unleash back to double Willpower. Otherwise anyone can soak the damage. Consider if the damage was Reflect(ed). It would make the power even more pointless.
  14. I have read a lot of comments about people thinking that "knight level" is too weak or that the Careers don't truly reflect a Jedi from before Order 66. In Edge of the Empire we had 1 Universal Specialisation (FS Exile) In Age of Rebellion we had 2 Universal Specialisations (FS Emergent & Recruit) Therefore I pose a radical idea. Why not have 3 Universal Specialisations in Force and Destiny? Sure these are connected games rather than stand alone games but it seems odd to need EotE or AoR have access to Force Sensitive Universal Specs in FaD. Also there is the odd glitch that if a PC from AoR or EotE wish to be Force Sensitive they need to go down either FS Exile or FS Emergent if their primary class was not a FS one from FaD. If sent to an Academy, you would expect there to be another route to become a Force Adept. Initially I was going to suggest reprinting the two Specs and adding a third but I had a better idea: Padawan, Knight, Master. The terms can be made more neutral such as Initiate, Adept, Mentor or for Darkside, Acolyte/Apprentice, Lord, Darth. Knight and Master level play could be advanced Specialisations that characters can go into from another career if they wish. Padawan could have a mix of Emergent and Exile talents with Insight to add Discipline and Perception as class Skills and a talent to make Lightsaber a class skill. They could have Force Rating as a 20XP Talent with only a 15 above it for those who really wish to race to Force Rating 2. Knight could include some talents that give Quick Draw and several talents to boost Initiative as well as Toughened and Grit. A Defensive Training / Defensive Stance would make it tempting for an existing duelist to want to add it to their repertoire. It could include one Parry and Reflect to show a proficiency but not true duelling form as well as Force Rating at 20XP and Superior Reflexes as well as Sixth Sense to Increase Defense Rating. The rest could come from Emergent and Exile with Enduring and Heroic Fortitude. Perhaps you need to be Force Rating 2 and have a Charactersitic at 4 have the Knight Specialisation. Master could include 2 more Force Rating at 25XP as well as Overwhelm Emotions and Sense Emotions and Force of Will and Invigorate and Balance and a Parry, and a Reflect too. Master could have a requirement of being Force Rating 3 and having a Characteristic at 5 to join. Perhaps new talents that extend Force Powers could be added in. Something to do once per session amazing feats with Force Powers. A mentoring talent to help guide and teach other Force Users could be useful too. I know that the moment there is no such thing as advanced specialisations, but being a Knight or Master is vital enough and generic that characters may leave their careers to enter these for a while, especially if it had a advantage of making Force Rating or Dedication slightly cheaper, while making it not a must for all Force Sensitives.
  15. Just to clarify, if a PC wears robes with a Defense of 1, then carries a weapon with Defense 1 they stack to defense 2 right? The defensive entry clearly mentions it adds to it.
  16. *advantages. God **** smartphone touch pad spelling things oddly.
  17. It was my understanding that the defense from Defensive Circle can apply to an ally and stacks with armour and spent advaby ages that may have been applied.
  18. Thanks. I didn't want to misinterpretate it and penalise my players.
  19. Running a game and noticed the Soresu Circle of Defense Talent adds +X Defense X =☆ successes however I do recall a rule that you only take the highest Defense. So if you already have armour with Defense 1 and something like cover or this gives you "+2" Defense do you have 2 or 3 Defense?
  20. I still feel like many that a Jedi Knight (+150XP) should be able to at least bounce back some blaster rounds like in AoTC. It costs Strain each time you prevent a blaster shot doing full damage. This inherently makes it a finite thing that will end sooner or later. I think that at least some of the forms should have this consideration regardless of the details of the actual mechanics change as long as it improves the Jedi ability to not get shot as easily.
  21. I can see how some lightsaber dueling forms seem to run out of talents. Soresu for example cannot make up its mind whether it wants to parry or reflect. What do you think of the idea of double Talents such as Parry/Reflect which can be bought again at the same price to get the other version. This could work on the versions that allow a retaliation of the strike or shot. This does not have to be on every talent as that would be insane. It could be a good way to emulate Djem So and other sub-lightsaber forms? It is just a thought. What do other people think?
  22. I am running a SWTOR based F&D game. It hasn't come up yet but some Force Powers have a light side and a dark side expenditure option. What would happen say a Jedi wanted to Heal someone with Heal/Harm but only rolled a dark side pip. Would they be able to gain a stress and conflict and flip a destiny point to turn the pip from dark to light or would they still only have the dark side option of Heal/Harm? I cannot get clarity from the rules so far. It simply assumes no one would desire this. Any thoughts?
  23. I liked Unrelenting Sceptic (or Skeptic if you are US) I think gave the Shadow an edge amongst scum. Bring it back please!
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