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  1. Oh, that seems like a lot more waiting to really see what the new game is about...
  2. Does anyone know when the new rules will be published? Or at least can anyone make an assumption based on the publication dates of other games' rules ? Usually how much earlier than a game being on sale are its rules published?
  3. Actually, It's been a very long time since I downloaded one. I believe most of them aren't really that good due to lack of playtesting... Anyway, I remember I liked "Dark Dragon Rutitious" , "Betrayal of Ismondor" , "Into the Underworld" , "When the Dragon Sleeps..." and the "WMA Campaign".
  4. ok, so the shortcoming of Descent's scaling mechanics is the number of monsters?
  5. YellowPebble said: This is more than counterbalanced by the fact that 2 heroes are far more likely not to get *any* weapons in a treasure draw than 4 heroes are. You really only need one hero to have a really powerful weapon (to kill the quest boss). More is good, certainly, but not essential- other heroes can kill weaker monsters with their starting equipment if they have to. And 4 heroes are much more likely to get one hero with a really good attack than 2 are. It is of course correct that the reduced monster health in a 2-player game *helps*- no one has ever disputed that, but what is quite certain is that it doesn't help nearly enough, because even if you can kill every monster with 100% certainty with one attack, 2 heroes have barely enough actions to keep up with the rate the Overlord can Spawn. It's not impossible to win a 2-player game (Into the Dark is eminently beatable with 2-players), but it is unquestionably a great deal harder. I understand this point. What I wanted to say is that 2 heroes have access to more equipment at the start of the game, as weaker weapons are good enough. Anyway, good scaling mechanics can be found in DOOM (the board game- similar to Descent). There the number of monsters decreases when heroes are fewer. What about a house rule with fewer monsters in Descent?
  6. Reading through the forum, I saw that many people are disappointed by the way the game scales.However, i believe that its scaling mechanics don't really suck. Below are posted some things that haven't been mentioned by anyone and I'd like to discuss on them. 1.In games with 2 heroes each monster has 2 fewer wounds than its version in a 4-player game. Consequently, don't you think such monsters can be killed with weaker starting weapons? eg.: In a 2-player game, a beastman has 2 wounds and 2 armor. Thus, it is possible that a dagger or maybe a sword instead of an axe can do the trick.Using a dagger, the average hero will roll 3 hearts+power dice+skills+fatigue.The beastman is dead. That way, tanks can opt for daggers, not for axes, runners for bows and not for crossbows and mages for mage staffs not for immolations.This will result in saving 50-75 coins for every hero and supply them with extra potions. 2.In a 4-player game, it may be unlikely that opening a chest will provide everyone with suitable equipment. On the other hand, in a 2-player game, even a weapon which is not suitble for a hero will be able to kill the weaker monsters. eg.: Mad Carthos gets the Dwarven Fire Bombs. Attacking a sorcerer, he needs 5. Blue die:1-2+green die: 2-3+fatigue= dead sorcerer. 3.Taking point 2 into consideration, heroes with split trait dice will be much better than heroes with 3 dice in one trait. eg.: In a 2-player game, Mordrog attacks a razorwing with his axe and needs 6. Red die: 2-4+ green die:2 +power dice: 2-3 +skills:2 .Total 8-12. Now take Red Scorpion with a sword: red die: 2-3+ green die:2+ power die:1+ skill (if any):2+ fatigue= 6-7 damage. Again enough. Now imagine that Red Scorpion can do this with any weapon while Mordrog will have to rely on his short-reach axe . 4.Particular hero combos can make some of the Overlord's powers useless. eg.:If using the Tomb Of ice expansion, Zyla ( http://www.descentinthedark.com/_z_/zyla.php ) + Shiver ( http//www.descentinthedark.com/_s_/shiver.php ) will make melee attack monsters useless. Cautious skill+ Spiritspeaker Mok= low threat. To sum up, although fewer heroes ultimately favor the Overlord, I certainly don't believe it is impossible to win a 2-player game.
  7. Playing SoB for the first time, we' ve noticed a major difference between it and RtL. In RtL, every location is 1-6 trails away from Tamalir. In addition, heroes in Tamalir may opt to go to Greyhaven, or to 2-3 other dungeons. On the contrary, in SoB, it seemed like the only option was to enter the dungeon which was next to the starting city (can't remember the name), then go to the island and finally visit Orris.What is more, it may be extremely difficult to reach some cities, as they are really far away. So my point is: has SoB been made that way aiming to guide the heroes when they make their first steps in early copper, or is it just a game error? Has any of you noticed something similar to what I mentioned above?
  8. I also got SoB recently. My question: what do you guys do in islands? Do you swim to the coast? do you get closer with the ship? What if the REVENGE is sunk???
  9. I am thinking of purchasing the Quest Compendium. I have AoD, RtL and vanilla Descent. Will I still be able to play without WoD? Is it really worth buying? What about the typing errors mentioned? Are they too many?
  10. Is this a fan-created expansion or is it official???
  11. The RtL rulebook mentions that there are 35 Avatar upgrades. Also it says that there are 15 of them used for all avatars and 5 special for each avatar.How can this be possible? I mean if there were 5 for each, then there would have been 45 cards... How many do you have?
  12. Thanks for the help! However, isn't Arlic unaffected by knockback as he has the unstopable ability?
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