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  1. hi, got into an interesting situation when we played a couple of days ago.. Orcs vs Dwarfs but I'll distill it down to the situation that we did not know how to handle.. it is Orcs turn, his quest zone is burning and he got 2 damage left on his battlefield zone. the Dwarf player got his battlefield zone burning and got 5 damage remaning on his kingdom zone. the orc attack the kingdom zone with all he got (total of 10 damage), the dwarf player got 2 units in the kingdom zone and will be able to absorbe a total of 5 damage.. he would still lose, but.. in his quest zone he got one of those dwarf unit with "scout" and it has a "forced when another dwarf unit leave play do one damage to capital or unit" so how would this actually play out? would it be a draw or is the dwarf capital destroyed before the dwarf player gets to inflict the two damage on the orc capital to destroy it as well and make it a draw? how do things go on the chain/stack here? as in the rules it reads something like allocate the damage and remove the destroyed units, and next sentence is allocate damage to capital, so of course someone might try to argue that the units where removed before the damage was allocated to the capital and and then that would trigger the ability and the dwarf player would allocate his 2 damage to the orc capital..
  2. hi, nice to get a deck builder! any chance to get an updated with the 2 latest battle packs? anyone contacted FFG and asked about getting low res images to use?
  3. ohh I see now that ChaosChild made a deck builder, if simplistic still works good, would be nice with images though but I guess FFG wont release any images? even if it low quality..
  4. ohh thats cool, a way to see the card data! though its not really a deck builder though this would make it a lot easier to make a data file for card vault.. but of course you are right concerning the art, who knows maybe at some point FF will provide the card images as low res images same as Wizard of the Coast does for Magic.. then those images could be used in a card bulder.. but until then text only! and ya it does take away a lot from the game.. but a deck builder is so much faster to build good decks comapred to shuffeling through your cards.. and just helping you keeping track of what you own etc makes life a lot easier.
  5. Hi I hope this is not out of line or something, but Wolf Lair, makes a nice product called card vault, I was just wondering if anyone is working on a data file for Warhammer Invasion? or if anyone knows of any other deck building software for this game.. its not really that big of a deal yet, as there are not that many unique cards yet, but its helps to be out early make life easier a few cycles later cheers
  6. this is the best news this game could have!!! the only downside is that we wont get the new format until after the corruption cycle!
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