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  1. I used to work the booth and run ticketed games at GenCon for Hogshead when they had the WFRP license. It got a lot of people interested that were on the fence or that thought the game sounded good, bought it, but didn't really have a feel for how it would run. With the amount of employees/volunteers they have crammed in their booths, they could have a couple of them actually running real games.
  2. Other then some incomplete plot threads and some nurgling little problems with the final module ... Best. Campaign. Ever. I was playing these as they were being shipped over to the US, way back when.
  3. I have just received main box and Adv. Toolkit the other day and I am trying to create my first charcter with the new rules. (I used to play WFRP back when they were releasing The Enemy Within Campaign the first time.) How do (or Can you) increase your Wound Threshold at character creation? I have read through the creation section several times now and that seems to be about the only thing you CANT tweak when making your character.
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