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  1. the best tip i could possibly give you is to listen to your players sometimes there theories turn out as better villains/plot seeds than the ones originally intended or be a great resource for ideas for future scenarios
  2. after looking at my players character sheets i realised they ask for some very odd items such as a book on birds of the calixis sector a beck of cards with naked ladies nail file mens hygiene kit a cuddly toy and the strangest a small bottle of handcream so i was wondering do any of your players spend more time searching for odd bit of kitt than trying to complete assignments if so what????
  3. ah i have been inspired my small 500pt imperial guard army is now called the 20th brontian longknives
  4. ok so i am currently working on a scenario inspired by the game/movie silent hill has anyone else created a scenario inspired by a movie/game?????
  5. we have a assasin whom likes to spend his spare time reading a arbitrator from the schola progenium and a priest who takes a lot of "pills" for just about anything
  6. graycrow

    silent hill

    well i have been brainstorming all your input i greatly appreciated at the moment im thinking the girl makes a pact with a deamon with her alpha level powers which allows her to weaken the veil a for a short time but while the town is transformed into a hellish dimension time moves much faster meaning that the residents may have endured this for several months where as in reality only a thew days have passed. as to how the investigation starts maybe astropaths sensing the warp tide ext lastly the ending im thinking the acolytes will discover that once all the permanent residents are dead then things will subside or they could attempt to battle the girl now corrupt deamon vessel but my players not radicals always seem to take the easiest option will probally try to kill the towns people. last thought maybe once killed the townspeople raise up as mutated zombies hell bent on killing the remaining townspeople when the veil is weak then falling back down as corpses when normality returns
  7. graycrow

    silent hill

    ok so i just finished watching silent hill and the basic idea came to me for a scenario * a little girl is born in a town on some backwater forgotten planet at the age of 16 her psychic powers manifest shortly after the local priest and his flock grab her for execution burning as a witch. * a senior arbitrator after a manic meeting with the childs mother comes to the rescue but not before the child is severely burnt (the arbitrator believes that the child should go to the black ships when/if they arrive in her lifetime) * while being treated for her burns a deamon corrupts her with promises of revenge (i havent decided on a suitable deamon yet) using her alpha level powers to transport the town into the warp for short periodes of time this is straight of the top of my head so its full of gaps input would be great
  8. At some point im planning on having my players return to locanthos the idea being that the crow father since the events of illumination has been corrupting seth the voice seths warband is now a cult to the crow father and is a threat not only to other warbands put also port suffering but im struggling to generate a host as surely most the high level psykers will either be on black ships or executed (explaining why the crow father needed Aristarchus any input regarding my problem or any suggestions for the scenario would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I read the core plot in illumination took notes on events that has to transpire and stats but as with most scenarios they never go exactly to plan so parts where swapped in and out it ended a lot sooner than in the book as parts where scrapped but the game flowed rather than along a line hard for the players to deter from.
  10. thank you very much this has put me on the right track
  11. Hello all Im a new gm to the genre and altho i have a thew good scenario ideas to throw at my players im struggling to generate reasons for investigations from the inquisition through the acolytes any suggestions or examples of anything other than psychic phenomena cheers
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