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  1. For every 2 surges you add an additional stun token. Rules for stun are as follows (emphasis is mine) After inflicting at least 1 damage (before applying the effects of armor) to a figure with a Stun attack, place a stun token next to the figure. A figure can have more than one stun token next to it at a time. Named monsters cannot be stunned, and master monsters suffer reduced penalties when stunned. This shows that even if you do no damage after armor, you can still apply your surges to additional stun tokens.
  2. shnar said: I can't remember the exact wording of One Fist's card, but I *think* it states he can make an extra "melee" attack per turn. If that is the case, and it states "melee", then he definitely gets to add his Melee Trait dice (i.e. the 3 black dice he starts with, or does he start with 2 and one in Ranged?). -shnar One Fist only has one hand for the purposes of equipping items. He may always make one Melee attack, rolling 1 Red and 1 Green die, in addition to his normal action.
  3. Per the card text: " after the monster completes its activation, the controlling hero must roll one power die. If he rolls anything but a power enhancement, the animated monster falls apart and is killed." This clearly states that you roll every time you activate the monster (even if you don't activate the monster you still roll)
  4. The Fatigue upgrade tokens in SoB are +1 and not the +2 as in RtL
  5. Well in our game, we are rotating the overlord responsibilites and are trying this for fun. We figure that if the best heroes can't beat the siren, then there is no reason to play the SoB campaign with heroes that don't stand a chance. We will end up choosing skills as normal, just trying this out.
  6. Ok, so after getting to the silver level of a SoB campaign, we decided to start over as it has come to a realization, that if we can't beat the Siren, it is pretty much game over. With all the expansions, but not the promo heroes (except Nara who cames with SoB) who would be the best 4 heroes to take to both do well in the dungeons and against the Siren. We chose most heroes with good mobility and high fatigue. It was hard to justify heroes with 3 fatigue as these came out more superior We are currently looking at the following: Karnon - heavy melee and easier to sail the ship Silhouette - heavy range Runemaster Thorn - ability to teleport and get closest to the siren. and trying to decide between Battlemage Jaes (ability to man magic cannons such as the dragonhawk) and Zyla. (fly and ghost is good against the sharks, but not skeletons) Who do you think would be better and why or if you agree on the selection. Input welcomed.
  7. shnar said: also house-ruled that the one-potion-per-turn limit is per type (i.e. no hero can drink more than 1 health potion, but they can drink 1 health and 1 fatigue in the same turn). Useful in the Advanced Campaign when Fatigue + Power Potion are pretty common. -shnar This one has been in the FAQ for a while.
  8. Fizz said: Wait a tick...a cannon can be fired multiple times in a turn? Manning the Stations, Page 24 In order to direct the ship, the heroes (or monsters) aboard it must man the ship’s stations. A hero must spend 3 movement points while standing on a ship’s station to man it. The effects of manning a ship’s station vary depending on which station is being manned, as explained below. After a station has been manned during a turn (whether anything was accomplished or not) place a fatigue token on it. That station cannot be manned again that round. At the start of the next round, remove the fatigue markers from all ship’s stations. Firing the Cannons, from Page 26: Whether a cannon attack hits or not, place a fatigue token on the cannon like a ship’s station that has been manned. Remove fatigue tokens from cannons at the same time they are removed from ship’s stations. Is the fatigue counter just there to show whether or not it can cool off, or the fact that it has been "manned" and cannot be fired again? The fatigue counter is there to indicate that the cannon has been fired and can't be fired again in the round.
  9. So how do I get the other promo heroes? I keep seeing a reference to them but everything I have researched is that they are in German.
  10. Doesn't the Torbe Albes map have encounters on the rivers? It it does (not looking at the map right now) then you could use the sea encounters from SoB. Just an idea.
  11. His total armor would be 7 if you drank it after your attack due to the parenthesis on his card. Also as long as pico is with Nanok, then it would add as well (maximum of 5 melee rolled per the rules)
  12. griton said: Nanok's power reads that his armor is equal to 2 + his melee trait (the number of power dice he rolls when making a melee attack). I'm not sure which phrase defines the other. Does the melee trait determine which dice you start with, which can be added to by other factors (Pico, Power Potions, etc.) or is the Melee Trait defined by the number of dice you roll? Pico adds one extra power dice, does this mean that when Ronan gives Pico to Nanok, that Nanok's armor increases, or does Pico just add a die without increasing the melee trait? Drinking a Power Potion allows you to roll all 5 power dice on your next attack. Does this mean that Nanok's armor is 7 if he drinks a power potion, or does the power potion just allow you to roll all five power dice without increasing the melee trait? Obviously, buying training at town reads that it increases the trait, which also increases the number of dice rolled, so this increases Nanok's armor, but I feel that the other two are ambiguous because of the phrase in parenthesis on Nanok's card. (Also, I tried searching the forums, but the search tool here is pretty horrible, so this may have already been answered). Specific references to examples in official rules, FAQ, etc., are preferred as our group has already discussed both possibilities. Thanks! Nanok's ability would make his armor value a 4 starting out and maximum of 7 (just by using the melee, not counting skills or other cards that could boost armor) Drinking a power potion would not increase the armor because a monster can't interrupt a heroes action and even then the power potion is gone once the attack roll either hits or misses.
  13. hive angel said: Stun During the OL's turn a monster damages a hero and the hero gains a stun token (If I read correctly, all a monster has to do is cause damage and the monster will place a stun token on a hero). The rules seem pointless unless a hero is stunned multiple times. During the hero's turn, after the hero removes does the hero, A. Receive one movement or one attack B. One full Action, advance, battle, etc. as if the stun has no effect at all Stun is referenced in JITD, p. 15, 16, 23: After inflicting at least 1 damage (before applying the effects of armor) to a figure with a Stun attack, place a stun token next to the figure. A figure can have more than one stun token next to it at a time. Named monsters cannot be stunned, and master monsters suffer reduced penalties when stunned. If the figure was a hero, the hero does not receive a full action this turn. Instead, the hero may only move a number of spaces up to his speed or make one attack or place one order. A stunned hero cannot use any ability that requires advancing, running, battling, or readying (except for placing a hero order). hive angel said: OL Card drawing and threat Normal game with no campaign OL should draw two cards and gain one threat token per hero. If my GF uses three heroes I should draw two cards gain three threat tokens per turn. Normal game using simple campaign rules listed on the quest booklet Assume Heroes have finished 1 quest and are at lvl 2. OL draws +1 card and gains +1 threat token per player Normally OL should draw normal 2 cards and gain 1 threat token for each hero. Campaign and hero lvl 2, If my GF uses three heroes I should draw 3 cards and gain 6 threat tokens. This seems somewhat unbalanced. I can run the deck out with power cards and spawn monsters a lot more often. The heroes only get a few l100 coins each. Is the simple campaign worth it. Should I left my GF keeps the same players and skill cards or just play new characters with new skill cards each new quest? In the campaign, the overlord gains threat and cards as normal. Going down lower in the dungeon does not increase their threat gain or card gain. hive angel said: Coin Piles Each hero gains 100 coins each so if there re three heroes there should be 300 coins total split between the heroes. Yes, this is correct hive angel said: Treasure Hero opens treasure, OL flips the treasure token and gets a number. This number corresponds to the contents listed for that particular number in the quest booklet and not the amount of treasure drawn per player. For instance if the treasure token has a 2 on the bottom, the heros gain the contents listed in the booklet. They do not get 2 treasure card draws per hero, plus the contents listed for the treasure in the quest booklet. Follow the quest guide for that treasure chest. The would get 2 treasures per hero if it said "2 treasures"
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