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  1. Eruletho

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Why not Regen Potensity? (Intensity, R2D2, Integrated Astro, Primed Thrusters)
  2. Eruletho


    I'm fond of my 44/45 point Wulf of ultimate survivability: Wulfwarro (44/45) -Hull Upgrade -Chewbacca -R2-D2 -Predator/Expertise He has two ways to nearly die and then not quite die, and each time they take his shield off, he can just put it back after combat. Chewie is there to save him the turn he would otherwise die. This gets the most out of his ability, though probably is garbage against 98% of lists out there
  3. Eruletho


    So, I know this is probably a bit late, but I still wanted to respond to your questions: Rigged Cargo Chute is just one more way to exert some control out of the Firespray. If a PS 10 has an action that can drop what is essentially a HUGE scrap token in front of your ship, it'll really change the way opponent's fly aces, which are this lists major weakness. I once lost a full HP Protectorate to a SINGLE cargo chute (perfect storm: Asajj flies past me and drops it on me, crits, double damage. Teroch activates and his move takes his template through it, crits, double damage, dead.) so I have a healthy respect for the control they provide. With PS 8+ meta, IG is already going to struggle to get shots and not die before he can shoot. At least at PS 8, he can fire back at Expertise Rey, Miranda, Expertise RAC, and other "scrub aces." A single crackshot in the list may have been important when Fel, Fenn, and other interceptors ruled, but this is a low-agi, bomb-heavy Meta, and the PS is likely to be more helpful. With Boba being so control heavy, you need someone to push damage through. IG is your only option there on this list, so I've optimized him for pure damage output (minus crackshot.) For the tactician, stress is a pretty hard counter to half the big bad lists right now (no advanced sensors on Nym, no expertise, no easy flying on FSR, Miranda either doesn't get actions or doesn't go fast, etc.) That combined with his large-based dual-arc nature makes Boba a natural carrier for it. Conversely, even though he is PS 10, Boba doesn't have the maneuverability to really throw his bomblet in people's faces. It's more there to keep people out of wherever he just was (important for 2-hard turns, as if they go where he was, he can't shoot them and they can probably shoot him.)
  4. Eruletho

    PS11 Han Perfect for the meta?

    Not have taken 8 damage in 1 round? The ARC list was being played by someone who has pretty much only flown ARCs since they came out, and he got Nym dead on between rocks and pounded him before I could really get in on them. He lived for 3 rounds after that, but couldn't get a good bomb off and never got a modified shot (having to boost or BR each turn.) Maybe a different engagement would have helped, but it would've been really tough either way. Han Solo (Original) (46) -VI (1) -Rey (2) -C3PO (3) -Engine Upgrade (4) -Falcon Title (Original) (1) Miranda Doni (29) -TLT (6) -Sabine (2) -Bomblet (3) -Vectored Thrusters (2) 99 points vice 100, better survivability on the wingmate, harder target priority (Han is an auto-kill in HaNym, not so much with Miranda alive,) better damage from the bombs (but less control over where it lands) and probably better damage output from the bomber... I like Miranda more, and was actually thinking about that last night. As I said before, the guy is an ARC pro (he later stomped the same MiranDash list I beat, played by a different player.) His list was something like this: Norra -Tail Gunner -R2D2 (droid) -Title -Vectored Thrusters Thane -+Pilot Talent Droid -Squad Leader -Jyn Erso -Vectored Thrusters -Title Braylen -R3-A2 -Tactician -Title If you shoot Norra or Braylen first, Thane has SO MANY actions to give out that every attack the squad makes is double-modified. He flew in a loose line all about half of range 1 from Thane (in the middle) and just pounds forward steadily. The only reason I even killed Thane is Han kept bumping Norra, keeping the tail gunner from wrecking me.
  5. Eruletho

    PS11 Han Perfect for the meta?

    I went 2-1 last night with the following: Han Solo (Original) -VI -Rey -C3PO -Engine Upgrade -Falcon Title (Original) Nym -Bomblet -Havoc -Genius -Autoblaster Turret -Engine Upgrade -VI -Advanced Sensors So, Toxic Nym and VI Han with Rey. First game I got stomped on by 3 ARC-170's (super-stress-giving Braylen (stressbot and tactician), Action-god T-named guy with squad leader and Jyn, and regen Norra.) Wasn't really close until toward the end. First round of combat I got 2 shields off Braylen and Nym had 2 hull remaining. The rest of the game saw Han running away from all 3 ARCs and killing Braylen and the Action-guy before going 1-health left vs a full-hp Norra. Second game was against a Rey Miranda (Standard super-Rey with Expertise and 3PO Miranda.) The first turn I only had Rey, so I traded her shields for Nym's and planted a bomb for later use. The following turn I charge Miranda and ignore Rey, who sloops to range 3 of Han and does nothing as I take Miranda to 4 hull left, and I hold the earlier bomb again. The next turn I add a bomb near the first and continue chasing Miranda, while Rey comes down to inside range 1 of both bombs. She eats 3 hits and a crit from the bombs, flipping Blinded Pilot, while Han and Nym dunk more damage on Miranda and Nym drops to a few hull left. I dropped another bomb and continued the chase, and Rey flew down and took another 2 hits from the new bomb. Nym and Han both shoot Rey to try to PS kill her and deal 1 of her remaining 3 damage, and then Nym gets dropped to 1 remaining. The following turn I do a daring 3-bank toward the board edge with Nym, planting me in range 1 of both enemy ships, and poop out the final bomb of the game, which (after Han flies out of it's range) does hit-crit to Rey for the kill, hit-hit to Miranda to take her shields back off, and hit-crit to Nym for the kill. Freaking 12 damage on 4 bombs. Han then kites Miranda for a few rounds and finishes her before losing half health. Final game against Dash with LW Rey (no boost) and Miranda with Sabine, bomblet, TLT, cluster, and EM. First few rounds we both go slow to bank focus, then I DIVE in with Nym, going from out of range to in range 1 of both in 1 round. I put damage on Miranda and he splits fire, taking a shield or two from both. The intricate details of this game are foggier, but Miranda died in 3 turns, Nym narrowly dodged the clusters, and eventually Nym died shortly before Dash, Han still had a shield left at game end. I like PS 11 Han, and can't think of any way to manipulate this list without losing something.
  6. Eruletho

    Another IG-88D crew question....

    For best results, pair Asajj with Engine Upgrade with IG-88C. Or Dengar+Engine Upgrade and IG-C. Or really any ship + engine upgrade with IG-C
  7. Eruletho

    Omega leader and no modify rule

    Fair enough, i stand corrected
  8. Eruletho

    Omega leader and no modify rule

    I would like to point out that Adding DICE, like Finn, is perfectly fine, as it isn't modifying dice. However, it makes Finn essentially useless, as he adds a blank result that can then not be modified, so it stays blank. However, abilities like Eaden Vrill, Backstabber, and Pure Sabaac still work, as they add dice. So would Outmaneuver and Wedge Antilles, as they remove dice.
  9. Eruletho

    IG-88B and Gunner

    My particular version used Moralo to abuse the 180 degree arc, I boosted to side-by-side with a ghost, he had an autoblaster turret so at most I could take 2 damage. I shot his rex first for the miss, then dealt 7 damage to the ghost (range 1 and mangler.) He elected to shoot IG-88 instead (who also dealt 2-3 damage that round to the same ghost.) IG-88B -Autothrusters -FCS -HLC -Glitterstim -A Debt to Pay (crits on HLC shots? sure) Moralo -Mangler -Dengar -Gunner -IG-88D -Engine Upgrade
  10. Eruletho


    I took this pairing, although not these exact upgrades, to GenCon a couple years ago. While I didn't make it to the second day, I feel like it's a potentially powerful combo brought down by the general mediocrity of the Firespray. I too used VI on both, and engine upgrade on Fett, but the shadowcaster wasn't out yet, so Boba was cannon-free and had a different crew member (maybe recon spec? it's been a few years) [EDIT] Having gotten home and gained access to my squad builder, this is what I'd probably run now-a-days (and want to try next week) Boba Fett (50) -Vet Instincts -Andrasta -Bomblet generator -Engine Upgrade -Tactician -Rigged Cargo Chute IG-88B (50) -VI -HLC -FCS -Autothrusters -Glitterstim Boba, oddly enough, is primarily used for control, being a large base ship with built in rerolls and the evade action, he spends his time distributing stress and controlling the engagement with bombs and his cargo chute while still dealing damage due to his main gun. IG is the killer, abusing Boba's control to set up attack runs with his hyper-accurate HLC. The biggest issue I had with my previous version of the list (Andrasta, the bombs, and the chute were instead seismic charges on both pieces) was Boba's inconsistend damage output. With the Tactician, he was still a threat, but IG was the only one dealing any damage. With the IG-B gunner into ion cannon in your version, I feel you'll suffer even more than that with reduced capability to issue control (ion realistically doesn't do much to Falcons/Dash/Jumps/Decimators/Shuttles, unlike stress.) The only thing I think I'd consider dropping, honestly, is the glitter on IG, as I tend to blow it early, and typically my opponent can play around it (targeting Boba that round instead, for example) and it could bid me down to 98.
  11. I played the 3 azti tactician breach expertise list tonight and absolutely dunked a DeNym list. I lost one azti toward the end to a nearly dead Nym. Its scary effecient, and shuts down anyone who cant handle stress
  12. Eruletho

    IG-88B and Gunner

    Question of the day: How can I make a ship that is allowed to hit with two attacks per turn that is not a TLT carrier in the scum faction? Answer: IG-88B kitted out however you want, and IG-88D Crew on a ship that is also carrying Gunner. Currently only works on one ship in the scum faction: The Hound's Tooth, which is perfect because it also requires a cannon slot, which the tooth provides. So I set up my list, Moralo to really milk that cannon, IG-D, Gunner, Dengar (to purposefully miss the first shot and do better on the other 2) and IG-88B as the second ship with whatever. Moralo goes to shoot. At whatever range, he uses the Mangler (could be primary, but why not.) He rolls whatever he rolls, Dengars down to (hopefully) no hits. Now his attack missed, and we are on step 9 of the timing chart. Gunner and IG-88B both trigger here. Gunner says you make a primary attack, and may not attack again. IG-88B says you make a secondary weapon attack, with no caveat of attacking twice. I choose to trigger both abilities off my single missed shot, and resolve IG-88B's first. IG-88D, channeling IG-88B, sends the second mangler cannon shot out, this time Dengar for more hits. Attack hits, deals damage, back to step 9, resolve the other ability from the first attack. Gunner sends out the primary shot, which is also Dengar'd for hits (dude is putting in work today) and deals more damage. This seemingly broken combo went 4-0 in a tourney on Friday, dealing 7 damage to a range 1 ghost in a single round from a single ship in one of the games (after shooting a range 3 Rex with a primary to miss.) The real question, and the reason it's posted here, is this: Does anything anywhere prevent this from happening?
  13. Eruletho

    Imperial Dog Walkers

    Based loosely on Paul's first and second worlds lists, I am trying to Make Imperials Great Again, using some of their new toys along with their old stand-bys. Omega Leader (21) -Juke (2) -Comm Relay (3) Sienar Specialist (17) -Twin Laser Turret (6) -Lightweight Frame (2) Sienar Specialist (17) -Twin Laser Turret (6) -Lightweight Frame (2) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) Basic idea is I have a total of 5 ships that are decently hard to kill. OL should do his normal hard to hit, annoying thing as my ace; the TLT's and number of basic guns should help against Nym and other 1-agi lists, the academies can block PS10 Imp lists and Dengar, and I can possibly survive a joust with (and definitely out-maneuver) FSR. Any thoughts?
  14. Discordia in Bremerton, WA held it's store championship last night. Seeing how I hadn't played in nearly a month and before that had been running exclusively 3x T-70, I decided to go with what I knew: Nien Numb with SnapShot, Integrated R3-A2, Black One, and Pattern Analyzer, Ello Asty with Predator and Integraded R2 Astromech, and Jess Pava with Pattern Analyzer and Integrated M9-G8. Game 1 against David Lassarre running Howlrunner, Zeta Leader with crackshot, and 4x BSP w/ crackshot. I funneled him into the debris and traded 2 shields for 2 hull on one tie, who spent his crack. 2 rounds later 1 black was dead, both Nien and Jess were on 1 hull, but I was behind him. I killed Zeta and two more blacks from behind before he whirled around and finished Nien, then Jess. Ello finished out the game, killing Howl then the final black for a 100-66 win. Game 2 against Todd Knapp, running standard Rey, and Norra with the title, Jyn, experimental, R5-P9, and adaptability. First two rounds we maneuvered and traded 2 shields on Norra for 1 on Nien. Rey jumped into my face, and i promptly erased her shields, put 2 damage and a major hull breach on her while Norra turned away from the fight and Jess took all her shields and a damaged sensor array. I trolled and took Rey down to 1, including a blinded pilot, then chased her down with Nien while turning everyone else to position on Norra. Rey goes down as Norra comes back in at full health, Jess is trying to clear her crit while Nien and Ello engage Norra. I nuke her down in exchange for some shields on Nien for a 100-0 win. Game 3 against Andrew Bunn (Worlds top8.) He ran classic Old Fennaroo. He sets Fenn up to feign jousting as Manaroo and Oldy race down their side of the board. By turn 3 I’m in Fenn’s starting corner facing his other corner, Old and Manaroo are near center coming to me, and Fenn has turned around in his other corner. I bring everyone in to engage, and he maneuvers Fenn to run while Teroch and Manna come in. I stress him with Nien, strip Manaroo’s shields and some hull in exchange for shields on Nien and Jess. Manaroo turns away as I chase, Teroch gives Nien a stress snapshot, Jess T-rolls to chase, and Ello bumps Manaroo as Fenn keeps trying to come back in, but he’s too close to scrap and always stressed. No matter, Ello puts 2 damage on Teroch while Manaroo gets stripped to 1 hull. We keep the dance going, Ello bumps Manaroo again, Teroch dodges the snap, and I trade Nien for Manaroo and a console fire on a double stressed Teroch. I chase Teroch as Fenn finally gets into potshot range on Jess (he misses) and Ello and Teroch bump. Console fire whiffs the first round, but hits the second and Teroch eats it. Ello turns to engage Fenn as Jess (on 2 hp) runs around a rock and locks Fenn for M9-G8. Ello and Fenn trade shots, Ello eating 3 out of 5 hits (M9 saved him from a crit) and dropping a damaged engine and console fire on Fenn in exchange. We all T-roll, Fenn barely doesn’t have a shot, and Ello finished him for the 100-64 win. Game 4 against Jeff Raiford running Attanni Asajj with Latts, Fenn and Teroch. We set up in a straight joust with Fenn slightly off to the side. Turn 2 I make the decision to break to the side to engage Fenn instead of Teroch and Asajj. Jess lands on a rock, Asajj flies right down my throat, Nien clears Asajj while Ello ends up right in front of her, Teroch bumps Nien, and Fenn lands right in front of Nien. Nien snaps, then eats 3 damage from Fenn while he and Ello trade for 2 back to him and Asajj stresses Jess, who is now not able to get to the fight. Asajj runs to my board edge as Ello and Nien 4k, Jess blocks half of Fenn’s dial, Teroch hard turns right behind Jess, and Fenn breaks right in front of Ello and Nien. Nien whiffs, Ello puts a console fire on Fenn, and Teroch and Asajj take Jess' shields and stress her again. Asajj turns to me again, Jess keep barely moving with bumps but lines up a shot on Fenn, Ello turns toward Asajj and Nien turns to shoot Fenn, who advances up the board and clears stress. Nien is dropped to 1 with no stress-bot, Teroch takes a shot from Ello for 2 damage, and everyone else whiffs. I block Fenn’s T-roll with Nien as everyone else turns to finish him and Teroch moves to escape. Fenn dies to the console fire, so Ello takes a shot of opportunity and pings another off Teroch while Teroch and Asajj finish Jess off. Nien K-turns out of Asajj's range and Ello turns to chase her as Teroch and Asajj tear off after Nien, and nobody does any damage. The following turn I snapshot Teroch to death and trade him for shields on Asajj. Ello chases Asajj around for a couple turns, we both end up on 1 hull (though i still have r2) and Ello finally puts her down, 100-66 win for me, and entry to top 4. Top 4 vs Paul Adler running another Old Fennaroo, this Manaroo has cargo chute and APL instead of the normal set-up. We set up in the familiar toilet bowl as I chase Fenn all the way into his corner. Manaroo turns in as Teroch and Fenn both jockey to flank, trading 3 of her shields for 1 of Nien’s. The next turn Nien bumps her and loses another shield while Ello and Jess strip her last shield and bring her to 3 hull left with a ps0 crit. Meanwhile Nien loses his shields and R3-A2 to a double damage crit from Teroch. Jess turns to confront Teroch as Nien and Ello follow Manaroo, who dropped her scrap to no effect. Nien finishes Manaroo and Jess puts a hit and a major hull breach on Teroch. I flip everyone around, and my opponent calls Nien’s move perfectly with Fenn, putting him on range 1 out of my arc and killing Nien. Everyone falls back a bit to regroup, some potshots are exchanged, and the next furball sees two shieldless X-Wings against half health Teroch and full health Fenn. I managed to get Fenn to bump for a turn so Ello and Jess can finish Teroch, then they both whip around and put the final blows on Fenn. 100-64 win for me and on to the finals. Final match against Kyle Meidel running Asajj with Glitterstim, Crackshot, Burnout Slam, Latts, the title, and Gyroscpe, and two TLT Thugs with Agromechs. The thugs set up center, I set slightly left to try to engage them early, and Asajj sets up further from the Thugs than from me. At the end of the first two rounds Jess manages to be barely in range 3 of the TLTs, and trades 1 shield on a Y-wing for all of hers. I swing down to chase where I think the TLTs are going to go, but they break away and Asajj comes in instead. That round I trade Jess for one shield, the Glitter, and two stress from Asajj. Asajj runs as the TLTs start to follow her, and Nien and Ello cut down the center and into range 1 with one of the Y's. Nien losses his shields to a potshot from Asajj and the other TLT as my X-wings lay into the un-damaged Y, dropping it to 1 hull. He tries to gun it with the Y's as both X-wings T-roll to right behind them, Asajj slams away to come back into the fight. Nien finishes off the first Y and Ello strips the other's shields, but Nien eats two more damage from the other Y, who is now nearly range 3 from both X's. I give chase as fast as possible, with Nien right behind the Y and Ello out at range 3. Asajj, meanwhile, swings back in. Nien puts a couple of hull down on the Y, Ello whiffs, Asajj finishes Nien and the TLT takes 2 shields off Ello. The next round, Ello tries to chase down the Y but takes it one hull from death, Asajj takes Ello down to 1 and the TLt finishes it, 26-100 loss. Over all, I think a 5-1 run in a 23-man store championship isn't a bad showing for triple T-70, especially facing the hard-counter of the Crackswarm and TLTs, and the super-meta of Fenn Teroch Something with Attanni.
  15. Eruletho

    Are triple T70's viable?

    Ended up at the top table in a 23 person tourney, went 5-1 overall for a second place finish. On the way there I beat a crackswarm, a Rey+Norra combo, an Asajj-Feen-Teroch mindlink list, and two Old Fennaroos before losing to Asajj with 2 TLT Agrothugs in the final. For more detail, After over 25 games with this list or it's previous incarnation, I have only never used Black One. I can't think of a 1-point upgrade that would fit in any of the other slots that may be worth it, except maybe Primed Thrusters on Ello