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  1. When I started flying the Republic list, I actually thought that the Imperial list was actually better... then I realized just how little damage it actually dealt. It was REALLY bad, no matter what approach I tried to take. At least with the Republic, I can do some damage, especially with Proton Torps. I think the reinforce on Jag is going to come down to potential incoming damage. If I'm only looking at 1 or 2 shots, the focus would be better to just lay on some offense. If he's staring down 5 or 6 shots, that's a potential 5 or 6 damage I can stave off. Throwing the torpedoes down somethings throat should give me a decent enough start that I might be able to pull something out... maybe.
  2. I got my lists last night, and after playing over 30 games against the AI of Fly Casual, finally decided on one over the other as the (slightly) better option. Let me know if you have any tips for flying this mess - I certainly could use the help!
  3. More than a little overdue, this post is regarding a Hyperspace event that happened before all Corona broke loose in the U.S., on the 7th of March. The First Order's finest aces take on various other factions in an attempt to prove their superiority, and they don't do half-bad. Read it here, and as always, let me know what you think!
  4. Friendly games, go for it. Local tournaments, unofficial stuff, maybe even Store Championships, if I'm the TO and you bring it up before the event, then I'm probably good with it. Models are expensive, though if the player has the dials, presumably they have the ships, since those are the only bits that are 1-1 in the pack other than the model themselves. Maybe they have a specially painted RZ1, whatever, just talk to me before-hand. Larger events (like Hyperspace Trials / System Open, etc.,) you'll have to have the actual ship. Casual games and tournies for bragging rights, sure. Anything with a prize? No way. For any sort of tracked tournament with a prize, even if it isn't an FFG kit, you have to have the right dials.
  5. Fresh on the heels of my last Tournament report comes another Travelling Circus. This time, I'm in sunny Florida, at an awesome store in Melbourne, Florida called Get Your Fun On. If you want to see how Fel and his friends fare against even more unexpected lists than last time, then give it a read and let me know what you think!
  6. I'm back! I finally got in a few solid rounds of X-Wing over the last couple of weeks, and will be documenting them as before. My return to the competitive scene happened at 513 Gaming in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a newly modified version of the classic Circus. Check it out, and let me know what you think!
  7. Sorry this took so long to get back to - I've been on a bit of a forced hiatus. I chose the largest obstacles I had available - I've lost my Force Awakens huge asteroid - because I feel like I can fly around them with relative ease. Rather than approach as a swarm, I tend to treat my squad as 3 separate elements, and the larger obstacles help to hem in my opponents between those elements. It's fairly easy to duck between 3 TIEs and the mustache rock, but another thing entire to dodge the largest asteroid in the game and my close-in TIEs. Justin actually went the traditional route with 3 of the smallest available obstacles, but the squad placement and engagements both games took us to my choices instead of his (you can see his small rock is marked by a blue sticker in one of the top 4 game's images.)
  8. That Grevious is INTENSE! I love the color scheme!
  9. IMHO, the reason this card is so conservatively priced is Emporer Palpatine. He can take it, use it to give out 2 surge tokens (great for Stormtrooper defense or Shoretrooper offense) and then refresh it for free at the end of his activation. He can also still refresh Force Reflexes when he does This, which Luke, Vader, and Kenobi can not do. This use far outweighs what the other factions can do with it, and probably is why it is so high in cost.
  10. How well do the arms stay in the torso without glue? I dont have the CW starter but the imperial models i've built all felt like they'd stay together on the table and being moved around without glue. Maybe you could just stick in the desired arms each game?
  11. My opponent and I both agreed that his list has issues in listbuilding. He ran Combined Fire and 5 Vader cards, so had absolutely no cards for Fett, or any contingency for Vader dying that early. He also played Vader way too forward, deploying him right by my army, scouting up, moving up and saber throwing my bikes, then dodging. Everything else was a long march away. I am definitely going to run this list again though.
  12. Played my 2nd game this year tonight, and used a small variation from the Bossk/Veers Reddit helped me with last week. I dropped Bossk after the lizard did nothing for me, in favor of focusing pretty much entirely on what Veers brought to the table. General Veers (Commanding Presence, Electrobinoculars) Imperial Officer (Strict Orders, Electrobinoculars) 4x Stormtroopers (DLT, Targeting Scopes) 2x Shoretroopers (Shoretrooper, T-21B, Targeting Scopes) 2x Speeder Bike 796 points, 10 activations I played against an Imperial Officer backed up by Operatives Vader and Fett, a moderately-loaded AT-ST, and 3 stormies squads with DLT. It was a total bloodbath in my favor. Long March coupled with Darkness Descends meant Vader ate my entire squads fire and died in a single round, when I used Coordinated Fire. The second round, the AT-ST moved onto a central ridge and ate fire from a bike and 5 trooper units and also died. By that time, I had a wound on a bike, and no other losses. Fett tried his best, but when he died at the start of round 5, I had lost 3 Shoretrooper models and 3 bike models. It was absolutely insane the aim efficiency I had, the white dice felt like black dice, and the black dice felt red. 5 aim tokens from 2 activations is silly, and Pinned Down is an awesome card with 2 units of bikes in the rear of your opponents line. Maximum Firepower resulted in a single damage to Fett late in turn 4, but it tipped him over the edge for my troopers to clean him up in round 5. I played Coordinated Fire, Evasive Maneuvers, Pinned Down, Maximum Firepower, and Imperial Discipline, in that order. On Long March, Commanding Presence meant Veers in the center of my forces could still reach the bikes on both wings, which made them crazy effective as harassment to my opponents commander and corps. It took a bike unit, both shores, and 3 stormie units to punch through Vaders 2 surge and 2 dodge tokens, red die, and 7 health; but with the first couple of shots having an aim token, and later shots having 2 or even 3 aim tokens, it happened. All my troopers and the other set of bikes nuked the AT-ST through crit-fishing in turn 2, while the bikes that hit Vader nearly wiped a stormie unit off the board in 1 shot (only the leader survived.) Before it died, the AT-ST put 4 damage on Veers and forced him to fall back, delaying his massive shot. Boba moved onto a tower in the center and started taking shots, and dodged far more effectively than the other big units, but couldn't dent my forces fast enough. Once he went down, my opponent called it, since I still had 9 unit leaders to his 4 (including the leader from the decimated stormie squad that was trying to punch my final bike in melee,) and a strong grasp on all 3 key positions.
  13. If you're only getting one, I think the tank is the right choice. The AT-ST shines with a pilot from the tank, and has a hard time making up its points without it. I've heard nothing but positive reviews from the tank. That said, I use neither. I would put the money into specialists and operatives instead.
  14. Looking forward to reading it! Until then, here's my report from the Gardner, MA HST. It's possibly the last blogged outing for the Circus for a while, but it's a good one!
  15. I second shores. The have the range of storms, hit harder than snows, and their mortar can be used as fire support for anything on your team.
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