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  1. Not Chico, a different Chris Brown.
  2. You can fit more ships in by losing the bombs, bombardiers, and Ruthless from the bombers. Slim it enough, and more than an Academy can be added. 2.0 Fel works best as a flanker when there is a lot of danger poised by focusing on him and ignoring the rest of the list. I flew him with 4 barrage Scimitar recently, and am currently 5-1 with that list.
  3. I'm aware. Chris called the score over, and when I tried to correct it to 200-37, he re-emphasized it as 200-0.
  4. I realized recently that I have posted roughly once a week, with a blog-titled topic, and gotten only a couple replies. Most of those topics drift slowly down the front page (a couple of them are still there!) and never generate much conversation. Instead, they tend to just point people toward something to read and then never comment on. Rather than continue that, I am going to simply keep this one thread up, posting new comments on it when new articles come out. Last week, I didn't advertise my post at all, so this time I have 2 articles to share, one of Separatists, and one for Imperials. let me know what you think!
  5. Sounds like they did their jobs then! Did you end up winning with the Jedi? If so, the GST's sacrifice was worth it.
  6. Tactical Officer is probably the 2nd best 2pt upgrade in the game. It makes your specific U-wing the best support platform in the game, as he can remove 1 stress per turn, coordinate an action to an ally, and have all red moves be white every 3 turns. Keep it. Honestly, the change I would make would be to unload the B-Wings a bit by removing their upgrades and upgrading your A-Wing to a more potent ship like an Ion VTG Norra or just Wedge.
  7. Also might as well not exist in the faction that can take them
  8. We actually held a QB event a few months ago. What we did was double the threat of each build as points (so a 2-threat x-wing was worth 2 points) then just scored half of that (so, original threat) as half points. It worked somewhat, but afterward we discussed a couple tweaks and this is what we'll do in the future: - Each QB card's threat is quadrupled for points purposes. (So one of the dual-IG builds that cost 6 threat are worth 24 points total) - Scoring half-health on a single-ship QB card earns half points for the build (so double the original cost of the build, so 4 points for a 2-threat x-wing) - Scoring half-health on a single ship from a 2 ship QB card earns 1/4 points from the card (so half-pointing the shuttle from a Ghost/Phantom card would give you the original cost of the card in points. Half-healthing both ships, or killing one, would be worth 1/2 the total points, killing one and half-healthing the other would be worth 3/4 (or 3x original cost) and killing both gets you the full points) - Games are worth 32 points, and can be dumped into cryodex (or most other tournament management systems) as such and get accurate enough MOV to not matter.
  9. Need assistance with a ruling. Ahsoka starts her turn ionized with 2 force. She completes the ion maneuver without bumping. Can she utilize her pilot ability and/or Fine-Tuned Controls?
  10. I took a list of Imperial I5-6 aces against a 4 round tournament in the name of fun and a ludicrous prize table. Fel, Whisper, Mauler, and Maarek, each with a single defining upgrade. It went pretty well, all told, but the CIS are VERY potent. I think the Imperials have to branch out from what people typically play in order to compete in the new meta environment, especially once people figure out how to bring down 4Sigma consistently. Check out my report of the tournament Here!
  11. This is probably the most popular Resistance list out there. Typically, all 4 ships have Heroic, and SOMETIMES the A-Wings will have crack shot as well. 195 with all heroic and no crack's is a decent bid for I5, and if you lose it, the A-Wings can just block. This list is running the tables across multiple countries. Try it out!
  12. As an avid Fel flier, the news that he's hyperspace legal immediately had me looking for lists. I don't know if there's enough in the faction for Hyperspace to give his wingmen the bulk he wants. Fel works best if the enemy squad is too busy chewing on the rest of your list to notice him. I have had the best success in extended with Defenders, Shuttles, Punishers, and (weirdly) TIE Adv Prototypes. None of that is Hyperspace legal. Out of TIEs, regular Advanceds, bombers, strikers, and reapers, there's nothing there that gives me hope. That said, my current ideal HS list for him looks like this: Soontir Fel with Predator (54) Darth Vader with FCS (67) Scimitar Squadron Pilot with Barrage Rockets (37) Scimitar Squadron Pilot with Barrage Rockets (37) 195/200 Not much of a bid, but with I6's, hopefully I won't need much. 12 health of bomber can be pretty chunky for your opponent to chew on, and I incentivized attacking them by giving them rockets that hit harder if they are allowed to be focused when they attack. Vader will lead them as an element, with Fel as a flanker. This should let Vader's element distract the enemy team long enough to get Fel behind them, and hopefully the 2 Aces dunk something before it gets to fire (or at least before round 2 with the rocket follow-up)
  13. I would try something along the lines of this. Wedge can bump either Norra or Corran up to Init 6 to fire. Corran doubles down on his bullseye to convert hits to crits, since you'll be gunning for those bullseye arc shots anyway. Norra loses the tail gunner, you'll not often have an enemy in both arcs to make it worth the initiative bid you can get instead. Considering you're at Init 5 on 2 pilots, I personally would drop the chopper-elusive combo on Norra for another 5 points of bid, 189 is fairly comfortable when Resistance 5s, Boba/Guri, and all the other initiative 5 pilots are around.
  14. I came up with a version of this too, before I noticed that a V-19 fits in with 4 104th and promptly discarded my efforts at 4ARC: "Sinker" (54) Squad Seven Veteran with Clone Commander Cody (50) "Jag" (49) Squad Seven Veteran (47) 200/200 Basic premise was to use the named abilities to buff the squad. They share the same Initiative, so they can PS-delete a lesser ship (like an Init 2 ARC or a couple of droids) and bump in whichever order is required against aces and jedi/sith. CCC would shoot first, to weaken the list for the others if he missed (though I wouldn't use rerolls to make that happen.)
  15. So firstly, life is stupid sometimes. As such, I happen to be able to make another event or 2 that I didn't expect to make. There's a moderately large event in Kitsap tomorrow, and I've built 3 lists for consideration. I'm torn, however, as I don't know which to fly. The event is Extended, but with clones and droids recently out, I'm expecting a disproportionately large showing from those factions over the others. Our local meta is also skewed toward the fun, away from most top meta lists (with a couple notable exceptions.) With all of that in mind, here are my lists: Imperial (current favorite, but completely untested) Soontir Fel with Predator (54) Maarek Stele with FCS (48) Whisper with Juke (59) "Mauler" Mithel with Crack Shot (33) 194/200 Republic (most recently practiced with those ships, but probably the underdog in the meta) Anakin Skywalker in 7B with R4 Astromech (80) Obi-Wan Kenobi in 7B with R4 Astromech (72) 104th Battalion Pilot (42) 194/200 Resistance (not practiced recently, but the ships are proven and it's the most swarm-y) Red Squadron Expert with Heroic, Jamming Beam, and Integrated S-Foils (49) Red Squadron Expert with Heroic, Jamming Beam, and Integrated S-Foils (49) Green Squadron Expert (34) Green Squadron Expert (34) Green Squadron Expert (34) 200/200 I'm very torn. The Imperial list has the initiative to take down most of the meta, but I haven't flown a 2.0 Phantom at all, generally dislike the Advanced, and don't trust generic TIEs. I put it together to give Fel some more firing arcs and beef in the soon-to-be swarm-dominated meta (2 or 3 players are virtually guaranteed to bring CIS swarms.) The Republic list would be a challenge, but the Delta 7B has proven itself for me over the last few weeks, and I'm somewhat comfortable with it (not as much as the Interceptor or T70, but still.) The Resistance swarm I haven't flown yet, but the component ships are very familiar to me, and their Initiative beats 5Yion and CISwarm, and can block the Phantom Menaces (Maul and Sigma Squadron Phantoms.) I was wondering what the Pilots of Reddit thought of each list, and which they would personally take, and why? Also, if you live in the Kitsap, Washington area, there's 8 slots left for the event. Search Facebook for the "Poe Dameron Classic" put on by KitsapStarWars.
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