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  1. Pages 75 to 77 of Rogue Star by Andy Hoare describe what happened when a bulk carrier make a “tiny miscalculation” during a jump into the Warp. The spreading Warp influence from the disintegrating starship that covered inhabited areas caused humans to go insane. The big “I” sent a strike force to purify a moon and a continent.
  2. I got an e-mail this week from Amazon.com that said the new release for the Koronus Bestiary is now in mid-January 2013.
  3. crisaron said: The BC book quality is crap, the binding breaks after a dozen use. I guess they need to find a new supplier or that something similar is happening. Ladies and Gentlemen: I do have to admit I know completely nothing about the publishing industry, but this is one small observation I have gained from buying newly released RPG material. During a period of time both before and after I moved to the city where I currently reside (around mid-2003), I was faithfully following another RPG that was published by a different company. Company X posted its shipping updates on its website in two-month intervals - i.e. January/February, March/April, etc. I soon came to learn that when product #23-A was announced to be available for shipping in the March/April interval I should be expecting to get it after the May/June interval ended. There always seems to be delays between the announced release date of a new RPG supplement and when it actually gets into your hand, but this could be true of any industry. My RT core RPG book is quite lacking in resilience. It is not holding up to the small amount of use I have put it through. The pages are ready to fall out of the binding.
  4. If we are going to be launching a pun war, please take a lesson from the masters (from the motion picture Wild Wild West): You will need to copy and paste into the address line of your web browser.
  5. Stronghold2


    Here is an excerpt from page 37 of the book "Star Precinct" by Kevin Randle and Richard Driscoll (It is a description of a starship that is also the one hundred seventh space precinct). This short section of the book really gives the scale of the size of the ship a rogue trader dynasty operates. It also gives a grand description of the multitude of peoples who crew and occupy it. “That was the thing about the 107th. It was more than just a police precinct. It was a city drifting in space, following a prescribed orbit through several inhabited solar systems. They sometimes were pulled off their routine to handle special assignments. But the 107th employed people who were not involved in police work. They were the cooks, the sanitation workers, those who owned the stores, the boutiques, the vid centers, the gaming centers, and the bars. There were those who maintained the ship, who navigated, who piloted, and who controlled it. There were the researchers who staffed the various libraries and research centers, who operated the communications center, and who serviced all the electronics. A large part of the population was lab technicians, forensic experts, medical examiners, and other specialists whose job was the study of evidence gathered by the patrol officers and investigators. There were even those who seemed to have no function in the 107th but who wandered the corridors, and who lived on the very edge of society. And there was the dark side. The holding cells, the prison facility, and the morgue. Only about ten percent of the people of the 107th were Star Cops. The 107th was a modern city that floated through space to provide a service to the planets that couldn’t afford the technology, or the expertise, that was required of a modern police force.” The above description gave me a great idea for running a campaign with a Rogue Trader who has received her Warrant of Trade from the Adeptus Arbites in order to hunt down the recidivists who flee beyond the God-Emporer's boundaries. This idea came to me independently from "Legacy" by Matthew Farrer - though that would be a great back story where Shira Calpurnia receives the Phrax Warrant of Trade from the Inquisition and has to restart the Phrax dynasty as punishment for her failures. If you allow hoards of mutants who should be put to the holy flames of promethium to crawl around the starship's sub-basement, who is to say you cannot have families of crewmembers, destitute pilgrims taking up the Aquila (see The Blessed Apostles of Saint Asceline on pages 94 to 95 of RT: Edge of the Abyss), illegitimate children, lurking cultists, undocumented stowaways or immigrants (see "Innocence Proves Nothing" by Sandy Mitchell), refugees, machine cultists who think your arecheotech plasma drive is the center of galactic understanding, and the homeless (like the lurker population on the television show "Babylon 5") on board your vessel. The local lurkers could need safe water to drink and tap a water line to get it. This would explain why the Inquisitor Lord Kryptmann barges into your dynasty's staff meeting with a bolter pistol in his hand and his hair full of shampoo suds... You have to remember your starship's economy has the people who own and operate the businesses and entertainment venues on board, not to mention any criminal syndicates with their "piece of the action." Your Rogue Trader literally is the mayor of a floating city in space with all of its populations and problems. The crew could complain about the long delays in transportation from their quarters to their workstations or that the last crew intake was from a prison and the crime rates have gone up. What happens when you find the Arch-Militant from the Angevin Crusade frozen in the cryogenic storage tubes in sector 7G? Anybody here who has the courage to press the defrost button, step right on up! What about the millionaire playboy who dresses up like a flying rodent to terrorize the corrupt dynasty who operates the starship in revenge for killing his parents who were the rightful heirs to the Warrant of Trade? There are an infinite number of stories that could come from your starship and what lurks in its dark corners.
  6. Here are some sources of good Rogue Trader information from Warhammer 40K material: The Rogue Trader series by Andy Hoare: (Rogue Trader, Star of Damocles, and Savage Scars) A Rogue Trader and his two feuding offspring (all three are Rogue Traders) try to salvage their failing dynasty by going to the edge of the Imperium of Man to engage in endeavors. Basically focuses on Rogue Traders, but an Astropath, a Void-Master (Spacecraft), and a Void-Master (Small Craft) are present in a minor fashion. Profit mongering and intrigue abound when they join up with various military endeavors. There is mentioning of ship’s components as well. The dynasty has three ill-repaired vessels: one cruiser and two light cruisers. Shira Calpurnia novel number two: Legacy by Matthew Farrer Various private and public factions (including a Navigator House) unite for their own profit to back the legitimate heir in his claim to a Warrant of Trade. The former Rogue Trader’s staff (basically all Seneschals and one Arch-Militant) put forth their own heir in order to keep control of the Warrant of Trade in the dynasty’s hands. The Adeptus Arbites have to into resort to extreme actions when intrigue turns into violence while they settle the competing claims. Eisenhorn Xenos, Malleus, and Hereticus by Dan Abnett. The traveling merchant Tobius Maxilla is the master of the Isolde-pattern bulk clipper “Essene”. He is something of a rogue and smuggler who likes and deals with the finer things in life. Maxilla is a good pattern for a smuggling rogue trader. Double Eagle by Dan Abnett This book is an excellent read about flight combat operations and good source material for Void-Masters with the small craft specialization. Shira Calpurnia novel number three: Blind by Matthew Farrer A space station suffers a murder of a high-ranking Imperial servant. It gives excellent background of what a ship or station in the void is like.
  7. Amazon.com just sent me an email stating that the release date for Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions will be pushed back until January 2012. The upcoming section for FFG’s website does not even list this product and I checked as of July 17, 2011.
  8. Only read into this what you will: I ordered Rogue Trader: Hostile Acquisitions from Amazon.com and I got a message from them stating that the release date for this book is now sometime in January 2012. I almost always get such a message from Amazon.com about how the release date for newly published material is being pushed back by a few weeks, but I have never had a message about the release date for newly published material being set back by a full SIX MONTHS. I have also ordered Rogue Trader: Xeno Compendium and it is almost time for this product to be released. I would not be surprised if I get another message stating the release date for Rogue Trader: Xeno Compendium is going to be pushed back into the first or second quarter of 2012. With the previous RPG I followed (that was published by another company-not Fantasy Flight Games), I learned that if the release date was March/April, then I would get my shipping confirmation sometime in June.
  9. Here is a perfect little side trek for your male Arch-Militant with a feminine name: Your Arch-Militant walks into a dark rundown tavern in the slum adjoining the star port. The flickers of poorly functioning electros illuminate the man in black who appears to suffer from the Folsom Prison blues as he plays cards at the rear table. He bears the strong resemblance to the faded black and white photograph of a younger man your mother kept. Your Arch-Militant walks the line as he approaches the gaming table and declares to the man in black “My name is Sue! How do you do! And now I am going to kill you!”
  10. What is the actual effect/benefit of the Talent Air of Authority that the Rogue Trader gets at character creation (page 41)? The rulebook (on page 94) and errata do not explain what this Talent does. The description just states whom it will affect and not what the effect(s) are. Air of Authority Prerequisites: Fellowship 30 The Explorer was born to command, either motivating or terrifying those under his charge. On a successful Command Test, the Explorer may affect a number of targets equal to 1d10 plus his Fellowship Bonus. This Talent has no effect on hostile targets, and only affects NPCs.
  11. On page 4 of the RT errata: Arms Coffer (page 143): The Arms Coffer can hold one of the following combinations of weapons: 1. Two Basic class weapons or 2. Four Pistol class weapons or 3. One Basic class weapon and two Pistol class weapons (One Basic class weapon takes up the same amount of space of two Pistol class weapons) The arms coffer can also hold up to four Basic class weapon magazines or eight Pistol class weapon magazines or any combination thereof – one Basic class weapon magazine will take up the same amount of space as two Pistol class weapon magazines.
  12. If you are looking for good background music, try sonic legends (http://www.sonic-legends.com/ or find them on www.rpgnow.com). The price is $2.99 (USD).
  13. Here are some ideas that I had for unique places on the Rogue Trader vessel: - Watching History Channel/Discovery Channel documentaries on life in submarines or aircraft carriers to find unique places on your vessel or to describe shipboard life. - Finding out about the components needed to make the International Space Station work. - Try looking at other science fiction sources to see what facilities they use in their starships. The television show Starhunter had an episode called “Blacklight”. The PCs’ bounty hunting vessel is a converted military ship and the contractors did a piss poor job of gutting all the material that was supposed to have been removed. They missed the entire cryogenics bay operated with archeotechnology and three sleep chambers filled with Arch-militants in cold storage. Now, who here wants to press the defrost button? One of these old soldiers gets loose on the ship and thinks that his vessel (now the PCs) has been taken over by the enemy from the last war. There are huge portions of the ship that are sealed off or just not used that a good gamemaster can hide all sorts of goodies/disasters in. Best to make these encounters both a boon and a bane: delusional high-powered soldier still fighting the last war on the loose could with the right role-playing be recruited as the ship’s new Arch-militant; not to mention all the cool ancient technology and secret knowledge hidden away in the cryogenics bay. The Star Trek: TOS episode “Space Seed” had the crew find a ship filled with cryogenically stored genetically enhanced people. If the PCs can keep these superhumans from taking over the ship, the lost knowledge on the ship or possessed by the superhumans could be quite valuable. If the PCs can keep the superhumans in suspended animation, there probably would be many factions that would like to get their hands on some genetically enhanced people as servants (with or without paying the PCs). Is there no ego driven Lord Captain that has not raised up some monument to himself/herself or their dynasty somewhere on their ship? Think tourist trap or Mount Rushmore. Try having a merchant bazaar on board like the Zocalo from Babylon 5 or The Promenade from Star Trek: DS9. A bazaar would give your PCs a significant bonus to Trade objectives and a minor bonus to Criminal objectives. It might give you an Interaction bonus when dealing with merchants. A training academy would possible reduce loses to crew or increase crew morale or increase the skill level of the crew without spending as many SPs plus giving a minor bonus to Military objectives. Your vessel could have parks, swimming pools, theatres, or recreational facilities to increase crew morale. I really loved the previously mentioned (by St. Jimmy) of a gladiatorial arena. How about a carnival where the servitors go insane and start killing the crew while being led by a heretek? A hospital or medical facility of some sort would increase morale and reduce crew losses along with a bonus to Medicae tests. A laboratory could give bonuses to Exploration objectives and to certain Scholastic Lore tests. This has been my personal favorite and I fully admit that it is from another posting on this website (Rogue Trade forum, ship’s pets). You are probably going to need to visit a desert planet to get the sand to build this, but it is just six different flavors of awesome! Sarlacc Nest (Ship’s Mascot): Several holds have been converted to house this monstrous xenos creature, along with an observation platform and plank feeding structure. Permanently increase crew moral by 2, Permanently reduce crew by 5. Negotiations taking place on the observation platform (intimidate tests) gain a +10, those conducted on the feeding planks gain one automatic success. If this component takes a critical hit roll 1d10 and reduce crew points and moral by this number immediately. Roll again after the current combat is completed and once per week until this component is repaired. [i presume that this represents that “Spot” is now back in his cage and the related fear of having a large aggressive predator that is devouring the crew on the loose in now suppressed.] Power: 1 Space: 3 SP: 1 This is one that I made up (feel free to use or alter it as you see fit): Adeptus Arbites Star Precinct 1. -50 Achievement Points to Criminal Objectives 2. -5 to Interaction Tests with underworld/criminal/renegade/pirate figures while you are acting from the ship 3. +5 to Investigation Tests, to any Boarding or Hit and Run Test, and to interactions with the Arbitrators of the Adeptus Arbites 4. +15 to Command Tests to suppress a Mutiny Power: 1 Space: 2 SP: 2
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