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  1. KlausFritsch said: Thanks! Not quite up to the painting standards on the Battlefront website, but satisafactory for my tabletop. Well i its not, you can ship it to my tabletop!
  2. Blumax, i only play solitare[ Kind of a frickin' hermit am I} and TOI is great for solitare play. Have you ever played A&A D-DAY? That is a great beer and pretzels game for solitare. You play it as an overseer, so to speak, an observer and it plays beautifully solitare. TOI can too, but...It is a little more difficult to be impartial playing TOI as A&A D-Day as A&A D-Day is card organized and has less strategy and tactics as TOI. Takes some getting used to, but it is a great game.
  3. Here is my system. Play each scenario with a pad and pen. After each game make notes on +'s and -'s on both sides. After playing several times you can 'adjust" troopers and obstacles and such to balance the scenario, if you see a pattern in one sides' favor. I do this for several games and then in the scenario book, i make notes to change this squads speciallty from medic to flammer or whatever and balance it to suit me.
  4. KF..That Whittman Tiger is "FABELHAFT"...!!!!!Well done.
  5. SgtWaka

    A good buy?

    A very good buy, IMHO. Rules are easy and combat is realistic; for a war game.
  6. The best laid plans are often laid to rest, or...something like that. Keep at it. Remember it is a game and if you have fun playing it and every game is different, then it is worth the struggle. Not winning every time is good.
  7. Lebatron said: Great news! And hopefully along with it they update the scenario editor so the community can add value to the product line. I would second that!!
  8. Straight on Kaufschtick!!! Thanks for the link. Don't always get my copy of the Movie out.
  9. kaufschtick said: SgtWaka said: I could ask you to EXPAND your meaning on that last sentence......BUT....we'll just leave it alone and enjoy the laugh. Lt. Colonel J.O.E. Vandeleur:"Start the purple! Start the purple!"
  10. I could ask you to EXPAND your meaning on that last sentence......BUT....we'll just leave it alone and enjoy the laugh.
  11. Gents, Run through the other scenarios and disregard that scenario. Some of them are quite good. As i said previously, balancing is easy to obtain, once you have played the scenario several times and understand it fully; from both sides.
  12. kaufschtick said: TeufelHund said: It depends on who you're playing with - if it's a non-gamer or casual gamer than M44 is a great game due to its simplicity. If you're playing with a keen gamer (or a casual gamer that thinks they're ready to take the next step) then Tide of Iron is definitely the way to go. I'll second these comments. I have them both as well (everything they make for M44, with two copies of the base game and most expansions), and they are both outstanding games. ToI is just a notch up from M44, but still light enough to grab the attention of folks who've never played a wargame before. It also has just enough detail to keep old grognards like myself "on the hook" as well. I still stand by my contention that when they get the Russian expansion released for this game, Tide of Iron is going to make a play for one of the all time great WWII wargames with it's combination of playability and ultra high production quality. Tide of Iron won't be fully appreciated until it branches out to both the Russian and Pacific theaters, then this game is going to be a monster. [/quote/] Well said!!
  13. I don't own M44, and have been pressured [yes i'm talking to you AFILTER] to get into M44. Except, for me, i only play solitare and have been told on many occassions and in many threads that M44 is definitaly not a solitare players game. TOI on the other hand is a wonderfull Solitare game. My point of view is, if you have the resources and play more than solitare, as most do, get them both. You can never have too many games. Remember, you have to grow older, but you don't have to grow up!
  14. YOU know...If never used that. Never do i use off-board artilery. Think its kind of , too much for me. However, maybe i should try it. P.S. -Wish i could call myself skinny
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