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  1. Fizz


    **** thread necromancers!!!!
  2. Fizz


    The RRG, FAQ, and the Official Ruling Pinned post all elaborate: You must use Stifle at the first opportunity it triggers, and it does not count as an action.
  3. I am! The rumors of my demise were entirely exaggerated. I blame Destiny.
  4. Fizz

    Beware the "After" Support Deck

    Resource denial early, while targeting Maz will give you some wiggle room. Vandalize is a great add at this point. If you're playing yellow hero, N-1 Starfighters are a huge threat. Personally, I use Hijack (assuming they haven't put a mod on it yet), and if i am lucky, I use Recycle (after I rolled it out and resolved it, to my opponent's dismay) to get my resources back and permanently destroy it. If you can get that combo off on turn one, and you're using Hondo Ohnaka, well then it doesn't matter who actually wins the game, you've won fortune, fame and infamy for years to come. "The Millennium Falcon? What a coincidence! My ship is named the Centennial Peregrine. Of course, I stole it and crashed it the same day..." - Hondo Ohnaka "Pirate's Price"
  5. Fizz

    A terror to behold

    Vader/Greedo seems to be dominating the meta at our Wednesday night tournaments. Multiple people playing the deck over the last 9 weeks. Seems the deck only loses when Vader's dice roll poorly. Mad props to John @ The Gaming Goat - Eagan, MN for keeping track of the weekly data! Top 10 decks (out of 70 different decks played):
  6. Guessing after FFGC's Regionals next week is when we will see map rotation.
  7. Thread resurrection? nice. Sorry, i have not been online in the IA forums very much, Destiny sucked me in and got me. I made a fix denoting range needed in the first example is 2, not 1.
  8. You do not need to include a FOST in your team to have FOST dice in your set aside zone, as Phasma's card references them RRG, Page 10, "Set Aside Zone" Each player has a set-aside zone. At the beginning of the game, some dice are set aside. These are dice that can enter play via cards. Players can set aside any number of dice that match cards in their deck, or are referenced by cards in their deck.
  9. Fizz

    Reposition question?

    You're forcing them to do *something*. In this case, the opponent gets to choose the die. This is to prevent your opponent from choosing to do *nothing*.
  10. Fizz

    Reposition question?

    No, you cannot. When you turn a die, it must be turned to a different *physical* side. SWD Rules Guide, "Turn (DIE)", Pg. 21 When turning a die, it must turn to a different side. A player cannot turn a die to the same side it was on before turning it. (If the die has the same symbol and value on two or more of its sides, it can be turned to an identical side).
  11. Fizz

    Infinite holocron predictions

    The only Infinite prediction I have is the prices of all the Awakenings block doing a power dive into the toilet, as the markets saturate with cards nobody is buying. It'll be a great time for those completionist collectors though.
  12. Fizz

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    If this works, why dont we have a FAQ in the holocron document? That's what we NEED.
  13. Fizz

    Resolving do or do not

    What, you mean like Legacies? <
  14. Fizz

    N-1 Starfighter

    If your opponent had an N-1 in play, wouldn't that be a copy as well?
  15. Fizz

    Multiple Starters?

    Definitely worth getting 2 copies of each starter.