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  1. I can't get the tutorial to advance past the point just after that, when the hero's are all gathered in the lower left corner. The tutorial has you tap each hero's icon, confirming they are in that location. Then tells you to "deactivate" the current hero to advance to the next instance. I've deactivated each hero after confirming that each is in the correct space. And then it just sits there. No moving on or anything. It isn't frozen. I can continue interacting with all the icons, deactivating hero's, etc, again and again. But no advancing of the tutorial occurs. :-( Anybody else run into this? What step am I missing to move forward? Cheers.
  2. Has anybody homebrewed a set of sheets or something for all the starship statblocks that have thus far been released? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  3. Are guidelines for generating your own creatures provided anywhere in the rulebooks or supplements for either Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion? My take away from the lack of this in the rules provided is that we aren't meant to feel welcome to add to the universe. Anyway, what are folks doing about this? Do you go about it the way you would generating a non-critter adversary? And if there's already a thread somewhere that folks could point me toward, I'll head over that way. Thanks ahead for the help. MTFBWY! (May the Force be with you!)
  4. I am fine with coming up with my own craft. Though it does seem like ripping a hole in the fabric of the material universe and then protecting yourself from otherworldly nasties inside the immaterium would call for some serious machinery. Maybe Warp capability should be limited to large craft. This isn't Star Wars afterall.
  5. Maybe it was Ravenor's vehicle I saw referenced elsewhere. I was curious because Abnett's opening fiction in the DH2 corebook has the party of Acolytes dropping onto a planet that seems remote. Never addresses how they got there.
  6. Ah, I got the bit about Warp-capability from another forum. Haven't read "Eisenhorn" myself. Soooo, are there any other kinds of crafts in the 40K universe for a small crew, that might be Warp-capable? Or does accessing the Warp require a kilometer-long vessel?
  7. Howdy folks! Are there Guncutter stats out there anywhere? In OW or some other forum perhaps? Also, I've seen elsewhere that Eisenhorn had a Warp capable Guncutter. Has anybody statted something like that up by any chance? Thanks ahead of time for responses.
  8. Thanks. I'm most interested in the fluff anyway, so I'll see if I can't get my grubs on it.
  9. Are books like "The Radical's Handbook" still of any use for 2nd edition?
  10. It isn't a word I will stop using for a "gap" in something's armor. But, now a part of my lizard brain will probably shiver for a second reminding me of the 2nd usage. True, celibacy being institutionalized in the Inquisition wouldn't matter here. Just happened to be thinking about this idea on the way to work this morning, so I tossed it up here.
  11. Yes, pretty naive of me that I have to have that pointed out. And I totally understand it getting filtered. That is now one of those words I will think twice about when I use it the way I did. Thank you good ole fashioned human brutish hatefulness for complicating the English language. As if it needed that.
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