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  1. yea unfortunately it is a very ambiguous character and needs an official rules clarification. Any update on another FAQ update since its been a long time since the last one?
  2. I came across a situation today where 1 player had 4 warhourses Yes it was insanely powerful but its easily fixable by toadafying them or finger of death or the crazy amount of other spells that can steal remove or destroy followers there are also many places on the maps where you need to get rid of a follower or where followers die in addition the chances of it happening are very slim but they did not win the game
  3. You can have multiple mules and horces and carts so thematically it can go either way
  4. sorry the chasm does say kill what about the ice bridge or the vampires tower? also what about the hieromartyr who you discard insted of losing a life they are all dieing thematicly opinions?
  5. what if the follower is discarded because they fell down the chasm they are technically dieing?
  6. The valkary states that she takes followers when they are killed. Does that mean any time a follower hits the discard pile or returns to the purchase or stables deck? Or only if the result of the follower being removed was a card that stated death or resembles death like insted of losing a life discard this follower? Opinions?
  7. Chivalric Knight Rules Question The cards states: "If the Enemy is killed, you recieve 1 Quest Reward but you must miss your next turn." Here is a situation i came across 6 player game player 2 is the knight Player 3 4 and 5 all encountered strength monsters and player 2 helped them all and recieved 3 rewards. Does he only miss "his next turn" or does he miss the next 3 turns. I would assume that since it specifically states next turn that he would only miss 1 turn especially since this doesnt happen much and is a rare occurance like other characters special ability bonuses. Opinions?
  8. Are the characters released in Mephisto Magazine #48 officially created by the creators of Talisman or were they fan made?
  9. what are the profile points for and how do you get them and use them? Thanks
  10. thanks for all your responses! apreciate all the insites!
  11. can any one help with this question i would appreciate a response!
  12. i thought the same thing but there is nothing really that mentiones killed only 1 or 2 places example would be the vampiress who can drain the life force which isnt the word killed or slain. second opinions?
  13. can destroy magic be countered with counter spell or redirect?
  14. ok one last question if i cast finger of death on a character before we engage in combat and he dies is it considered a win and if so do i get their objects or followers? if not then since i technically didnt encounter him do i encounter the space thus picking up the object or followers? Thanks for the clarification
  15. the valkary states that when a follower is killed he can take it as his own insted of placing it on the discard pile! if a card states, discard a follower or lose a life, is that considered killing a follower? thus is a follower killed when he hits the discard pile any way shape or form or only when the word killed is associated with it or when its life force is drained or drops down the chasm etc? i would assume it is killed when it hits the discard pile even if it satets, he then drifts off to the discard pile! please clarify
  16. but when you draw x cards do they technicaly hit the board or not?
  17. timing question with regards to the rod of ruin and other instant play items Can some one in response to character 1 playing acquisition spell use the rod of ruin or another instant use item insted of having it stolen? If so i would assume that the spell caster can choose a different target? Please clarify if possible. Thanks
  18. one more addition though! you must complete the quest as soon as possible which made you instantly move to the cave! if the quest was move to the city or something you dont have to go do it you just have to complete it if its possible which the gold one was! also you can't pass through the portal of power if you have a active quest but if you have a quest after passing through the portal your fine unless your teleported back past the portal thus you need to go finish it before you can go through it again!
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