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  1. Interestingly enough both Amazon UK and the UK-based The Book Depository have the release date for Deathwatch as 8 September... might worth checking them out if Amazon fails to deliver until the end of September. Amazon UK link The Book Depository link
  2. Just a quick update for all of us who can't wait to hear more on the new Dark Heresy releases: our good old friend, Amazon.com has November 30 as the release date for "Blood of Martyrs". As we speculated earlier it will be a 144-page book of pure(itan) awesomeness.
  3. Okay, so not directly related to the topic, but I'm just curious if any new info surfaced during the FFG RPG seminars regarding i.e. the future Blood of Martyrs supplement at GenCon?
  4. Reason, the W40k mastermind (just my humble opinion) created this highly useful chart regarding the technology of the Imperium of Man. It was of great use for me, hope it helps you too!
  5. MILLANDSON said: Kasatka said: It will be interesting to see how many pages each book totals, and what the RRP will be for these. The page count is comparable to the other supplements released by FFG. As for RRP, those are shown on the Knowledge is Power PDF, generally between $29-39, though I'm sure places like Amazon will be selling them for cheaper than that. So the page count will be between 120-144 for the career and Ordo books, since these will sell for $40 (the 256-page books, like the Radical's Handbook and Ascension all trade for $50). I won't mind that page count if the books will be heavy on fluff and low on statistics and the like. I figure the adventure books will follow the pattern of the Haarlock trilogy (60-70 pages for each). Anyway, I'm really excited for these releases.
  6. I kind of thought that FFG would say something about upcoming DH stuff during the W40k RPG Design Team Q&A on the Malleus Imperator event (I mean this quote taken from the schedule: "Meet the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay design team: Ross Watson, Sam Stewart, and Mack Martin, for an informal Q&A on their respective games, plus exclusive previews of upcoming expansions for your favorite 40K roleplaying game."). Did somebody attend that Q&A yesterday and care to share the info (if any)? I'm curious...
  7. According to Amazon it is scheduled for October 14 2009. I really hope that they release the trilogy in one volume later though. The individual books might be gorgeous and whatnot but a 25$ price tag for each of them is just plain heresy.
  8. Hi all! I was wondering if there was any good portrayal of Space Marine Librarians in the W40k novels? I have found some bits and pieces on the net on them, but overall no luck... I have to admit that I'm kindda new to both Dark Heresy and W40k (I read some Ian Watson in the past), but I've already fallen in love with the atmosphere of this grim dark world. So if you could point me to a novel (or novels) that paints a decent picture on Librarians (their rituals, training, etc.) then I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance! Best, csabthehun
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