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  1. The book is supposedly out (I have no idea where, but most probably in the US at some stores) and PrimarchX over at the dakkadakka.com forums was kind enough to post the table of contents. So without further ado, here it is: Daemon Hunter Table of Contents Chapter I - The Ordo Malleus The Enemy Beyond Origins The Calixian Malleus The Masters in Council Holdings Scholariate at Arms The Roots of the Scholariate at Arms Structure Calixian Incursions The Bloodwrath Incident The Fall of the House of Ios The Protasian Breach The Purging of Camp 109 Acolytes of the Ordo Malleus Extreme Measures Chapter II - Hunter Careers Ordo Malleus Background Packages Corporeal Sanctification Daemonic Vanquisher Fate-eater Host-Bound Orod Maleus Career Ranks Agent of Reliquary 26 Banisher Cult-Stalker Daemonym Seeker Ordo Sicarius Initiate Pyroclast Techsorcist Theomancer Ordo Malleus Cell Directives Using Cell Directives Cell Directives Format Carta Extremis Hunters Reliquary Retrieval Strike Team Scholariate Fatestalkers Ordo Malleus Retinue Chapter III - Malleus Armoury Ranged Weapons Melee Weapons Armour Force Fields Field Rules Gear, Tools, Drugs and Ammunition Anointed Weapons Creating Anointed Weapons Chapter IV - Daemonic Incursions The Nature of Daemons Role Playing Daemonic Threats Daemonic Entity Creation The Ruinous Powers Gifts of the Ruinous Powers Slaanesh Nurgle Khorne Tzeench Daemonic Beastiary Daemonic Weapons Chapter V - Grey Knights Grey Knights in Your Campaign Origin of the Grey Knights Grey Knights in the Calixis Sector Grey Knights in Dark Heresy Creating a Grey Knight Character Grey Knight Advancements Space Marine Implants General Grey Knight Career Grey Knight Career Advances Grey Knight Psychic Advances Grey Knight Specializations Strike Squad Grey Knight Purgation Squad Grey Knight Grey Knight Purifier Grey Knight Psychic Discripline Grey Knight Wargear Rare and Precious Nemesis Force Weapons Armour Other Equipment Grey Knights in Campaigns Character Strength Interludes Grey Knight Ascension Campaigns Daemon Record Sheet Also, if you've got it, then it's first impressions/at a glance review time!
  2. csabesz

    Mark of Xenos

    ddunkelmeister said: H.B.M.C. said: ddunkelmeister: It's not really about 'starting something', it's more a case of being able to predict what people at these sorts of places will say. If there's duplication (however justified), people complain about that. If they were missing, people would be complaining that they're missing and that they 'have to buy' X product to get the rules. Can't please all the people all the time. BYE I appreciate your willingness to explain. Csabesz: Give the man/woman a cookie! As per the Noise Marine profile: 100m; S/2/4; 1d10+9 E; Pen 4; Clip -; Rld -; Storm, Tearing Oh well... it was late at night, so I surely have the right to blame the Warp. I was actually using the Chaos Weapons table at page 126 and there's no mention of any special quality (or more precisely, the special quality is crossed out). I'm no expert on Noise Marines, so the table might be wrong... or it might be worth to shoot a question at Ross about it.
  3. csabesz

    Mark of Xenos

    H.B.M.C. said: It's not hard to modify some stats, add a few more Talents and up their wound count, so balancing things against higher level Kill-Team's isn't that hard. Calonnau said: Got this a couple of days ago and it is absolutely excellent! It seems to have largely avoided the ‘Curse of Fantasy Flight’, the only obvious errors are that some of the orks weapons don’t have clip sizes listed. Really? Hmm... Can anyone post the Sonic Weapon stats? I'm dying to see what they are and my book won't be here for another week at least. BYE Sure mate, here you go: Blastmaster (on setting #1 - "withering hail of discordant noise"): Basic; 150m; S/2/-; 1D10+12E; Pen: 6; Clip:-; Rld:-; Special: Devastating (1), Storm Blastmaster (on setting #2 - "single, massive infernal blast"): Heavy; 250m; S/-/-; 3D10+10E; Pen: 8; Clip-; Rld:-; Special: Blast (5), Devastating (2) Doom Siren: Basic; 30m; S/-/-; 1D10+12E; Pen: 9; Clip:-; Rld:-; Special: Flame Sonic Blaster: Basic; 100m; S/2/4; 1D10+9E; Pen: 4, Clip:-; Rld:-; no Special
  4. csabesz

    Mark of Xenos

    Sooo... anyone got this yet? It's supposed to come out today. I'm especially interested in if the critters can be used (of course with some scaling) in DH and RT too.
  5. Sounds about right, considering it's status is still "at the printer". Just made a quick search on the net and one website has an expected release date of 27 July for it. As Amazon usually has W40k rpg books in their stock 2-3 weeks after a book's actual release, I would say expect it appearing at the end of July (maybe 1-2 weeks earlier in the UK, if the release of Blood of Martyrs is anything to judge by).
  6. Thanks very much for the review Gregorius! Definitely not buying this book. I mean, honestly, what is FFG thinking? 25 bucks for a 72-page dungeon crawl? Also, thanks for pointing out that it's available in pdf. I just checked the preview file and realised that it was written by Ben Counter. The fact that he also wrote the Grey Knights trilogy (couldn't even finish the first book, it was so terrible) and as far as I remember he is one of the writers of the upcoming Daemon Hunters sourcebook, I now have serious doubts over the that book too. Anyway, let's hope that the second part of this campaign is much better.
  7. Darth Smeg said: I really do not understand why this one book should be "special". Norway have very lax cencorshipdo not place restrictions on import due to content. Nor could I see why this particular DH book should be "worse" than the rest. *shrugs* A possible explanation might be that Amazon messed it up as they put (the US Amazon at least) the book into the "Games and Toys" category, also labeling the book as posing a "choking hazard". So it might be a simple case of mislabeling.
  8. You could try the Book Depository for Dead Stars. The book is on sale right now (27% off) and shipping is free worldwide. Here's the link: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9781589945524/Dead-Stars (And no, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way.)
  9. How cool, I really want this book! One question though: among the new hulls do we get battleships?
  10. Was this book on the upcoming page? FFG usually doesn't put titles on that page until they are announced (i.e. at the printer status), and even then there is a minimum of 4-6 weeks wait until the book is actually in FLGS (and another 3-4 weeks from then on until a book appears at Amazon). Last I checked we are waiting for the Apostaty Gambit Part 1 adventure booklet for Dark Heresy... although I'm also more interested in the Daemon Hunter book.
  11. I would highly recommend the Dark Heresy campaign blog Maiden of Golgenna.
  12. I personally very much hope that for Book of Judgement the designers read and re-read the very excellent Enforcer omnibus. As for starting gear: if I were to GM Dark Heresy, I wouldn't start the Acolytes below 2000-2200 Xp ever. This seems to be the "power level" where the careers start to become competent; and at this stage it's almost a given that an Arbitrator has Enforcer Carapacle, combat shotgun and a shock maul - and also the rank to actually get things done within the Adeptus (being able to call in Arbites forces - maybe too early for Rank 4, but still - if needed; or have the clearance to look into Arbites files during the investigation stage). The latter is actually much more important IMHO, as I see DH as Delta Green in Spaaace!
  13. Peacekeeper_b said: So is this confirmed? Is this book out today in europe? What about in America? I think it is, you can already order it from ebay.co.uk too (for a horrendous price mind you, so I'll definitely wait until it is available on US Amazon). I recon you won't see the book in the US until next week at the very least - if I remember correctly that was the case with Edge of the Abyss, and it is the case with the Emperor Protects. This also suggests that FFG's Upcoming section shows when books are released in the US.
  14. Well, at least in the UK, if one is to believe the website of Leisure Games. Not only that, but Frozen Reaces, the adventure for Rogue Trader is also among the releases for this week. Anyway, as someone who is very eagerly anticipating the release of Blood of Martyrs, I thought I would start this thread to share the good news and also to hear some advanced reviews from you guys who are lucky enough to lay your greedy hands on the tome this week.
  15. andrewm9 said: On another note the products section has Blood of Martyrs listed as coming soon. instead of unavailable. I reckon it's standard practice for FFG to put a product as "coming soon" in the products section, when it is marked as "on the boat" in the upcoming section. I think this means that another 3-4 weeks until it will arrive to FFG and another 1-2 weeks until the book will be shipped to FLGS stores. I would say middle of December for this book (and consequnetly this date is in line with Amazon putting Blood of Martyrs for 11 January 2011, as they tend to get W40k books 1-2 weeks after the actual publishing date). Of course if it arrives sooner, then it's all the better for us!
  16. Artaxerxes said: Has it been 6-8 weeks since release yet? What was the official release date? Well, according to the Upcoming section it is still at the printer.
  17. TS Luikart said: I wish I'd been given three more months, 20,000 more words and far more control over the editing process. Que sera, sera. The overall plot regarding the Serrated Query did indeed die with BI - it exists now only in my memory... If you all beg nicely, I may just rectify that after Deathwatch comes out. Well, Deathwatch is out, so... (You thought we would forget, didn't you? ) Yes, I now officially start the begging procedure.
  18. Former inquisitors (??) or acolytes given a warrant of trade because their collagues wanted to get rid of them? Oh, God Emperor, I was suspecting that that book was a form of heresy, but now I know it for sure!
  19. IGUK has it in stock (if you are in the UK then rejoice, 'cause it means free shipping): http://www.iguk.co.uk/products/deathwatch-rpg-game-masters-kit-10663.aspx Noble Night has it on order, so you might want to wait for a few days or them an e-mail and ask when it will be available.
  20. Lightbringer said: In my view, the definitive book on Space Marines hasn't been written ...yet. Eisenhorn/Ravenor present (thus far) the definitive Inquisitorial series, but there isn't really any book yet written on Space Marines that I would hand with confidence to a cynical outsider and say "Read this, it will change your view of 40k." Well... this book would be - as recommended before by others - "Space Marine" by Ian Watson. Truth be told I haven't read too many W40k books so far (just those considered to be the best: Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Enforcer, etc.) but I seriously doubt anybody could top that novel and the Inquisiton War trilogy written by Mr. Watson. Just my humble opinion of course.
  21. A semi-relevant question: do we actually know what constitutes heresy? I know opinions might widely differ but does the Cult of the Emperor in general and the Calixian Ecclesiarchy in particular have a general concept of what heresy is? (It might be detailed in some sourcebook, but if not, then I hope Blood of Martyrs will give us the answers to this very important question)
  22. andrewm9 said: Funny how this became a thread about playtesters. Thats not remotely what I was looking for. Not trying to police it or anything but its amusing. Aye, it's funny indeed. Still, the funniest such thread was over at rpg.net - the fella was interested in how Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Deathwatch would scale against one another XP wise, and the thread turned into a gigantic flame war with 170+ post on....you guessed it....female space marines! Although my personal favorite still is and continues to be the legendary "When will the boat turn into a truck?" over at Deathwatch. Best-thread-title-ever!
  23. Well, let's hope FFG delivers the goods with this book. I'm just reading over the Ecclesiarchy section in the Inquisitor's Handbook and the cults detailed there are weak to say the least (I know that book wasn't written by FFG). Do we know (or can it be known) who the writers of this book are? I seem to remember that Reason had some very good stuff posted on the Ecclesiarchy over at rpg.net... And yeah, where are the Dark Heresy designer diaries? Rogue Trader and Deathwatch seem to dominate in the past few months; so com'on Mack, give us some goodies!
  24. A hippocrasian device would most probably be the exoskeleton (implant system) used during the Rite of Setesh (see pg. 140 in the Inquisitor's Handbook; also pg. 139 in the IH has more on the Hippocrasian Agglomeration, an Adeptus Mechanicus domain in the Calixis Sector).
  25. We are talking about an Inquisitor right? Just give him whatever he/she wants (roll the dice for Influence - not sure if this would be right, I don't have Ascension if front of me right now) - best craftsmanship power armor or a Rosarius; at this level pretty much anything goes (okay, probably no Terminator Power Armor at the beginning). Make the player of the Inquisitor come up with an engaging background story how he/she acquired the armor; and if the story is good and useful (i.e. it provides the GM with a good personal plot that can be expanded upon during the campaign - new enemy, lover, shining victory or a terrible secret the Inquisitor wouldn't want anybody to uncover) maybe allow the player to customize the armor (as in Deathwatch). I guess Ascension level campaigns really open up the setting for some epic campaigns; so the characters should look and feel like they are the movers and shakers of the Calixis sector. And besides no Terminator Power Armor will save you from the disturbed mind of an Alpha psyker that some other Inquisitor was fool enough to awaken in the depths of Hive Sibellus...
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