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  1. Well, the line isn't dead for sure, but we can't really say it's alive and kicking as well… If I remember correctly, 2012 has seen one release (maybe another adventure too? Can't remember for sure) which can suggest certain things and it's no wonder that people were (and are) speculating if the line has been abandoned. What I suspect the case is that FFG has five W40K RPGs to tend to and their writers might as well write for the Star Wars RPG too. Dark Heresy is the oldest brother and does suffer because of that - I mean I don't see Rogue Trader, Deathwatch or BC supplements slowing down. Which is bad (from my personal point of view ) because I still like DH, kinda like RT but couldn't care less for the other lines, including Only War. Of course FFG will put resources where the money is and that's understandable. I'm just a little sad to see DH getting less and less attention.
  2. H.B.M.C.: Since you are in the know, how would you characterize the adventure? Is it the more horror and investigation type, or the more action one? Any good, disturbing scenes involving the Machine God?
  3. Figuring out the page count for any given W40k RPG book is very easy: $24.95 (single adventures) - cca. 72 pages $39.95 (general supplements) - cca. 140-144 pages $49.95 (major supplements) - cca. 256 pages $59.95 (core rulebooks) - cca. 400 pages
  4. The decision makes sense from a business point of view: Imperial Guards are very much loved by most W40k fans and it would have been hard to cover them in a 144 (or even in a 256) page supplement. Also, core rulebook sales are the highest in any RPG line (or so I was told) and an IG supplement for Dark Heresy would probably not have generated as high sales as a standalone core rulebook. The only thing that concerns me a bit is that FFG guys might be stretching themselves a bit, with five separate W40k RPGs under their wings now. Producing high-quality supplements for all five lines will definitely be a challenge. Still, I hope that they'll be able to pull it off.
  5. I find the suggestion that interest in DH would be fading most amusing. I can only speak for myself but out of the 4 lines, I find DH the most interesting. RT is cool enough to merit second place, but I couldn't care less for either DW or BC. The latter two might be good to mine for ideas but the premise of either of them isn't particularly exciting.
  6. Yeah, we won't see it for a while. When a book is announced, that means it was sent to the printer. It takes a few months for the book to be printed, then another 4-6 weeks waiting while it's "on the boat" (shipped to the US), then another 7-10 days for the book to be sent out to LFGSs, etc. It's pretty much a 2-4-month waiting period after the book is announced... and this one wasn't yet. I hope for an AdMech book instead of this anyway, so who knows, maybe I get lucky.
  7. I'm interested in this one too. My main-main point of concern is definitely the "fate of the Sector" (again...) stuff. This is like the biggest gun that can be fired within the confines of the Dark Heresy RPG (FFG can't touch the Imperium as a whole, so thankfully no "fate of the Imperium"). Let's speculate here for a bit. We know the Acolytes are going against a powerful, named villain here who wants to do baaaad things. Now then, future supplements will assume (or will they?) that the Acolytes succeeded in bringing down the mo'fo. Now what? How will/can this change the current status quo (which is the building block of the Imperial rule. Nothing big changes.) Or even, how long does this proposed change take to have any significant effect on the Calixis sector? I assume that even the death of say Marius Hax (no spoiler here, he ain't the big bad in the adventure trilogy) wouldn't change a thing in Calixis. New sector governer comes in, takes over and that's that. Or maybe the sector capital changes to Malfi - would this be a significant event? Nay... So again, what do you think FFG plans for the "fate of Calixis" in the coming supplements? Status quo or some totally new direction?
  8. Thanks for the mini-review Gregorius! I was thinking about buying this one - there was a glowing review in the rpg.net forums - but it's always worthwhile to get the opinion of a true Dark Heresy fan on other w40k rpg titles before buying. I was also looking on this book primarily for the law sections, but it looks like I'll just have to borrow the book from a friend to check the relevant sections.
  9. csabesz

    Only War

    Yeah, I too would like to see some indication that FFG is doing Only War... I mean Deathwatch just got its third sourcebook announced and all we DH fans got for Christmas was the Haarlock trilogy compilation. Sure, one can view the RT book Hostile Acquisitions as an extension for Book of Judgement as it supposedly has a lot of material for the Calixis Sector, but come on! On the other hand, maybe in the meantime Only War has been upgraded to a 256-page supplement. That would be cool.
  10. I do think that we'll finally see a true sector sourcebook for DH in 2012. I know the quasi-official line has been that DotDG is the "sector sourcebook" but we all know that's not true. RT and DW all have their equivalent of such a book and BC will probably get its own. There's no way FFG can overlook our continuous cries for such a book for DH. There's demand for it, there's money in it. Tell me if I'm wrong, but DH is still the most successful line of the W40k RPGs. So do it, FFG. The Inquisition demands it.
  11. I expect it to be released next week, or the week after the latest. Most probably next week though. The Haarlock Trilogy book for Dark Heresy (which was announced roughly the same time, as HA) was "on the boat" in the upcoming section on Friday, and then suddenly it went "in stores now". Just checked and Maelstrom Games has a release date of 17 December for Hostile Acquisitions.
  12. It's the House of Corvus, and they are in the Radical's Handbook, pg. 136.
  13. Never mind, I uploaded it to Scribd. Here's the link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/74538140/Imperial-Primer
  14. The Imperial Primer I also have this in a great, illustrated 22-pages long pdf. If you need it, hit me with your e-mai address and I'll send it over.
  15. Lucrosium Malice said: Oh, I know they were bigger. The idea of the larger Stormbirds in the stories as they streak in, bull rushing through enemy flak and disgorging squads and primarchs is a vision that right now only my imagination can paint. Now that I think about it maybe I don't want to see it, might not live up to my expectation. Oh, dear Emperor... but it LIVES! http://z11.invisionfree.com/Work_In_Progress/index.php?showtopic=15227 (Not mine, just found it, if you haven't been aware of this already.)
  16. Expect it in late January/ early February 2012. After a book is announced on the FFG website (and this one wasn't yet) it usually takes 2 months before it is released.
  17. Sounds cool. Can't wait to check out the Investigation section and the Verispex career.
  18. Well, according to the Upcoming section, Book of Judgement was released. Just checked Nobleknight.com and it is indeed available. Anybody got it yet? I'm really hyped for this book, so first impressions and reviews are very much welcome!
  19. Thanks to PrimarchX over at the dakkadakka.com forums, we've gained some interesing info. SPOLIERS for Fallen Suns now! Can't you hear, **** Trader! SPOLIERS! A few 'Eldar-y' things inside include ... Doom, Guide and Mindwar psychic powersRules for Spirit Stones, Ghosthelms and Runes of WardingWraithcannon, Deathspinners, Avenger Shuriken CatapultWarp Jump GeneratorAspect Armor, Exarch ArmorThe Whisper of Anaris & Crow Spirit Cruiser (ships)
  20. I hope for a large AdMech book a'la the Radicals Handbooks - 256 pages filled with tech goodies, factions, cybernetics and clear explanation of the AdMech power structure. Also I hope FFG adventure writers start reading more Delta Green and Kenneth Hite for great examples in how invastigation/horror scenarios should look like.
  21. So the next book in the Warpstorm trilogy, Citadel of Skulls is out. Anyone managed to grab a copy and would like to share thoughts on it? Is it worth grabbing?
  22. Crossposting from the DakkaDakka forums; H.B.M.C said this about the book: (Obviously, SPOLIERS from here on) "Now that this book is out I can actually talk a bit about it. I really like this book, and was lucky enough to be asked to write a (very) small part of it. The first chapter of the book, set within a cathedral, has a lot of great characters and a fair amount of investigation and even a little combat. There are some interesting ‘activities’ for the players to take part in, from identifying relics to performing an exorcism!! The book even has, I swear, the 40K version of Dr. Cox from Scrubs. The second chapter is something I really want to play with my group. It has such a Fallout-y feel to it being set within a shanty village inside an Underhive, and is complete with local bars, gangs, hidden agendas, ancient technology and dark conspiracies. It’s not all roses though, as the third chapter is, in my mind, a little too linear. You’ll see it when your copies arrive (I assume you’ve all got copies ordered, yes? ). That’s not to say it’s bad – there are some interesting encounters including one mind-bending one that’s easily one of the most inventive I’ve read in ages. And, as you could probably gather from the awesome front cover of the book, you get to fight a Penitent Engine. Anyway, yes, Church of the Damned should be a lot of fun, has a number of interesting encounters, and has a story that actually changes the status quo of the Calixis sector. I can’t wait to see how it ends in the next book."
  23. There are quite a few books to be released for DH - the last one on the list should be Only War, the IG sourcebook - and I guess until all these books see the light of the day, we won't get a new Knowledge is Power update.
  24. Well, the book is definitely some time away as of yet - it's not even featured in the Upcoming section and it wasn't yet officially announced on the main FFG site. After such an announcement is made you can expect the book 6-8 weeks from that time. So I would say end of August... As a sidenote: I've just skimmed the free intro adventure for Black Crusade and apperantly Sam Stewart is the lead developer of that RPG (as well as of Rogue Trader too) - so that might explain why RT supplements are "late" compared to the release scheduele. Just a theory though.
  25. Well, for the next year I think FFG will go ahead and try to tackle the Adeptus Mechanicus, which would be trully brilliant. I also think that such a sourcebook would merit 256 pages and I'm hoping for the detailed desciption of the AdMech factions (a'la the radical factions in RH with conspiracies and adventure seeds for the GM), tons of implants and cybernetics and fine gazetters for the Lathe System in Calixis. Also, this would be the perfect place for the game developers to explain different technological levels and how common/scarce they are in the Sector (i.e. who has access to rejuvenation methods, who common are "holo-shows", etc.). It would be great to see the Dark Mechanicus detailed here too, although with the upcoming release of Black Crusade, the heretek might be better served in a BC sourcebook. Also, I expect more Ordos sourcebooks, maybe Ordo Xenos for 2012. Lastly, we really-really need that sector sourcebook detailing worlds of the Calixis Sector. 256 pages please, not a thin 144 booklet (although this might just be wishful thinking, as FFG seems to have their plates full with 4 RPGs now and they have clearly decided that it's more profitable to produce 144-page books for 40$, than it is to write an additional 100 pages for 10 bucks more).
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