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  1. Edosan_CO


    darknight said: no worries, if you can, give blue moon city a go as well Indeed. It doesn't have much in common with Blue Moon (in terms of mechanics) but it's a great game.
  2. ColtsFan76 said: We name them candy flavors. Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Grape, and Blueberry Same, but we call them Banana, Lime, Bubblegum, Grape, and Blueberry.
  3. I agree. It is very different from other co-op games like Lord of the Rings and Pandemic, but it is very interesting on its own. The timed turns mechanic is great. It won't replace Pandemic (my favorite), but it's a keeper.
  4. I don't think this game sells near well enough for an expansion. Knizia moves on to other things pretty fast, you know...
  5. Hard to compare them (besides the setting) because Citadels is way more interactive than Dominion.
  6. Worth it! I got it in a trade on BGG and like it quite a bit!
  7. I like the game, but the type on the cards it sooooo tiny. Has anyone at FFG thought about making a new deck with easier-to-read cards?
  8. Despite the fact that the ruleset can be quite baffling at times, this is one of our favorite games.
  9. Edosan_CO

    I pod App

    They also have a computer version. I like it a lot.
  10. Maybe not what you're looking for, but I thought this was amusing... We played over Christmas break and I was the Cylon. Due to a poor play on my part, my wife figured out who I was right away but I got her sent to the brig anyway. Then we failed a crisis and the current player (the one after me) got sent to the brig. Then when it became my turn again, I revealed myself and sent the remaining player to the brig. So I escaped but everyone else was in the brig! Good times...
  11. I missed out on this too any chance you could find more in a closet somewhere?
  12. If you browse the Spielbox site, you may find another expansion or two you would be interested in, that way you can save on shipping.
  13. Hendal said: fnord - thanks for that info, I have been thinking of downloading them , I think that might motivate me! Game On' We consider the expansion cards to be "must-have." I bought them through Spielbox so it cost a bit, but considering how much I like Blue Moon City it was worth it.
  14. Let me just throw this out there: check your local game stores! This past week I found a copy at a store that isn't on my usual "route" so I know they're still out there! Now I want a second one...
  15. You might not be able to buy them all at once, but it is possible to piece a collection together. Over Christmas break, I got all the stuff I needed by going to all the game stores in town this is INCLUDING the "impossible to get" 100-Years War expansion.
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