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  1. Im looking for people interested in getting together to organize some Netrunner games in the Sonoma County/Marin County area. Anyone?
  2. Thanks. I'll have to revisit this scenario and try it again
  3. Thanks for the reply. The person playing the Undying just bought the reanimate cards and within a few turns was able to aquire all the neutral cities gaining influence and beat the dragon in roughly 10 turns (give or take). By just using reanimate cards in his hand he was able to have a very powerful army in early game. I was just curious if anyone else had this issue or if perhaps we are playing the reanimate card incorrectly. My understanding of the card is you play it, dig thru your discard and pull another reanimate card, and immediately play both cards. You are able to do this with each reanimate card in your hand, correct? Thanks.
  4. This evening I played for the first time, played the Rise of the Dragonlords, and it seems to me that the undead army is a powerhouse. All you have to do is buy the reanimate cards. With them in play you can continously reanimate dead, that coupled with a Deathlord card and you have an unbeatable army. Or perhaps I am playing the reanimate card wrong and misunderstand how its used. Can anyone enlighten me with the rules for the reanimate card. Thanks.
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