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  1. Arkham Files games have always been about chaos just unfolding and players holding on for dear lives, trying to somehow manage it. In that sense, AH 3e is the least random of the board games, as chaos unfolding is much more tightly scripted.
  2. I really wish there was some official word on expansions. And I never would've thought that the title that is a good candidate for FFG's flagship game line was in risk of being completely unsupported... Come on, FFG. What the ****. At least say if nothing's coming.
  3. This is actually pretty ingenious.
  4. Honestly, this sounds pretty terrible. There are always cards that are better and worse. Cards that interact with each other better than others. Is getting a competitive deck supposed to be a crapshoot of buying random decks until you happen to find the combination that you're looking for? That's like taking the worst aspect of CCGs and making it way, way worse. I hope I'm wrong about this.
  5. Not to be too much of a contrarian, but while I'd love to see a sci-fi game and wouldn't mind Twilight Imperium at all, I'd probably want it to be something that the boardgame doesn't already do well. So I'd prefer not to see empire battles, though fleet battles are perfectly fine. Also, I have no idea how they'd go about accomplishing this, but I'm kinda hoping new LCG is not a dude basher. Netrunner was a rare game that was different from "play dudes, have them fight" mechanics of virtually all other card games. It'd be neat if it was replaced with something equally different. I mean, living up to Netrunner in any way, shape or form is a near impossible task. Tacking on that mechanics requirement makes it in all likelihood literally impossible, buuut... you know. No pressure, FFG. I'd just like the best game ever, please.
  6. The rest was interesting to read, and I agree that we'll almost certainly be seeing a competitive LCG as FFG's next offering, but I disagree with Terrinoth. They alredy announced a non-LCG coop card game set in Terrinoth and I don't think they would want to mess with that. No fictional world is big enough for two successful card games. If the Terrinoth card game proves unsuccessful in two years or so, then I'd believe an LCG could be incoming. But not right now.
  7. Why would FFG be interested in making games when they can be investment bankers?
  8. I think it's reasonable to assume Android universe will get a new LCG.
  9. I don't know what this means, though. If both are active at once in the first game, how is one related to the next Ancient One? Are the examples with preludes directly referencing the ancient ones what defines a prelude as being "of" an Ancient One? Or are they just accidental examples which confuse for no reason?
  10. So I just read the campaign mode preview and I still don't know how the campaign mode works. Maybe it's just that kind of morning and my brain isn't full booted up yet, soooo... anyone else not really understanding what the heck half this preview is talking about?
  11. I get what you're saying, my point was just that there is no math where developing two systems is more efficient than developing just one. If they want to optimize for the initial ROI and old fan conversion, then keep the old system and give it a once-over, as you do for any incremental edition release. If you want a new system, double down on Genesys. I can get behind both of those approaches. But this is the worst of both worlds and it is baffling. And, anyway, if Genesys is a system that would have to be "jammed" anywhere, then it is a failure. But I suspect that is not the case, it's just fans of 90s fantasy heartbreaker RPG systems being innovation-averse.
  12. So it's better to develop two completely different systems in parallel rather than focus on getting one system right?
  13. I logged in for the first time in years just to say that the system choice here makes absolutely no sense. Either use Genesys or scrap Genesys, don't kinda-sorta use it but only occasionally. I was hoping Genesys is an effort to consolidate and standardize the idea behind the Star Wars RPG and leverage it for all (similar) RPGs going forward. This would be a Good Thing(tm) because it would help the system evolve and it projects confidence in the product. At this point, Genesys makes no sense and I'm not very interested in it if all I have is "maybe Netrunner RPG will use it one day". And I'm not very sold on Legend of the Five Rings having its own unique system either because RPG systems are hard. I really love FFG, they are my favored dealers of cardboard crack. But their approach to RPGs is not good.
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