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  1. I created a Cleric for a PbP game and I've modeled him after a few concepts. First he's a Metallican Priest. Yes a pistol toting priest from a Hive I imagine like the old west. He treats psykers and mutants as he would treat any "normal" human. If they are sanctioned (psykers) and follow the Imperial Creed (mutants) then they can be overlooked for their deficiencies for the Emperor was a psyker and mutants are a necessary stain on humanity. But unsanctioned psykers and mutants who try an uprising deserve an bolt round to the head. If our group ends up going against Daemons and such I plan on making him a Black Priest of Maccabeus. A priest with Sancristion Bolters to purge the daemon is my plan on him (Van Helsing movie mixed with some Helsing anime).
  2. Here's how I would approach the situation if I were you. First you said you were a Biomancer. I would take the Seal Wounds power, if you don't already have it talk to your GM before game or after game privately and ask to switch out a power for Seal Wounds. Next take all the medicae skills you can if you don't already have them. If your not on that tree buy them as an elite advance. Now after a heavy battle where everyone takes alot of wounds go through each character in turn making sure the Assassin is the last person. Use medicae to treat their wounds and announce openly in OOC that your gonna use Seal Wounds. Do this for every character except the Assassin. Only use medicae on him. If the player asks OOC why you didn't use Seal Wounds on his character innocently reply that his character makes your character nervous with the constant spying and such. If his character makes a comment on the fact that the others seem to be healed better than him you innocently remark you don't understand why when you use the same medkit on them as you did on him. As long as he keeps up his behavior of always spying on your character keep this up. Eventually even the most hard headed person will either give up his incessant spying or his character will end up dead and no fault to your character he just makes her nervous. Turn the tables on him this way. Eventually in turn reveal your abilities secretly to the other characters and leave the assassin "in the dark" so to speak. Make sure your character tells the other character to not let the Assassin know about your psyker abilities because he reminds you of people who would kill you for having Emporer bestowed gifts. This way if he wants to play the ****** then he'll reap the consequences of his actions. Oh and by the way how can his character be both a Scum and an Assassin?? Those are two different careers and as far as I've known and played there is no multiclassing in DH. Either he is a Scum or he's an Assassin.
  3. Unnatural Intellegence doubles your Int bonus for skills such as medicae and combat formation, gives you a +10 on Intellegence tests with an extra degree of success to said rolls.
  4. IH has the Chimera Pistol sword. Sword with a gun attached that allows for a single shot. But other than that others have posted pretty much all you can do with a sword.
  5. My suggestion would be run your current PS game until you get to the end of a scenerio/campaign. Tell your players you need some time to plot out another scenerio/campaign while in the meantime play a couple one shot DH scenerios. Especially if your players aren't familiar with DH. After a couple scenerios ask your players if they want to continue with DH or go back to PS. There is nothing wrong with commiting yourself to playing X game for Y amount of time, but at the same time get some feedback from your players. Nothing worse than to think the players are gonna like a setting and start playing according to your self commited timetable only to find out they don't enjoy the system and are only playing because that's what your running. My two cents take it as you will.
  6. I'm currently trying to flesh out a character on a PbP game and was wondering if there's ever any mention of diseases throughout the Calixis Sector. I'm looking for a disease where if one were to catch it the chance of survival is low even with 40k technology/psyker healing. I'm not looking for anything that would cause a hive wide pandemic. My character is a son of a cleric whose family died of a disease that he was spared getting. Seeing this as a sign of the god emperor he has joined the ecclisiarchy to find his true calling. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  7. I have a rank 10 Adept Sage currently that I have been playing with for more or less a year and a half (currently running skype with my gaming group cause of distances). I will attest at low levels when weapon and ballistic skills are low my adept only got into battle when the numbers worked in her favor, melee being the choiciest of battle modes due to the ease of stacking up bonuses. She is still a fountain of forbidden knowledge but over the course of her career I have also taken many elite advances to push up her melee skills to adequate levels. That being said lores in my gaming group have been used in less that standard varieties. For instance our acolyte cell in one mission managed to capture a cult leader who wouldn't talk in any known language. Our GM allowed my adept to use Forbidden Knowledge Cults to decipher what he was saying to get the information that was needed. We have also used Security as an Intellegence based skill to hack into data base systems for information. Our tech priest was busy at the time and we needed to hack a computer for something. And in one adventure the tech priest and my adept hacked into the programming of hostile servitors to shut them down and reprogram them to work for us. During down time she spends time in the Malleus libraries (our cell belong to Ordos Malleus our prime being an Inquisitor), and during missions if there is something that comes up that she may know (using Total Recall) she may "remember" reading some material. I personally think the Enigma solution for you may not be needed. If played right with the right lores and a good enough roll the player can figure out the information that is needed. The more successes the better the information that the character "solves." But at the same time always have back up ways for the characters to discover the needed information because nothing is worse than a mission stalling due to really bad sets of rolls which will happen eventually. If the adept (for whatever reason) cannot get the relevant information then the player can have his/her character do research during down time to hopefully keep that from happening again in the future. I dont know what rank your players are but hopefully as your player's adept rises in the ranks and starts to think about ascending the Unfazaeble talent in Ascension is a emperor sent boon for those pesky Insanity/Corruption from reading those dark tomes and scrolls. My adept isn't the greatest mind in the Imperium either. She has a 52 Int with one advance left to purchase and also has Unnatural Intellegence. Currently sitting on 5 Forbidden Lore Masteries (Cult, Daemonology, Heresy, Warp, Psyker, Inquisition) and specialized in Cult and Daemonology. She has the Conditioned Intellect, Mental Aegis, Mental Fortress and Armor of Contempt talents (much needed in daemon/cult hunting). Although I have yet to use the talent she also has Knowledge is Power for those rare instances where we need answers and we need em now. Depending on the lore test, she can push up to 80's and 90's on her test rolls. Your enigma test example with my Adept would automatically get a +10 for the Int bonus. 52 Int with Unnatural Int gives auto 10 not counting any other rolls. Yes starting out and at the mid levels being an adept seems to be boring. You can hit a menacing looking wall and the knowledge area is lacking definately. But remind your player once ythey get over that rank 5 hump, having an adept around can be a scary boon because its hard to keep the information out of that character's hands.
  8. As to question 3, By the time the adept reaches rank 7 to purchase the 1st psy rating its gonna be assumed that they are a valuable acolyte of their inquisitor. As such the GM could use the ascension rules for sanctioning an acolyte. 1D5 years of downtime for a free trip to Holy Terra, sanctioning brand, and one of those happy sanctioning side effects.
  9. I don't think there's a flawed imbalance in the price. It's not about what covers what blah blah blah, the difference in price is a result in how the two armors are being utilized. The Guard Flak Armour is battle armor no question. Anyone who see's someone in GF knows something is going down somewhere. Much to the same as if you were to go to the gas station and a fully decked out squad of S.W.A.T. come rolling up. The normal mook off the street has no hope of ever trying to buy a set of GF without joining IG or whatever spec ops a typical city, hive, planet may have. The Flak Greatcoat on the other hand is more like a padded trenchcoat. Way more subtle than the GF armor. Anyone wearing it could go to a public function, walk the streets, or whatever, armored and no one would think twice about it. This would be something easier for the civilian to geat ahold of. Plus its cheaper to make one complete piece of armor than it is to make pieced armor. I don't see the FG as being made to be "armor" it just kinda evolved that way and the makers saw they could make money off of it.
  10. Was during a session or two ago that I made the game halt for a few minutes while everyone tried to gather themselves. Here's what happened: We were doing a mission where our acolyte cell had to go undercover. Our Cadian guardsman prime was undercover as a noble (which she really is Cadian nobility). The rest of the acolyte cell was her "entourage." My adept was trying to get information from a servant of the house we were in. While getting the other servant drunk while keeping herself sober, my adept was hitting on the man. At one point we were discussing how stuck up and snobby our employers were, and the discussion steered into punishments. The male servant was telling my adept aout the harsh treatment they recieved at the hands of their employer. My adept listened with mocked attention. She then proceeded to tell the servant that her "employer" had shot another servant for insubordination. Which is the line that started everyone laughing. The shot really did happen in an earlier mission where the cell's psyker mentally attacked my adept thinking the possessed dagger (which my adept was carrying) was controlling my adept. I managed to wrangle her up and take her back to our base of operations and proceeded to tell the prime what had happened. After hearing what happened, our guardsman prime turned to the psyker and asked what happened. The psyker refused to cooperate and was subsequently shot in the stomach. Which in and of itself made for an entertaining night
  11. Being an adept player I can attest to at first the Adept career looks lacking in terms of combat related skills. In the first few ranks, my adept could hit a threatening looking wall and thats about it. As time went on and I concentrated on at least one good fighting style, she got better. True lore skills are the bread and butter of the adept career but remind your players that the adept can become the acolyte cell's medic. Player wants some psyker powers without being a psyker, the adept can do that too. Zilla mentioned already that she's quite an adept swordswoman, but now she's also a minor psyker, Pyrokinetic. I've had to burn a fate point to avoid the stat loss due to possession (yea that wasn't fun). She's taken a few corruption points from reading things that weren't healthy for her to read. Upon Ascension, she's going Sage (who'd of thought). Right now im working on elite advancing her for blademaster and hopefully lightning attack (plus all the other things she needs). Adepts start out on the low end of things compared to the other careers, but in the end can compare to the combat classes as long as the player remembers not to go in guns blazing (sure death sentence). Find a way to stack the bonuses to attack, to make battle easier. And don't be afraid to let the "combat" classes do their job while standing back and enjoying the carnage. The first time I played my adept, our cell got ambushed by some common thugs. The combat classes were easily taking care of business, so when asked what my character was doing I had her lean up against the wall and kick back and chill. Oh and when it comes down to noncombat investigations adepts have an advantage to the other careers. Guardsmen, Arbites, and the like tend to want carapace armor and other "large" armors. When it comes to stealth and covert, those players will feel naked without their armor. Whereas an adept can wear a bodyglove underneath their adept robes and have some armor constantly (which my adept does 99% of the time). Being able to go anywhere armored, even lightly, and not attract attention is the best advantage of Adepts. Plus tell the player who's complaining about the adept career, that adepts can go virtually anywhere and blend in. Oh and just on a side note: My adept does NOT have the meek and mild attitude. She has the "I'm smarter than most if not everyone here" attitude. The only person on the team that she sees as her intellectual equal is the team's tech priest and she's not above using her femininity to aquire the information that the team needs. In my head shes one part The Librarian, one part Indiana Jones, and one part Lara Croft (game version), vigorusly shaken.
  12. I would have to say my Schola Progenium Adept is neither puritan nor radical. Things need to be burned, scourged, killed whatever, that's what the Guardsmen, Assassin and Tech Priest are for. She's out to collect that "knowledge" that souldn't be out there and put it somewhere where it won't be a problem in the future (ie give it to Inquisition). Muties, cultists, and xenos are inconsequential to getting that "Book of Summoning Unspeakable Horror" out of circulation and put in a deep vault somewhere. Granted if they're trying to kill her, well she'll oblige them with a quick death but oh well it's self defense.
  13. No I don't have Ascension personally but my GM has it and I've looked through it. Although the Sage does get Skill mastery In lores doesn't mean the GM has to allow all lores. Clump them up by ordos or similiar topics for example Forbidden Lore Mastery (Heretical): Daemonology, Cult and Heresy. Scholastic Lore Mastery (Mysterious), Legend, Occult, maybe Numerology? You get the picture. I mean really I can have a pretty good imagination but even my suspension of disbelief goes wtf at the thought of a character going to school one day and the next knowing everything there is to know about everything. All you have to do is adjust the lores with what the adept has to give them mastery over their fields of study really what's so hard about that? That way they are still knowledge monkeys in their pertenant field but less informed about other lores. Even if somehow I manage to make it to a 90+ lore test as a player if I roll a 95 or higher I fail at the test. Why? Personally no matter how good my character gets at something I personally give myself a 5% fail chance. But that's just my thinking
  14. As an adept player I'm trying to figure out how my character is OP'd compared to the rest of the team. The tech priest, guardsman, and assassin blow my adept out of the water in combat. When it comes to social skills, yea forget it not my character's cup of tea and she doesn't care. Knowledge, maybe depends on what you want to know. My character has 1 CL, 6 SL's, and 6 FL's with an Int of 52 with one advance left to take. If you want information pertaining to cults and occult practices ok I'm the person to go to. If you want legal advice or medical knowledge umm yea the hospital is that way and the law offices are over that away somewhere have fun. So this problem about a Sage having better SL (Judgement) knowledge, yea ok I'll believe it if the character is playing a lawyer type of character. As to my character even as a Sage not likely. My character has no care to pick up that lore, she has more important things to do, hunt down books that shouldn't be out there, hunting down cults, and the occasional demon. Maybe I'm playing the class wrong I don't know. As to Illithidelderbrain's scenerio, my adept would've helped the tech priest to shut down the servitors. We've done it before. Then help the team take down mr big and ugly. After that was done, I'd have helped the tech priest reprogram the servitors to protect us. Then used the whole team to help do the searching, with my adept telling the others where to look, while the servitors were guarding us. Just my thoughts on the matter. I don't see where this "adepts know everything" concept comes from. I compare adepts with current day people with PhD's. There are different fields to study for a PhD. If using todays fields, an adept with a PhD is physics is definately the person to go to for information pertaining to physics, but a criminal law arbitrator will have way more knowledge in law that the physics adept. I see adepts as equal parts Librarian and either Indiana Jones (male) or Laura Croft (female). Shaken not stirred.
  15. Sister Cat said: Gregorius21778 said: ...the more I think about your version, the more I like it. "No PEN" means armour offers good protection. "Primitive" means that GOOD armour will soak most of it and TEARING with 2d10+STB "base damage" means that you are in for a hard time if it hits an unarmored spot (a.k.a "the face"). THANKS! Glad I could assist. Isn't being gruesomely cruel great fun? EDIT: Oh, and I almost forgot. Be sure to also make those nails rusty, so the poor sap ... er, acolyte ... who gets hit with it has to either risk tetanus, or deal with some painful shots. How bout sharpened railroad spikes. Nails are impressive but railroad spikes are downright jaw dropping. C'mon now if you're gonna be cruel and try to make the acolytes wet themselves, nothin does it better that a big hunking mutant carrying a tree limb with sharpened railroad spikes branching out of it in different directions.
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