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  1. I'm willing to take the trip up from time to time, though Amesbury is a hike.
  2. They're the very same
  3. Thank you sir, much appreciated
  4. The deep elves should be mercs that can join any evil or neutral faction.
  5. I prefer FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store)
  6. So this may kill me, but I'm planning on collecting all the factions. Anyone else with me on that?
  7. New England Comics in Malden. I have a friend who works as a manager for them, we're working out details. Also, the compleat strategist, I used to be a manager for them. Not a fan of Pandemonium for various reasons, or its owner, so I don't play there generally.
  8. I'm in Boston. I'm down for some gaming. There's a chance that I might be running demos for a local shop too.
  9. Ok, will you do the honors or shall I?
  10. kk I guess we're on, wonder if they'll do an errata/faq if we ask for it.
  11. Excellent points, but since collision mentions that it counts for terrain that you did not start the turn in contact with, and that is more specific and simple to use than a complicated reading involving when movement starts, I'm willing to bet money that you ignore terrain that you start your movement on. It also means that all the gamey nonsense that I pointed out earlier is avoided
  12. That was a game changer for me too, especially with that one upgrade card that lets you turn any modifier White.
  13. Honestly I would have been ok with it if the def icon was white, but as it is it still falls flat for me.
  14. I advise against it for the heroes, since you can buy them as a unit upgrade, and they only replace one figure if you do that.
  15. @Orcdruid is correct, it is explicit in the rules, you can through terrain that you start the turn in contact with.