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  1. I'm surprised that they didn't spoil a counter character like they did with the Phoenix pack
  2. It might be because I have to listen on my phone at work but it's a struggle
  3. Here's one for lion Conscription Cost 1 attachment influence 2 Play only on a non unique character you control. This character does not discard fate or get discarded during the fate phase if you have more honor than your opponents
  4. Here's a cool combo of it works, have mitsu on board, hurricane punch and void fist in hand. Punch, mitsu punch, void fist. Net 4 military, lose no card advantage, bow and send home 1 enemy
  5. Qft. But your pain is a trifle to me, I was a naga player. We got robbed of our clan often
  6. I can definitely get behind nezumi and crab. And tengu with crane. But the rest don't seem right to me. The troll with Dragon? Zokus with scorpions instead of slaves to the lion? No sign of the kitsune? What gives? Do not like.
  7. I think enlightenment should be Dragon, also should cost 2 with minus 1 cost of you have monks in play
  8. What this means to me is that lion will be the last novella released. Making the novella releases in a particular order makes sense both logistically and in order to tell a cohesive narrative. Part of that plan is to release the clan packs with the novels. Given the long time frame this will involve, means that the last novels , and therefore clan, will have a really long time before getting support. Putting the strongholds in the clan packs in a reverse order (more or less) helps take the sting out of that wait
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