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  1. I would like to see the dragon kin orcs and dwarves from discwars show up eventually for runewars. Even if they're just neutrals
  2. Well, we know the world has cat girls maybe they eat ratfolks lol
  3. The game is very old. It was originally produced in the 80s I think. And like most games that FFG takes over and rereleases, it doesn't get much press. The game is great, and has the bones of games that would come after it (like magic:the gathering), and is a very beloved game from the crowd that already knew it, so I'm guessing they feel they don't need to "sell" it much, as it already has a fan base (like me. I agree that more people should try it.
  4. At this point, I'm willing to volunteer to be the cat's secret lover! But seriously, what I meant was that the prize could me a mad libs type thing, the winning players don't name who the story prize goes to, the writers do. Like if you win as lion maybe ffg picks toturi to be the cat's lover, maybe if dragon win it's daini. I'm not saying that the tourney winner gets to make the call.
  5. I'm cool with this, but what I would have liked to see was things like story prizes being "Who is Kachiko's secret lover?" and "Will the Crane champion betray his/her fox wife/groom?" Rather than just tell the same story we all know.
  6. I remember that, as I played moshi wakiza alot and I liked the new border when the change happened, my point is that I think he was always a pirate (and that has nothing to do with his inclan status). They only got recognized as a major clan during the day of thunder.
  7. As I recall, he didn't have a card for a long time, and was mentioned as a pirate? But that was like 2 decades ago, so I might not be remembering correctly
  8. Honestly I hope the cat gets a card, maybe an attachment 0 Fate Mischievous Neko Action: Bow this cat
  9. Except that's exactly how he started in the original card game as well
  10. That cat though...
  11. Dude, seriously where was my hostility in that post above? I started by acknowledging the respect you re due, then ended it with a plea for you and others to stop fighting me on the topic after I grudgingly accept the ruling which I think is near sighted. This is really frustrating and disheartening because I've tried really hard not to lose my temper or yell at anyone even when I think they've treated me in a way they wouldn't appreciate being treated.
  12. Also snarky memes, and aggressive and hostile posts other places. It certainly feels directed at me specifically, and I'd rather you just stop. And we can just add each other to the list of people we don't want to meet in person and be done with it.
  13. With all due respect, why would you make a statement on the intent of the design and ask for trust in this matter when that's caused fights for you in the past. And cheers for the great demos but you yourself have said that guys doing demos don't get any more resources than the rest of us to make up our minds with. And finally, why keep fighting with me after I said I'll play it the way folks here are suggesting?
  14. This is sound rules wise, but I don't believe it's the intent. I'll play it this way until I get a direct answer.