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  1. 10 Word Story

    ... her husband was far from their bed, she was lonely...
  2. Actually I would have said Dragon= Taoist kung fu monks Phoenix=Shinto pacifist monks
  3. I've never been more thankful for Fate worse than death than when I used it on him
  4. I think that it makes things like the Unicorn champ and fallen in battle more important when there's so much tec to keep characters in play, it's just that they're so hard to use
  5. Backhanded compliment isn't for the same job op. You use it on yourself for cards as you don't care about honor as much. Or it's a coup de gras if the enemy is low
  6. Forget shoju, I am and always will be loyal to Kachiko first! I guess you can call me aramuro
  7. Conflict in the Shinomen Forest PS 4 Forest. Earth Action: The defender may bow a character at this battle to remove a fate from an opposing character or bow a character with no fate
  8. Isn't planetary invasion a tactical action? Doesn't that mean every time they take MR their ability triggers?
  9. For dragon I'd rather see Daini and Hitomi, but yeah I agree on Mitsu
  10. Don't agree with this one, I would instead propose Bayushi Kachiko Cost 5 Military 0 Politics 8 Glory 3 Seductive. Courtier Covert. Sincerity ReAction: during a conflict which this character is not participating, discard a card to cancel an action taken by a character with lower politics. Limit once per conflict
  11. Half in jest, but I don't think it's out of the question.
  12. I bet spider strongholds is in tears of amaterasu, you heard it here first
  13. Speculation for fun time, what do you think this dude will do and conflict or dynasty? My guess, conflict, text; you may pay honor in place of fate when paying this card's cost, covert
  14. I would tweak some of the costs especially for the neutral cards, especially wandering Ronin, I would put flavor text on every card with room for it, and I would make ties in does count as a lose for both sides for karmic strikes