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  1. I think the clan coop is going to be a story prize event this time around. They've gone to great effort to show that every great house has good reason to flip out, flip table and flip the emperor off
  2. @psychie Thanks for the apology, I really appreciate it. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive in any case. There's a couple of serious design problems with Dragon that I see, despite the great posts here about them. The first is that when someone builds tall instead of wide, they are inordinately vulnerable to a lot of card effects. While this can be overcome, the ability to overcome that takes up a lot of real estate in a person's deck, especially since dragon only have one decent card to do it with (tranquility). Most of the solutions have to come from out of clan or neutral cards. If this were the only problem, that would be fine, but that leads to the second problem, that of economy. Again the dragon have a shortcoming here. With the need to build tall, and the everpresent danger of assassination, your money is tapped. You can't afford to risk fate on a two cost character, as an assassination will leave you ruined and your opponent with serious tempo advantage, so you need to invest in 3 cost'ers or higher. Unfortunately those cards for dragon don't have impressive stats at all, and are fairly luke warm on powers as well. Further, many of your cards require you to pay fate to active said luke warm powers. While doing that does help seeker of enlightenment, no other cards work with that engine, and to make matters worse, if you use those powers offensively, you're often paying your opponent as he can claim those rings before you. Both of these are a great hurdle that I have yet to find a way to overcome. Every other clan has personalities with powers equal to the dragon, but without the restrictions based on attachment, and without paying your opponent
  3. Thank you, I'll go through these soon.
  4. I'll give it a try. What would you Splash and what would your strategy be?
  5. Thanks kuroniten, I'll try to be more specific in the future. That having been said, how do you get mantra of fire to work, it seems to be too situational as you have to have both monks and rely on your opponent to pick the right thing at the right time. Also kazue, while awesome is an expensive card that they will see coming if you left that much fate on the table. Same with most of the other combos you've mentioned, you need attachments and costly cards to get them to work so cards like the prodigy will end up costing as much or more than a champ. Finally what would you Splash in and why?
  6. Crab and lion. Dragon was your basic attachment deck with lion splashed in for sashemono and we are ready. @psychie your comments aren't helpful. The conflict cards you mention are available to anyone who splashed dragon and often to better effect. Instead of simply implying that I'm a fool, why don't you give me some combos or tactics that I might be missing. And tranquility was only spoiled today as far as I know. So far I've gotten nothing helpful.
  7. Mechanically I feel this card is just a dark symmetry of the way of the crane, and like all the way of cards it is clan specific. Thematically, yes, loyalty is the greatest virtue espoused by the scorpion. Other clans value other bushido qualities
  8. I've played lion, crane, phoenix, and crab. Full 40 40 of everything spoiled up to yesterday, even played tonight. Just finding them less good than any of the others personality for personality.
  9. So, I'm having some trouble getting these guys to work well, and really feel that they're pretty weak in terms of what you get for what you pay in fate. So I'm wondering what I'm missing it's odd others feel the same way. What do folks think of the dragon and what had been successful for you guys?
  10. it also says that if they find themselves in that conflict type they are sent home bowed. Maybe that's just for when the conflict type changes, but I'm not sure I've seen anything that says one way or another if they can't be pulled in
  11. Dragon, as they bring bowing and attachment removal and covert out of hand, Lion for anti bowing and vengeful oath weirdos out of your hand, and unicorn for spy glass, hand characters, and mounts.
  12. Yogo Hirue combo versus moto horde. Declare political attack, call them in, they bow and leave, if you win the battle dishonor them also. Now if there were only a way to fight the unicorn as first player lol
  13. I think all the champs are there to make you change your play style
  14. Speaking briefly for the scorpion, if you make it illegal then all you've really done is switched it from a unicorn power to one of ours
  15. Your words are a job application to the scorpion