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  1. Qft. But your pain is a trifle to me, I was a naga player. We got robbed of our clan often
  2. I can definitely get behind nezumi and crab. And tengu with crane. But the rest don't seem right to me. The troll with Dragon? Zokus with scorpions instead of slaves to the lion? No sign of the kitsune? What gives? Do not like.
  3. I think enlightenment should be Dragon, also should cost 2 with minus 1 cost of you have monks in play
  4. Taki

    Breath of the Kami

    What this means to me is that lion will be the last novella released. Making the novella releases in a particular order makes sense both logistically and in order to tell a cohesive narrative. Part of that plan is to release the clan packs with the novels. Given the long time frame this will involve, means that the last novels , and therefore clan, will have a really long time before getting support. Putting the strongholds in the clan packs in a reverse order (more or less) helps take the sting out of that wait
  5. I was planning the same thing
  6. I absolutely love sneaky shinjo
  7. I'm not saying that it's not canon now, I'm arguing that it should be because of that original history Either way though, I'll be playing naga come what may
  8. Could also be ancestor spirits as their non human allies
  9. I still think it should be the Dragon who get the naga, as it was mirumoto daini who brought them back
  10. Meh, it's one card, I don't think that the sky is falling
  11. Yakamo was originally not that nice a guy or as much a team player
  12. It's interesting that we get infiltrator instead of the clan sword as a splash
  13. That was my thinking aradon, great character but risky
  14. How about this one Yamabushi (Dragon conflict 2 inf) 2 cost 2 mil 2 pol 2 glory Bushi. Monk Weapon and Armor attachments cosy one less fate when attaching to this card "Sometimes, the sound of one hand clapping is to make a fist. "
  15. does This also work off air province actions or if you play a theoretic air conflict personality? Or air character played from a province for that matter?