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  1. That rumor mill spinning jerk! Of course I know him. He's me. I posted in the Discord exactly what happened and as far as I can see I was the only one who talked about it. It was an easy mistake, here was what I said on the discord. Lesson was that when you radically change your list and are busy helping set up the tables and assist with random rulings, triple check your list. Has my friend said above (DrRichardSplash), I literally pointed at the regulation to my opponent that I had to take the loss and we all generally had a good laugh about it. My first round opponent was more in shock at TaunTauns supressing everything and the extra squad didn't do much other than stay near my home objective with a sniper them.
  2. I have found two jakku gun runners with Intel agent, tractor beam arrays, and pattern analyzers along with 5 z95s is a fun list to fly. The ability to back up to focus or use Intel agent to push an injured Z95 into a block is way too fun to pass up. The weight of dice helps vs large based ships and the tractor beams have helped vs aces. What are other people's experience with a list like this?
  3. So I bought the new colored bases the other day but I kept them in my car for a few days until I could meet up with my friends. Looks like the Texas heat melted my bases a bit... https://imgur.com/gallery/XdQpK
  4. The 2016 store championship for Armada at Gerards ( https://www.facebook.com/GerardsOneStopGamingShop ) Standard tournament rules. No proxies. 400 points. 10$ buy in. Registration at 12:30. Dice roll at 1:00 If you have any questions feel free to ask away! https://www.facebook.com/events/1167421793277167/
  5. Jeeze I didn't mean for this thread to explode like this. This situation does come up a good bit as tie bombers are a common squadron to have and the raider is starting to become quite popular...
  6. Thanks for the help. The Email seems like it pertains only if there are no other squadrons. The weird wording of engaged makes it seems like you do have to shoot the bombers even though they are heavy. Super annoying...
  7. If I have a raider with the instigator title surrounded by friendly heavy ships and a enemy figher is engaged with both the bombers and the instigator, can the enemy fighter shoot the Raider? When you are engaged you must shoot at a fighter before you can shoot at a ship I thought.
  8. The FAQ states that you can have 1/3rd of your list as squadrons. So it would be 134 out of the 400 points. I'm pretty sure that FAQ tumps the tournament rules.
  9. I agree with Fel here. If you try and fly the MC30 like a gladiator it will crash and burn. If you have Ackbar and gunnery team you are nearly the same firepower as the assault frigate mk2 but now you have black dice to help out when close. Vs imperials this helps to shut down gladiators or any raider that gets too close, with Home one supporting you you should have 1-2 accuracies to make sure the damage goes through. Vs rebels you now have a ship to lead your conga-line as you can ten try and get close and pop a more expensive ship.
  10. Houston has 3-4 of these events coming up so I thought I would spread the news. On the 3rd is Space Cadets: https://www.facebook.com/events/1485517551750980/ On the 4th is Fat Ogre: https://www.facebook.com/events/1117946418235271/ Bad Wolf Trading: https://www.facebook.com/events/1635967093326146/ The weekend after that, the 10th is Asgard Gaming's Massing at Sullust. This was done so the player base wasn't spread out as much.
  11. Oooh - crap, is that correct? They can attack the capital ship So if the raider is the only thing that has Y-wings tied up, the Y-wings can attack the Raider because there are no squadron for them to attack first. Edit: I should refresh the page first before posting a reply...
  12. By 'on the water' he meant the Episode VII stuff are already on the boat? If so that makes sense that Disney doesn't want a 3rd party to spoil plot and characters before they can.
  13. I don't disagree with you. I know my list's strengths and weaknesses and jousting pretty much anything is a big weakness. The advantage of the turrets is to shoot while fleeing and dodging but I have much less red dice flying back. That was a joke. I was channeling Ribann mtrein. lol it's cool, I took it in good spirits.
  14. I don't disagree with you. I know my list's strengths and weaknesses and jousting pretty much anything is a big weakness. The advantage of the turrets is to shoot while fleeing and dodging but I have much less red dice flying back.
  15. I couldn't disagree any more. The point of the game(tournament) is to win. It is a slow play and it could be irritating to the opponent but that is a great strategy. It turns into a mind game. If the opponent is upset he'll be making bad manuvers. It's like you're saying playing a goalie in hockey is cowardly. Why have a goalie when you can have an extra forward... If you call fortressing cowardly then you have to say that attacking is rash and foolhardy. I've fortressed at tournaments for the first few turns. It is a mind game to see who blinks first, you or your opponent. I usually do it for the first 2-3 turns to see which side of the asteroid field the other guy is going on Then I promptly go the opposite side. I'm one of those guys with turrets in my list and my list does better when running away so avoiding the joust is where I have the advantage.
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