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  1. Our group has 2 players and 2 GMs, everyone has a character. From our experience someone has to be the opposition.
  2. The 43 Virginia Cavalry Battalion, also known as Mosby's Partisan Rangers. A successful, even though they ultimately, lost, covert war. They lived off the land, looted the enemy for supplies, and money. The group captured a payroll rail car and flooded the region in Union Cash. They bought clothing and food with the money, going behind enemy lines to make purchases. That is the way I see much of the Rebellion working.
  3. In the WEG Rebel Alliance Sourcebook from 1994, it says that opposition to "President Palpatine" began almost immediately upon him taking office.
  4. I have been looking through the old the old West End Games Star Wars books for campaign ideas. I keep finding protagonists that are referred to as being with the Empire for generations, but always non specific amount of time.
  5. Sadly I lost my flgs last year. People would spend 20 minutes looking at a game, and then scan the bar code for the cheapest price. I feel that in the long run it is going to be detrimental to gaming as a whole.
  6. The way I see it, there is three types of custom officials. The safest type want to do there job, and go home. The next group see this as a way to get rich. Bribes, confiscation, and anything that prepares them for soft retirement. The scary ones are the New Order fanatics. This might be the first step in the bureaucracy, but they plan to go far. They are likely to see rebel activity everywhere.
  7. The Rebel Alliance had origins in the Delegation of 2000, members of the Galactic Senate who opposed Palpatine's growing power as Chancellor.
  8. I have my fingers crossed for Monday- with the Miniatures Market delay in shipping (which is understandable), and UPS misplacing a trailer
  9. That was a narrative way to keep us poor enough to take that Black Sun job.
  10. In my group's game we would be stuck in docking clamps until we paid all the docking fees.
  11. F&D will have the three force ghosts, Yoda, Anakin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
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