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  1. Hello all, so I'm going to be running a group of friends through a few demo games of dark heresy. We've played rogue trader in the past, but they always ended up just beating up gangs on the streets anyway and seem o care much for space fairing or intergalactic politics. Anyway, reading through the edge of darkness PDF and it mentions some supplied characters from the site, but I could not find any, is it intended that we jut use the characters provided frothe demo adventure Edit: ok I get it now. This sup was written before ffg took over. The characters mentioned are at the end of the original b&w version. Well how do people feel about this adventure and the characters included? Is it a good starter adventure or is something else recommended?
  2. A rule I use on the origin chart is I allow players to either swap out one option along their path, or jump to an option once along a path. I would swap out service to the throne with unnatural origin - tainted by the warp, which seems much more inline with an Astropath. The taint could represent his journey on the black ship.
  3. I'm just breaking this rule and saying that origin spent xp counts towards rank1 and comes from that first 500. Main reason is I want everyone on the same rank, and there really aren't a lot of good options rank1 anyway since half of it is given by taking the career. I find most players spend rank1 exp on attributes, so at that point why not let them count their epic origin if thats what they want. I guess I don't see the harm in this.
  4. I think that was the single worst decision about career layout. It is so unclear, sure we all know it know, and there is an errata for it, but I call BS on anyone who will claim that it did not throw them for a loop when they first cam across it. If we renamed every forum here to "Rank 1 lists skills that are given automatically when taking the career. They are there purely to confuse you", I think we could decrease about half of the posts made.
  5. I'm a little disapointed in these two psychics Walking the path and Blessed by the Emperor. They are virtually the same power, with minor adjustments to xp cost and bonuses. It just seems like why would you ever go for walking the path, it doesn't seem worth the 100xp less. It might kind of make sense if one was a prerequisite for the other, even though that would be cheap, but there seems to be no distinction between the two other than the value and bonuses, or am I missing something. At the very least, the ranges should be switched, give walking the path a 5m x psy and blessed by the emperor 1m x psy. That way the more powerful one you have to push harder to get the range out enough and the less powerful one has a longer range, it balances out a bit better. I also think the benifts for allies should be greater than for just the player character. Otherwise Blessed by the emperor just takes the place of In Harm's way. While we're at lets talk about In Harm's way. Unlike the two above, there's no reason to push this one, so its a mostly safe power. Also being a free action just makes this less risky than it should be given its effects and makes it significantly more useful than the above. Here's what I think, and How I would tweak it: +5 to WS and BS, -5 against for every +1 effective psy ratting
  6. You may not find this helpful, but I think this whole theme is based on events in Dune Messiah(I personally feel like 40k is significantly based on Dune in general). In the story Paul loses his eye sight in an attempt on his life but he continues to see through “prescient vision”. Basically he can function as if he has full sight because he is actually looking into the future to see how events unfold and thus acts accordingly to those. I run an Astropath in a very similar way, he doesn’t have to read the incoming message because he already knew what it said. I guess in the end it doesn’t really make a difference, but it does let me play the functionality a bit, like sometimes I’ll have events happen that He did not predict and have him briefly act as if he is truly blind because events are not unfolding the way he saw it. I guess I understand why it seems silly, why take something away just to give it back with an obscure explanation? For one thing it is actually better than sight, it can see through some enviromental conditions that normal sight cannot (smoke, total darkness). I think its up to your players to make it work, come up with your own rules/guides and put a unique spin on it. I think its done they way it is to keep the character from imparing players who want to just run with the rules as written, but to give the character room to expand and develop further if the player wants that. Personally I love it, I think its awesome, whenever I miss a shot really bad or completely fail a normal action I just turn to the other players and say "Hey thats what you get for leaving it up to the blind guy."
  7. So I chose Rogue Trader over Dark Heresy because my group likes the power level, and space travel is paramount. However, our group likes to get more personal, and running around in a giant ship (even a raider), just doesn’t suit us. I actually ran an Endeavourer that got the group their ship, so at first they started out in smaller transports and craft. That was actually really our style and when we got to the “big ship”, things were different. I know Dark Heresy is on a lower power scale, and might be more suitable, but I really like the independent and frontier aspect of Rogue Traders. Basically I want to keep running Rogue Trader, just scale back the scope a bit. I just wanted to hear from those with more experience with both Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy on which would be more appropriate. Does Dark Heresy have much of a space opera aspect to it or is all terrestrial? I’d hate to make cross franchise references, but just to establish the idea: Instead of Star Destroyer/Enterprise scale, I want to bring it down to Millennium Flacon/Mass Effect’s Normandy scale (sorry, I know that was painful). Also probably scale back the range to a few systems instead of the entire sector. What do you guys think? Am I crazy?
  8. Yeah, now that Into the storm is out there are official rules for this now. Now what happens if you have a force weapon and do a Telekenitic weapon attack? Something special should happen. As far as Navidgators go, you could always give them a warp weapon. Its not totally the same but it would make sense with their career. I was even thinking of a warp weapon rule set that dealt damage in corruption points rather than raw damage. Don't know why but thought that just sounded like a neat mechanic. Inflict enough corruption on an enemy and they become sucked into the warp. I just like that visual.
  9. No, I beleive as it is written the GM rolls and that's the deciding factor. It also states that you can let the players elect a member to make the roll so they will feel more involved. You can, of course, just pick a starting profit factor out right as the Gm if you had something specific in mind.
  10. Doesn anyone know what exaclty this power does. How much of someones' mind can you see through this? Seems like its somehting that has to be mutual right? Is this mostly for comunication, so you can talk to party memebers without npc's knowing?
  11. Great suggestions, I like the bonus to initiative, hadn't thought of that.
  12. I guess I wish there were more varieties of higher level weapons. Also I just got into rogue trader and I don't own any of the dark heresy books. Kind of sucks because RT seems kind of lite on gear and enemies right now, but I know that's how core books usually are. Because you start out with such powerful characters the lesser weaopns seem obsolete. I wish they would have included some more exotics. Oh well, I guess I can go around finding out wich dark heresy book has the best assortment of gear and badies and just work with that for now.
  13. They way I took it was similar. It seems pretty clear in the rules that an astro path can increase his psy ratting to 3 at start. This is assuming that the text is not time sensitive, meaning that your character is created all at once and not in a specific order. If you were to enforce a rigid timeline your character would not have become an astro path until after the taint. I guess this could be interpreted that rule only applies if your character had a psy ratting before the taint. However your character's inital psy ratting does not necessarily need to originate from any astropathic training, and infact astropaths are chosen from those already possessing strong psychic potential. You could then argue that your psy ratting was present from birth and then would apply to being upgraded. This is of course is a lot of over thinking on my part and I say you just go with the 3 and have fun. As far as taking techniques it seem reasonable to be able to choose 2 from any of the disciplines, since this is not coming from any formal training, but a mutation or other unnatural force. With this same logic this does not count as having trained the discipline so you would essentially be locked out form the other powers until you purchased another discipline. I also like to enforce prerequisites, meaning that you can't just take the last technique but any of the ones you take for "free" you must at least meet the rest of the prerequisites. This seems to balance things in most cases but it gets a bit tricky if you choose all your powers from telepathic since you could potentially still get some really powerful techniques. In this case I would just use your own discretion. I'm a totally sucker for a good story, so if a player can come up with a really compelling story on how they learned/used this really awesome power I'll usually just let them take it as long as its in the interests of good role-playing and not powergaming. There's one last tricky thing I've found wit this combo, and that's when it comes time to buy the next level psy ratting. I don't know if this seems obvious but I've gotten into arguments. I don't let the astro player with wyrdling purchase the normal psy ratting 3 talent, I make them wait till psy rating 4. They've said that this negates the bonus at that point but I just tell them they still get to spend the xp on something else. I don't know, any thoughts on this.
  14. I guess so, I'm just looking for a way to spice things up. Everyone using power swords gets kind of boring.
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