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  1. I added "Auxiliary Weapons" to my Kill Team as options. Simply pay for both basic weapons + 15 requisition and its a combi weapon that has full magazine capacity for both (made it distinguished renown). However, I added the Infernus Heavy Bolter and Melta-Fist and Guardian Spear as "extra." I think limiting the heavy weapon and melee aux weapons makes them special but letting two basic weapons combine gives those non-heavy variants more punch.
  2. I just updated my post with version 15 (from 9) of my guide, LOTS of changes too numerous to list. My players have been vigorously playtesting and I have been using feedback from here. I also included my rules for Advanced Specialties, Some New House Talents, and some new house weapons we made after I bought my copy of Codex:deathwatch for the new Deathwatch book. My Advanced Specialties work as follows: At Rank 3 (my team had to earn them) but at Rank 3, they could choose one advanced specialty for free and they gain different bonuses at each rank as they "level up." So far, everyone is super pumped about it. 1. As my tech-marine player pointed out. That's what the "Blessed by the Omnissiah" specialization choice gives you. 2. I wanted something that worked also with shotguns and other solid projectile weapons. 3. I took this advice and just made the pre-requisite Peer (Inquisition). 4. I removed the little note. It was typo. This is on purpose and unlikely to change. We play Space Marines the fluff way--and shun tabletop. A Space Marine in our DW: RPG is a warrior many times over worth. A Deathwatch Marine is unto like a platoon in itself of Imperial Guardsman. All space marines are great at Shooting, all are great at melee, and all are trained in every aspect of Death and War. We have found that even with all the aptitudes they get it still makes Space Marines good at pretty much everything but there are talents and things that not everyone can get. Experience is the greatest limiter though because while they can take almost anything...they can't afford it all. Unlikely to change but thanks for feedback. ______________________________________________________ So far, in playtesting the most fun is the new way to handle Squad Mode. Where you don't have to go into it, you don't lose your solo-mode abilities while using it and its completely reactionary. Basically, its allowing my players to live when they would otherwise die and to accomplish amazing feats. Also allows me, the GM, to step up encounters without feeling like I will TPK every other fight. Not quite as GRIM DARK but already had a player death. He tried to burn a fate point to live but he died surrounded by genestealers and the tactical sniper used a rocket launcher judiciously on his corpse to kill the cult. _______________________________________________________
  3. I have Dark Heresy 2nd edition. Like it for some enemy ideas and such but my group handles intrigue like a carpenter would handle a surgical scalpel. They come from D&D 3.5 Edition and just Murder Hobo Everything. Deathwatch is the only thing that really works for them. I can work in little intrigues and such but they need a hammer to fall back upon.
  4. Thought I'd post my PDF with extensive house rules. This takes Deathwatch and attempts to convert it to Only War rules. This means that all rules follow Only War before Deathwatch. Besides that it also makes extensive house rulings to Squad/Solo Mode. Basically as a direct power increase to the team so that they can take on more things without dying. These rules significantly increase a Kill Team's survival but that's a personal choice we've made as a group. I do not pretend to be omniscient and know there will/are/have to be things I've missed or overlooked but we address them as they come up. If this is something you want to look over or comment on feel free. I thought I'd post them in the off chance that it could revive Deathwatch for even 1 person as I love the setting. EDIT: updated my post with more house rules 8/30/2016 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BygjsM32xMhIc3VKOEFMSFdWbDQ/view?usp=sharing Deathwatch Guide v15 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BygjsM32xMhIWW1rM2g4SUZ0dm8 House Rule Talents https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BygjsM32xMhIaU9iRTNLX0xfQ0E Advanced Specialties - Choose one at Rank 3. No cost. You gain the listed benefits at each Rank. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BygjsM32xMhIcG13OUpDb2NnMTQ New Weapons from Codex: Deathwatch
  5. I guess I don't have an exact place but Chameleoline cloak's description. It's obvious to me that the -30 is coming from the fact that the enemy cannot see them considering that the blind penalty is -30 as well. Then on page 113 under Modifying a Skill Test So watching down a hallway for a muzzle flash would be in my opinion, easy, especially if you are actively hunting for it because you are under fire. Obviously if there is no muzzle flash that's another problem for your villains but firing at a muzzle flash's location is not difficult. Honestly, if your player's fight you after all that evidence they are just in it for the combat and being OP and you should just let them. Obviously it's important that they kick butt and not that the fights are challenging. Some logic should play into it.
  6. I don't believe they are OP. Strong, yes. But not OP. Personally I don't think you are giving your enemies a chance to spot them. The -30 for standing still only applies if the firer cannot see them. The -30 is identical to the Darkness penalty for being totally concealed. Coincidences don't exist. So, if someone is staring down a hallway and they have the cloak then sure, -30. But after that person starts firing the enemy needs to make another Awareness test (with a bonus unless the weapon is silent and produces no muzzle flash) to spot them again. If they succeed, they have pinpointed the target and they lose the -30. Also, when firing at an enemy, dodging =//= stationary. If they dodge they instantly lose that. Evasion tests have the Movement subtype. I don't think you need a houserule. I just don't think you are using the rules properly.
  7. I always felt the wealth system in dark heresy seemed, how do I say this, absolutely absurd. As an inquisitor's acolyte you supposedly have access to near endless resources for doing the emperor's will but you have trouble buying weapons let alone buying ammunition. Bolt ammo is very very expensive when your firing 3 round bursts. In the entire book of dark heresy it talks about the resources available to inquisition agents. Now, I know you are just accolytes and I'm not saying you should all be given lascannons and rocket launchers with unlimited abundancy and access to tanks...however, you'd think the inquisition could pull a few strings to make sure their agents had ammunition for their stub revolvers. Even in the Rogue Trader book, page 324, underneath "The Inquisition" and I quote, "Although no longer able to call on the nigh-limitless resources of the Inquisition, the Rogue Trader will still wield considerable powers and influence." I thought Rogue Traders were better off than Inquisitors but apparently its a step down. Now, I understand this is for FULL inquisitors but accolytes should experience some measure of benefit for this. After all, what inquisitor sends ill equipped agents into the field. My proposal is a profit system like rogue trader, although maybe not the same one. Afterall the system would work best with a scale of 0-150 just like in Rogue Trader but an accolyte will never have the same wealth of a 'mighty imperial ogranisation' which is 150 where the rogue trader scale stops. Likely 150 in accolyte terms equals around 70 in rogue trader terms. Which I think is a good transparency. I have the rules fleshed out but don't want to post them until I get some feedback on them. Am I daft or correct? Any thoughts, ideas, comments?
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