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  1. Ah, that is miy opinion too. But would agree with me, that I can in this case still play another Power Card, for example in Batllestep 4 instead of rolling the dice? Our discussion here at home is about that topic and my point of view is that I can play another Power Card instead of rolling the dice because I play the addressed Power Card at the star of the Battle?
  2. Hi there, I`ve got a question in scope of the use of Power Cards with the timing "Play at the start of a Willpower/Cunning battle." The abilitiy text says "Your Willpower/Cunning value is doubled until the end of the battle." Until here everything is nearly clear for me… But I would like to know, if these Power Cards mean, that I play the card at the start of the battle (in fact at Battlestep 1. oder before Battlestep 1.)? Because the "Timing Language" on page 19 in the rulebook says that the keyword START: "Players must resolve abilities that use the word "start" before all other rules in the turn, phase or step to which "start" is referring." In this line I still could play another Power Card instead of rolling the dice for a battle or rolling the dice at Battlestep 4. Or is this way of using those Power Cards named above not possible? It would be very nice, if someone could give me a hint in this case…thx a lot… Agamemnon666
  3. Yep, I think more damage is okay, take 2D6...
  4. Yes, I would say that if you choose to stay in the corridor tile you`ll have to die. But moving onto the bridge and try to stand the test or make your way through the dungeon are in my opinion two good alternatives.
  5. Thank you all, that seems to be the solution. Your interpretations addicting sense, now I how to handle such situations...
  6. SoylentGreen said: Page 31 should hopefully clear it up in the manual. (PDF version of the manual - not sure if they follow the same page #'s.) Yes, I know but I mean a portcullis room with more than one entry. The rules on page 31 says that the next turn is important, so thiscould be an indication that the portcullis strength test initial counts at the the next turn and if you wish to move through it or you choose to take an alternative route through another entry if there are more than once!? Thx...
  7. DemonNiko said: Xiayose said: DemonNiko said: May I suggest an answer to this? You've got all kinds of cards and tokens all over the place in this game anyway, what's one more? Keep the door open card in front of you for as long as you're in that room. put it in the discard pile when you leave. Minimizes bookkeeping and allows you to not have to avoid the logic fallacy of "why should I have to open a door if I just opened it and am trying to get through it? The only problem that might crop up with this is that keeping the open door card in front of you until you leave the room reduces the chance for other players to get through doors. It might be better you use some token that is put on a character sheet to indicate they have opened their door. Well in all honesty you shouldn't have it in front of you all that long. I'll give an example: I try to open the door, and I get an open door on the first turn. I place the open door card in front of me and try the porticullis. I fail on the porticullis and so I keep the card in front of me until next turn. Next turn I ignore the door since I've got the card in front of me and try the porticullis again. This time I make it, I move into the next room and discard the open door card. Unless the door deck is *really* small; it should inconvenience no one because you shouldn't have to reshuffle the deck that often. Let's use a similar example. I've gotten the door open on the first turn, but after 3 turns I just can't get that porticullis open so I give up and go back out the way I came and try to find another route. As soon as I leave that room I would discard the door open card which means it would close up after itself when I left. This should also inconvenience no one unless the deck of door cards is stupidly small and needs to be shuffled constantly. If you're holding onto that card for longer than 5 turns, you're just trolling the other players and deserve to die in that castle for wasting all that time. That being said, I could totally see tokens being used instead, but I personally wouldn't like it because someone's bound to forget they have a token in front of them and confuse it with something else. I'm easily forgetful with that stuff and so it's just not good for me, but I'd say go for it if it works for you. Well, I think this is a good solution...
  8. Hi there, I have got a problem with the portcullis rules. The rules (page 8) say, that if you want to go through a portcullis you will have to make a strength test. But what should I do when I encounter an unexplored space and have to draw a Dungeon Chamber and this Dungeon Chamber is a portcullis with the entering arrow behind the portcullis. Should I obey the portcullis chamber rules on page 31 or should I first roll for the portcullis following the rules on page 8. Both ways could make sense, if I do not have to make a strength test when I draw this Dungeon Room and enter it, it could be that the portcullis is some kind of a trap and closes when I entered the room and take a Dungeon Card. Otherwise we could say, that if I encounter a chamber with a portcullis, that I will have to make at first a strength test to see if I am able to enter the portcullis room and then take a Dungeon Card after a successful strength test. Does anybody have a solution??
  9. Well, that sounds nice. I like games which aren`t too easy, if they are you have the risk that the fun level will be going down very early. I wish I could play it to, but I`ll have to wait an unknown time till the game is in the stores. Godd game BillStivers and play on...
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