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  1. I've got to say I'm loving this thread and I'm so jealous that you guys are already painting your figures. I've got another 8 figures from Talisman to paint up before I can start the descent bunch.. I'll have to see if I can crack a few of them out over this weekend. I like what I've seen so far though guys, keep it up!!!
  2. I used to think that henchmen would detract from the excitement but then during a re read of the rule book I realised that henchman are not just throw away axe fodder! This is largely due to one simple rule! The minimum wound rule. An attack will always deal a minimum of 1 damage regardless of the opponents soak and toughness. Suddenly the mob of henchman become more dangerous, sure 1 henchman will always lose on his own but 3 or 4? your talking about potentially 3 or 4 damage a turn! And while there are henchman you may be able to make them use their important action cards, so by the time they get round to the core mobs the action cards may already be on recharge! I tend to have henchman tie up our groups ironbreaker as his soak and toughness are way above normal, so the only way to make him feel threatened is to mob him with henchmen. remember the minimum wound rule!
  3. First I really like your art work Tisander What a great idea! As a GM i'm always wishing i had portraits of some of the characters, and i know that the group I gm for would love to have portraits of their chars! I would pay for your artwork Tisander! Here is a description of their chars... I don't expect more than 1 so I'm putting them here for a choice as like the rest of the guys i dont want to abuse your offer! Dwarven Troll Slayer 4.5 foot tall Powerfully built, with a thick midrift Bare Chested with a myriad of tattoos Big deep set features, Big bushy (orange) eyebrows Broad nose, Big beard braided in places Mohican (orange) almost 1 foot tall wields 2 hand axes, great axe slung over shoulder Knee length simple trousers, tied with piece of rope Bare footed Dwarven Iron Breaker Brother of troll slayer 5 foot tall Brown hair Beard Very elegant helmet, hides most of face (dwarven runes) Very elegant chest armour (dwarven runes) Very elegant shield 1 handed axe Bright wizard apprentice Battle mage fire based magic Face hidden in depths of hood Hooded robe Grey in colour arms visible with long sleeves giving way to fiery tattoos Staff in one hand with Amber stone on top, engravings on staff fire is the theme i guess here lol! Honest hard working Coachman Brown hair Kind looking if somewhat simple face chewing corn lol! Sturdy clothes 5.7 foot backpack on one shoulder crossbow maybe resting on the floor with one hand on it as if resting on it idly last one, like I say I only expect 1 of the above! Elven Wardancer Long blonde hair, unkempt with leaves in as if not combed for a while Fierce proud face, with red indian like war paint (green and outlined in white) powerful chest and arms with same tattoos as face two elegant short swords leaf design in both hands 6 foot tall Simple trousers
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