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  1. Ok, so these three books state that if you are allowing these new archetypes, then players making archetypes from the main book should get 4600 and 3600 XP for Humans and CSMs, respectively. So, is that on top of the 1000 and 500 starting XP these characters get, or including? Also, as these characters already include extra Corruption and Infamy points, should you bother rolling on failings and whatnought for them? Thank you.
  2. I think armored regiments warrant their own book, for this very reason. The Operator, Sergeant, and Heavy careers should have modified, comradless versions. This is also why, when I ran my Only War campaign, that I disallowed the players from picking any kind of vehicle unit as the regiment type.
  3. Deathwatch works a tad differently though, as it has to do with Geneseed retrieval.
  4. So here is a house rule that I thought of. If one of your PCs dies, and the player goes out with a flourish, with a suitably dramatic end, such as an inspirational speech, diving on a hand grenade, using his last breath to drive a mortal wound into an Ork Warboss, something along those lines, award the player's new character a bonus fate point. Even in death, good roleplaying should always be rewarded.
  5. Make a stock grunt Guardsman profile for the player to use if their PC dies, so they have something to do while combat is going down. Once the session is over, you can sit down with them and they can build a fully fleshed out character. I keep track of how much XP I hand out every game, so and just give the player that so he isn't the weakest link in the squad when he joins it. Also, as a bonus if the player makes the death suitably dramatic, award his replacement a bonus fate point. Good roleplaying should always be rewarded, even in death.
  6. Be liberal with the insanity points.
  7. Like a mosquito at a nudist colony, I don't know where to begin! Ok, here goes. Rules for dogfighting, and thus, having a flying unit. In the last campaign I ran, I actually considered having the players make secondary pilot characters in order to insert cameo sessions focusing on the air war as well. A book that would provide advanced specialties for the ones not covered so far (Commissars, Storm Troopers, Psykers). More regiment options are always welcome. I would also like to see some additional specialties offered for starting characters. For example, Vox Operator, Beast Handler, Intelligence Analyst, and Combat Engineer. Solid, workable, and realistic rules for calling in fire missions and air. I would like to see the Sergeant specialty reworked entirely. A mission book where the unit is conducting counter insurgency operations. (I did three deployments to Iraq, if FFG wants help) Stop calling magazines "clips".
  8. I say just have the roles define what aptitudes you have. Simple, elegant.
  9. Excellent point about the errata. We played a game before I bothered to look at it, and one of my players one shotted a carnifex..with a storm bolter.
  10. The much more open system that was first introduced in Black Crusade, then refined in Only War, for character advancement, awesome. To me, it only makes sense to adopt this to a new edition of Dark Heresy. This to be the consent that I am seeing. Want to do a new edition set in a different sector? That's cool, it keeps things interesting, especially if your group schwacked the Calixis Sector at the climax of a Black Crusade game already, but bring back aptitudes.
  11. I am glad to see that the game takes the killing of mooks into account.
  12. Ok, so it would be a pretty good guess that the next book for this game will be Nurgle, so I am going to throw out my predictions. First off, Archetypes. There will likely be four, two human, two CSM. CSMs- Plague Marines, Obviously, and I am guessing Warp Smiths, not specifically Iron Warriors. Humans- That is a bit more of a toughy. I could see some type of corrupted Magos Biologis dealing with the spread of plague. No idea for the other. Any thoughts on what this book will add besides the general theme of plague/decay? Also, title. I am going with Tome of Decay as my first guess. Tome of Plague as the second. Thoughts?
  13. Interesting, will have to check it out.
  14. I recommend having your group watch the following three miniseries, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Generation Kill. It shows U.S. Soldiers and Marines during wartime, as well as the social interaction.
  15. Wow, there is some serious anger on this post. Really simple, the GM has final say, make your case to the GM as to why you should keep your MIU if he/she hasn't already ruled you get to keep it. I don't know of any GM that doesn't take the printed rules on a case by case basis. I know I do, and always have.
  16. I love the Aptitude dynamic introduced in Only War. I think that is a great way to handle Careers/Specialties/Archtypes in the future. I also really dig the regiment creation system, and I wish they would have done something similar from the get go for Chapter creation for Deathwatch.
  17. Graey said: Are you telling me we've lost another useful template? What in the name of the Omnissiah… *facemechadendrite* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  18. Robomummy said: maybe give them access to the drugs but also there is a chance of addiction to them. addiction can cause negative modifiers to such things like awareness, ballistic skill, fellowship, etc for every so often that they do not get the drugs. then of course there are the commissars to deal with. Definately a possibility.
  19. There is always teleportation also. The Deathwatch has access to more esoteric means of transportation than other chapters, especially with their connections to the Inquisition.
  20. Musclewizard said: I haven't actually used fatigue that much but I like the idea. However I think it's important to remember that -10 to all rolls isn't very interesting by itself. I'm not sure if you already have this planned but I think you should give them access to Stimm, either from their own supplies or from looting it. This is important I feel because you can use Stimm to ward off fatigue long enough to finish a fight without that nasty -10 to all rolls however use it more then once per day and you risk addiction. (See rules for adiction to drugs). I like that. Drugs obviously come with their own problems.
  21. So I am preparing for an upcoming Only War campaign, which will focus in the liberation of a world from Xenos occupation. One of the things I plan on hitting the PCs with is a rather liberal awarding of fatigue. My idea is that as they are coming of the line here and there, they start being faced with the choice of plugging the rumor mill for information, making logistics rolls for gear, OR resting. Later on when I actually have them deep in enemy territory, they will be forced to actually balance rest to do away with fatigue points and conducting patrols. I think this gives a very grim sense of realism to the game. I was wondering if any of you have done similarly in your own games?
  22. Personally, I would rather see existing lines fleshed out a bit more before starting a new line. That being said, the Tau Empire, maybe a line named "The Greater Good", would seem the most logical. The fact that the Tau Empire is such a cosmopolitan faction it would be feasible for an RPG. Orks I think would be doable, with the Black Crusade Infamy system as a basis. Basically, your characters would gain in rep to the point where they lead a massive WAAAAAGH!!! (That could be the name of the game, too). Eldar also should be doable. I would think that FFG would see that Xenos players are chomping at the bit.
  23. This is something I have been working on. I got thinking of modern Military Working Dog teams as I was preparing for an upcoming Only War campaign I am going to be running. When I was in Iraq, these dog teams were serious money makers, absolutely invaluable to the mission. For this specialty, I use the term "beast" to describe a wide variety of creatures that could be used across the Imperium. Beast Handler Characteristic Bonus: +5 Perception Starting Aptitudes: Strength, Perception, Agility, Feildcraft, Defense, Social Starting Skills: Awareness, Athletics or Dodge, Intimidate Starting Talents: Weapon Training (Las or Solid Projectile, Low Tech), Double Team Specialist Equipment: Obedience Collar and Remote, Beast Med Kit Wounds: 9+1d5 Comrade Advances The Beast Handler's Comrade is not a human being, but a mid sized beast. Some may take the form of large hunting dogs, a carnivorous lizard, or whatever is appropriate for the background of your unit. The beast cannot receive orders from the Sergeant or anyone else but the Handler, and there are not benefits from having the Commissar execute the beast (killing the beast defeats the purpose of deploying the Handler to begin with, and many units regard well bred and trained war beasts as more valuable than your average guardsman). Also Medicae tests performed on the beast without a Beast Med Kit are performed at -20. Obviously, the Beast cannot perform Ranged Volley actions. Bomb Sniffer Type: Order (Half Action) Cost: 250 Effect: The Beast uses its keen sense of smell to detect hidden explosive devices. The Handler gains +20 on Awareness rolls to detect hidden traps. It is ultimately up to the GM to decide if enemy devices, particularly advanced xenos technology, is beyond the sensory capabilities of the animal. Blood Hound Type: Order (Half Action) Cost: 200 Effect: The Beast is used to root out enemy ambushes, or to track down those who would evade the Emperor's wrath. The Handler gains +20 on Awareness checks to detect ambushes or track down enemies. Scent of the Unnatural Type: Order (Half Action) Cost: 300 Effect: Beasts are often sensitive to the presence of warp. The handler may use this order to count as having the Psyniscience Skill. Pack Hunter Type: Passive Cost: 200 Effect: The Beast and Handler have achieved an extremely close bond, being able to read each other in combat to devastating effect. The Character gains an additional +10 to his Melee attack rolls when the Beast is ordered into Close Quarters.
  24. I don't understand the animus towards Ascension. That being said, I am hoping for rules to bring characters past level eight. I hope we see it for RT also.
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