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  1. Hi everyone ! glad to see that some good work has been done
  2. hi guys, just a quick post to apologize to let you down on the Strange Eons stuff. moved, changed job, house, lot of work hopefully I'll be back at some point but.. not now Hurlanc
  3. As I explained in other post : 1. I created a "Wealth" stat, from 1(poor) to 5(wealthy) (2 being the average). 2. I gave all equipment a price stat, 3. a PC with a Wealth=3 stat, can then have all stuff price3 or less, being limited by encumbrance. Some PC have one-shot stuff (like potions or scrolls..) and he can generally replenish it at the end of the day/act/game session. I don't track ammo, or stuff. Pretty simple system but I don't want to get bothered by logistics.
  4. i didn't get that ? could you explain further ? for my part, i print and slide into plastic sleeves
  5. Yes, LF7 cards have been reworked a bit, I added some features on the item cards for example. we added also LF8 cards, and as for LF9 we added the NPC card. If you wish a page-wide monsters card (like in the books) check the other extension (2nd link).
  6. Hi ! i've been working on the LF9 Strange Eons extension and it's actually been released ahead of LF9 itself. You can find it HERE Aditionnaly, you can find my own stuff HERE Sadly I lack time to go further, but I hope things will turn better in the future Cheers
  7. hi jay i was thinking about making a new card to describe travelling. (didnt you post some similar idea before ?) on the card there should be : - title - all 4 roles (always the same ? should be editable for translation issues though) - flavour text - for each role : - one skill (drop-down list) - a difficulty value ? - penalty if failed ? - list of hazards that could occur if <insert specific trigger> (1 fail = hazard / 2fails = bigger hazard ...) something missing ?
  8. i am kinda puzzled by the rationale behind the mechanic : a wound becomes permanent when you get others wounds elsewhere ? i'd say wounds become permanent if they are not healed properly ?
  9. you're perfectly right ! not enough testing obviously i corrected it and uploaded the new version on dropbox merci gregoire.
  10. hmm could you also add my own extension to your plugin folder ? you'll find it here : w3e.seext tell me if it fixes the issue. i need to fix that anyway.
  11. Strange Eons, along with wfrp extension is a tool to create new cards. i usually choose an existing one to build my model, but that's all. You wont find a resource to print all existing stuff, since it would be instantly smited by FFG/GW (more by GW than FFG though) Considering LF cards, you can download them in the "hidden addenda" section on liberfanatica.net
  12. hi there ! Liber fanatica usually come up with new cards or even new cards types. LF7 was published along his own Strange eons plugin (built by Sunatet and Jussi). I resumed their work, to add LF8 cards as well as brand new card types (ideas from FFG forums or LF discussions). this extension is still under construction, since you folks always have thousands of new great ideas. Some updates are most likely to come up, with new stuff or existing stuff improvments. Feel free to ask for improvements/new cards and report any issues you could have. You can get it >> here << HOW TO USE IT : you can download Strange Eons alone here : http://www.sfu.ca/~cjenning/eons/ open Strange Eons, Toolbox/Manage plugins/Open plugin folder copy liberfanatica.seext in there and reload Strange Eons. altenatively, you can double-click liberfanatica.seext to install it into SE <<<<<THIS DOES NOT ACTUALLY WORK Make sure that you have the latest version of Java, and latest version of Strange Eons (i personally have v2.1 alpha 13) - "i get error that ui-grid.selibrary is missing" >> "You can download the ui-grid.selibrary from the Strange Eons Website at http://www.sfu.ca/~cjenning/eons/plugins/index.html" (hat tip Sorga68) - All cards : some users seem to experience errors when loading existing cards >> make sure you have the latest version of SE, try to reinstall it wil all patches (check in the thread page 5-6 for related discussion) WHAT CAN IT DO ? most existing cards LF8 cards (trade, trade locations) CURRENTLY WORKING ON : NPC and Ally cards (see the asbtract NPC thread in House rules sub-forum) NPC cards are much like FFG NPC cards, and retainer cards (from lure of power) Ally cards are a more abstract version of retainers (no stats no specific actions, only bonuses to PCs) Encounter cards (LF9)
  13. Mcpy : Indeed i didnt want something as elaborate as the above link, and I expect something more like what you describe. Get a "wealth stat" that roughly defines general life standings (shelter, food, travel possibilities, typical gear..) The PDF also gives a wealth stat to many items (+1 for better quality) "Wealth 2" characters, may be geared with any "wealth 2" items up to "common" rarity. In my games, I enforce strong encumbrance rules so people will still have to choose what to equip. I wanted to add a dice roll, for buying specific items, that are uncommon or above character wealth stat, modified by (relative wealth, rarity, skill trainings ..) but didnt get to an acceptable result...
  14. i dont remember if its in RAW or not, but foes that your engaged with can choose to burn maneuvers to follow a disengaging fighter. Corrupted by DD AOO rules as they are, my players constantly ask for a free attack on disengaging enemies, do you give one as a gm ?
  15. When GM-ing i try to describe what happens and after in terms of game mechanics, and i feel like critical wounds are way too much abstract and un-cinematic. a few samples : - Hideous Injury : the severity rating of every critical wound affecting you increases by 1 - Flesh wound : the severity rating of this critical wound is equal to the number of flash wounds affecting you - Minor Trauma : add <b> to fellowship tests When dealing critical damage, i need to describe what happens, and i want critical to be way more combat-oriented ( inflicting <b> to fellowship tests to the orcish leader, really ?) Also i want to reduce card usage. Of course, the critical description is eventually up to the GM, and may frustate some players, but it's ok with my group.
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