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  1. Taken completely out of context to avoid spoilers. The new book includes: A T-rex hunt armed with stone age weapons Obliterators Alpha Legion Chaos Marines Necrons Rules for Genestealer infection If these sound interesting then you'll probably like this book.
  2. DW Space Marine said: what is the source of that information about Titans? Original Ordinatus fluff, WD191
  3. I've got my campaign set up to run for about 25 sessions. My aim is for at least one character to burn his last fate point during the final battle. My ideal campaign ends with everyone playing the same character they started with and everyone on 0HP
  4. sorry to throw a spanner in the works here but I wouldn't run Final Sanction at a Con at all. Its far to common. A pretty large percentage of people who have played DW played Final Sanction as a first game. If you need to run a pre-genned module I'd try the one from the GMs pack. Its less well known and shorter.
  5. i'm thinking shots of beer rather than spirits or yes we may all die. I like the sign of the Aquilla rule though.
  6. So I just pre-ordered the Ultramarines movie and me and some friends are trying to come up with a drinking game for a first viewing party. So far we have: 1 shot every time someone mentions the Emperor 1 shot every time someone mentions their chapters Primarch 1 shot every time an ultramarine mentions the Codex Astartes 1 shot every time a loyalist space marine dies 2 shots if a named character dies Does anyone have any suggestions to improve the game without actually causing someone to die of liver failure before the film ends?
  7. Steve-O said: I wouldn't imagine any other class of Titan could even fire a shot (without modifications specifically for this purpose.) Sci-fi settings like to throw around words like "low-orbit" as if it's close to the planet, and I suppose on an astronomical scale it is pretty close. But it's still several thousand miles above the ground. Even if the weapons can be pointed high enough up and theoretically have the range, you won't be able to acquire a visual lock on all but the biggest ships (read: futile to fight.) You need computers that are designed to target things that far away, and account for changing air pressure and gravity along the way in order to have a hope in hell of even hitting the target. I doubt any weapons would be equipped with such a computer unless they were specifically designed for anti-space combat - you don't generally equip a Glock handgun with a supercomputer designed to guide smart nukes to their target. That's not what a Glock for. According to the thread thus far, it sounds like the Emperor Class is the only Titan that has anything like that. 'Low Orbit' in present day terms is defined as 80-160 miles above sea level. Easily within range of an emperor class titans Plasma Annihalator which (according to the fluff for the Ordinatus machines) is a variant of the Nova Cannon and quite capable of firing a shot that far. Plus the titan also mounts an orbital defence laser as standard so it probably has all the targetting computers onboard anyway. I think the issue with an emperor class firing into orbit is how far up its arm mounts can traverse.
  8. Aren't there rules in the Inquisitors Handbook for generating a commisar?
  9. Mission 3: This time the team had to help the navy follow up on the victory over the pirate fleet by spearheading the ground assault on the pirates asteroid base. They neutralised an orbital defence silo allowing Imperial guard troop transports to land supporting infantry and then led the assault on the main base, forcing their way through the front entrance into and fighting their way past an ambush by pirates crewing heavy weapons concealed behind Dark Eldar holofields. Just as the firefight concluded and they were getting ready to storm the command centre, The admiral signalled a general retreat from the asteriod saying there was no time to explain why. Tune in next week to find out why Admiral Wynnfield called for a retreat at the moment when victory was at hand.
  10. I'm gonna make some predictions here based on previous releases/release schedules for DH and RT. Most requests here probably fit into these book releases. OK, in release order: 3 adventure, scenario book (Purge the Unclean, Lure of the Expanse) (Monsters, Scenarios, Gear) Player Guide (Inquisitors Handbook) (Gear, Classes, Chapter Generation) GM guide (Disciple of the Dark Gods) (Gear, Monsters, Possible Scenario) Bestiary (Creatures Anathema) (Monsters, Gear) 3 Part Campaign (Haarlocks Legacy series) (Monsters, Gear, Scenarios) At this point it breaks down a bit but after this I would expect a series of chapter specific source books condensing and expanding on existing chapter backgrounds and adding expanded trappings, relics etc as well as special classes such as Wolf Priests and Sanguinary Priests. To this I'd like to see more rapid online release of books and more downloadable material for scenarios like maps and player handouts.
  11. Remember that as written, scout armour only covers the body and arms. If your player is going to be wearing Scout armour instead of PA all the time then I'd modify it a bit so that it protects the legs as well. Either that or give him a ton of extra fate points cos he's gonna need them.
  12. I've been considering throwing a fallen Dark Angel into my campaign as a recurring NPC/replacement for dead PC. Of course I currently have 2 Dark Angels in the squad already so things might get interesting if his background ever came out.
  13. honestly, my suggestion would be to track down more players. Deathwatch is a a game about teamwork. As a rules system it doesn't lend itself to solo roleplaying.
  14. There are arguments on both sides but personally I'm going to leave them in. If you have PC space marines without progenoids then you can't have desperate struggles to recover a fallen brothers body against overwhelming odds.
  15. We've played 2 missions so far. The first was a purge of a genestealer cult that had set up shop in a mining outpost under cover of a protest group complaining about such a small system having to provide troops for the Jericho Reach crusade. The mission was based on the Magos Recovery from the back of the core book with the addition of an Aliens! style sweep through the complex (complete with motion sensors beeping, traumatised survivor and genestealers in the ceiling) and finally a descent into the mines to face the broodlord (stats taken from Final Sanction). Mission 2 was in the same system. The Inquisitor who called for the previous mission suggested to the commander of the newly raised IG regiments that they could gain some combat experiance dealing with the pirates in the systems asteroid belt and requested the Killteam assist them before returning to the crusade. The imperial forces closed on the pirate fleet and identified a Dark Eldar light cruiser leading them. The Killteam were despatched to take out the cruiser in a boarding action whilst the navy took on the rest of the fleet. The team fought their way through a fighte screen in a thunderhawk and blasted their way inside with melta bombs before storming the bridge, killing the Dark Eldar lord and locking the ship on course for the sun. They also encountered another space marine in black armour with no chapter heraldry who took down the teams librarian in single combat before blasting out a window with his bolt pistol and throwing himself out into space. I'll post more missions here as we play through each one. Rest assured the mysterious space marine pirate will return.
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