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  1. And so the material has been updated with an equipment list and character creation guidelines. To anyone interested in BUGHUNTERS the original Amazing Engines BUGHUNTERS Game is now available on DriveThru, with an updated scan of the starmap. Regards Zuloth
  2. New material is available now, I have made rules for Psionics. And yes, I use the FFG: Star Wars symbols for my material as I have 6 sets of dice and it will be those dice my players will be using :-) Regards Zuloth
  3. I actually bought the System Guide and Bughunters back in 2003 from DriveThru. They have been unavailable for several years, now it appears they will be available again. A few months ago I got a mail that the System Guide was updated, this inspired me too take a look at it again :-)
  4. Greetings All! This is my most recent project, converting the old BUGHUNTERS game from TSR to Genesys. As this is my take on it, I have included psionics that were not originally part of that setting. To begin with, I have created three archetype to choose from. I will share more material as I finish it. This will most likely only be used for a one shot scenario or short campaign, but others might find it interesting so I thought I would share :-) https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmCYdeJjczOAvV4LJaO98E0_BVOI Regards Zuloth
  5. The Equipment file has been added. The Races file has been added, the new Half-Dwarf race has been included.
  6. Well the old link is for my previous work from before disaster struck, on page 7 of the thread you can read about it. The "New" archive is where I will put the re-created files, sadly I have not had the time to work on my project for some time.
  7. Advesaries; if I ever get that far, it would be some of the last things I would do, so no not in i a great while at least.
  8. The chapter on Corruption is up, and it has been updated and rewritten a good deal.
  9. As I dont have the old files anymore I have to re-create them to make changes, and as I'm re-creating them I might as well update :-)
  10. And so the work to re-create the NDS-Fantasy project has begun. First up is The Hired Sword and the new Character Customization. The Blademaster, Guardian and Marksman has been updated with new talents. I have added a link to the new archive in my signature, while keeping the old one too. In time the old one will be removed.
  11. Wow, that really sucks. It's a great project, I hope you can recover. I have a player who GMs a fantasy campaign, and he's talking about switching rules for his next campaign, I'll definitely be handing him this. When I discovered that the files were missing, I was very close to say "well that was that, it was never meant to be" but after some weeks of thinking it over, I'm now slowly beginning to recreate. Actually this has been a great opportunity to revisit some of my earliest work and update where needed. The biggest loss was my excel sheet where I had outlined the schools of magic and divine domains and what spells I was going to use. It was all planned out, I just had to make the spell trees and spell descriptions, but then disaster struck. Recreating this part of the project will take a lot of time and I'll have to start from scratch.
  12. Well a lot of material is still missing: I have only made spells for the "lesser" spellcasters (Bard, Ranger Paladin), but I think there is enough to go by, to create your own spells if needed. Adversaries is another thing missing, but look at the SW rulebooks and be a little creative with the creature powers and you will be fine. The Race chapter is only missing flavour text, the Careers and specializations are complete (not playtestet though), the magi and corruption system is useable in its current form, armor and weapons are available and the rules for Pets are also usable. If you (or any one else for that matter) get to play using my creation, I would very much like to hear how it went :-)
  13. My NDS-Fantasy project has just hit a major setback. My laptop was killed by the latest Win10 update. After several tries to ressurect it I had to go back to the Win 7 version it originally came with. This was a good opportunity to buy a new laptop so I did. A bit later after installing everything I needed on my new machine I discovered that I couldn't find my work files for the NDS project. They were not in my Dropbox or my OneCloud, nor on my external harddrive or USB memory sticks, nearly everything else was there. So sadly to continue the project I need to recreate all my Word, Excel and Publisher files. The PDF's are still available of course, but this will take some time. At the moment I have other projects that takes up my time, so I don't know when I will get to work on the NDS-Fantasy project again. This is a major setback for the project but I have not given up yet :-)
  14. Well at the moment I have other projects that has taken up my time. My usual play group has finnished a Pathfinder campaign, our DM needed a little break, so I'm DM'ing the D&D 5th beginner game. We are all loving D&D 5th so much that we will not go back to Pathfinder, so it looks like we will continue the campaign after the beginner adventure has finnished. As for my magic system: I have most of the arcane spells figure out in my head, but I have not had the time to put it in writing, something always comes up that takes away my attention :-) (Hvis i bestemmer jer for at prøve at spille, vil jeg da vældig gerne høre mere om hvordan det fungere. Det jeg mest mangler er at få det spiltestet og da min nuværende gruppe ikke har tid til at spille så ofte, så fortsætter vi nok bare med D&D)
  15. At the moment I'm working on the arcane and divine spells, it has been a lot of work and still a lot to be done yet, so the mobility rules will not be updated in the near future. I may expand the mobility rules to include the spells when I'm done with them all, as one of my groups also very much like the very tactical aspect of D&D 4th. And thank you by the way, it's always nice to know that people like my work :-)
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